Tuesday, June 19, 2012

COMIDA Tables Vote On Greece Ridge Mall

COMIDA tabled a vote on a payment in lieu of taxes agreement with Greece Town Mall L.P. after complaints from Greece Central School District representatives that the PILOT would shortchange the district.

SCATS ~~ According to what I found about Robert's Rules of Order, a motion to table is frequently used in an attempt to "kill" a motion. However, the option remains "to take from the table" for reconsideration at any time. So this isn't necessarily a dead issue :(


Anonymous said...

Right, Scats. The town fathers have heard too much flak from this issue to vote on it tonight in a public forum. They will let it lie until such time as they cn bring it off the table and pass it. Not quite a smoke filled room, but close.

Anonymous said...

This is COMIDA, not the town of Greece. But who names the people to COMIDA- state, county, who? They are the ones to be lobbied hard!

Anonymous said...

10;57 This is the town because the supervisor supports this and has stated so.

Tom Kackmeister said...

Attached are the responses I received to questions I asked the COMIDA lawyer.
RE: the 60 day extension for the dstrict to sue COMIDA: that was necessary to correct an error in the original application process. Based on the responses I recieved it seems COMIDA is in no mood to reach any compromise with the district. I hope the district does stick to their guns on this one!

My communication with the COMIDA laywer follows:

Attn: Michael Townsend as representative for COMIDA 


Re: Your offer to answer question at today’s COMIDA meeting: I offer the following:

1. Would you please read these questions and your answers into the record of day’s meeting?
A. No

2. Do you intend to meet with the School district's representatives before you make a final decision on the Greece Mall PILOT application? If yes please provide specifics.

A. We began meeting with the school district in December, 2011 with respect to this particular PILOT and we have been talking to the school district for a period of 2 years about PILOTS for this project in general.


Tom Kackmeister said...


3. How do you intend to take into account the concerns of the Greece School district prior to making a final decision?
A We are meeting with the district.

4. Do you have any hard data to support the assumption that this Mall project would not proceed without this or any other PILOT project? If you do, will you share that information with the public.
A. Yes. At the public hearing on June 18, 2012, Dennis Wilmot, who represented the company, categorically stated that the project will not go forward without the PILOT.

5. Has any other affected taxing entity provided an independent analysis of the PILOT proposal?
A. COMIDA has asked Bonadio & Company to prepare a special report which has been shared with the School District at their specific request and the School District has had its own commercial real estate appraisal of dubious value prepared.

6. Do you have any evidence this PILOT program should be supported by ALL the Mall properties?
A. It is mere happenstance that there are five parcels at this one mall and the company and any rational person would treat it as one economic unit. To artificially break it down in separate tax parcels makes no economic or assessment sense. It is an integrated economic unit.

7. Do you plan any public meeting in Greece where you will be more forthcoming with the many assumptions that have gone into your support for this proposal?
A.There will be a subsequent hearing, which was announced at the hearing you attended in front of the full board on June 19, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. at the Ebenezer Watts Building.

8. I now understand the basis for the Greece School Districts conclusion re: this PILOT project. Do you have any intent to be as forthcoming with the many assumptions and related data that justify your support for this application?
A. With respect to this question, I do not understand the school district’s conclusion. The School District always assumed the project would go forward with or without the PILOT. This is expressly contrary to what the developer has said. Furthermore, the Town has evidenced the same conclusion that this is a declining asset in the Town in need of substantial refurbishing and rehabilitation and without this PILOT, that will not be obtained. They look at the Medley Mall in Irondequoit at the natural progress of development of this Mall.

Statement: Please do not fear an informed public! It is in your best interest to be more open to the public interest in this subject. We are not fearful of an informed public and all of our information is generally posted on our website. If you had been to the meeting earlier, Charles Hubbard and I had a lengthy discussion where I attempted to answer all of his questions. I am always available to talk with people on a regular basis. My contact information is readily available.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these questions and please forward a copy of these questions to Judy Seil COMIDA Executive Director.

The laywers e-mail address:

kMichael J. Townsend ;

SCATS said...

To Tom ~~ I think the lawyer's email address was truncated when you posted your comment. Please check & resend.

Sadly, this issue is off the radar due to the bus monitor/bully story. Hopefully, we can revive this soon!