Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bus Monitor's Duties Questioned

(By Chris Kelly)

Something's been bugging me about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor from Greece, New York, who was taunted by children in a video on YouTube, and now seems to have been given half a million dollars by nice strangers who feel bad:

What happened to her never should have happened.
Someone should have been monitoring the kids on that bus.
And clearly it wasn't Karen Klein.

I hope she gets the $500,000. I hope she gets more. I hope she goes to the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Park, Orlando, and has her picture taken with Woody and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl.

But I can't shake the feeling that she should also take $15,506 and give it back to the people of Greece, New York, who paid her to monitor children on a school bus.
A job she -- while clearly a human being who didn't deserve to be treated like shit -- was also incapable of performing.

Again, not saying the children were right and she's wrong, or she was asking for it, or there's any excuse for making people cry just to see if you can. There's a special ring of hell for people who do that, and it's not Rochester, but you can see it from there.
They're bad and she's their victim.

But why was she there? What did she think her job was? What did the parents who put their children on the bus think?

Because, for $375 a week, to ride the bus twice, she doesn't appear to be preventing very much bullying.

Again: She's a nice lady, a grandmother apparently, and the things that were said to her were horrible, but that's okay, because she says her hearing aid doesn't work that well. Which circles us back to the question of what she saw as parameters of her assignment.

And what she, and the parents who hired her, consider "monitoring."

Here's how Mrs. Klein, a former school bus driver herself, described the ugly incident that never should have happened to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

"I was trying to just ignore them, hoping they would go away and it doesn't work."

No, it doesn't work. It also doesn't work when children are bullying other children. That's why we put monitors on the bus.
To protect the children.

Again. (And again, and again.) Karen Klein is a person, and no one should be cruel to her. A bad thing happened. She should have never been on that bus.

SCATS ~~ Klein's ability to hear, see over seats, maintain order etc. is something I already mentioned earlier this week (not sure if it was on Facebook or on here) in relation to her fitness for performing her job. Not writing up the incident and reporting it to supervisors was another thing she "ignored" doing. Given the aforementioned, I agree she shouldn't have been on that bus. GCSD's job description for a BUS ATTENDANT is shown below. Are you reading, Babs??

Duties to Include the Following:

· Accompanies bus driver and students on scheduled route;

· Supervises the boarding and unloading of student passengers at each stop, at transfer points, and at school sites;

· Assists physically handicapped students to and from the bus;

· Maintains order on buses;

· Enforces district policy governing student behavior while bus is in operation;

· Assists driver when backing up bus;

· Reports orally and in writing instances of continuing disruptive student behavior;

· Requests driver to summon emergency aid by two-way radio or operates two-way radio;

· Reports trouble at bus stops to driver, terminal, bus garage, or transportation office;

· Assists students with special needs;

· Attends scheduled job training classes and workshops and parent/school/driver meetings;

· Ensures students are seated before bus is in motion;

· Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Anonymous said...

yes I thought the same thing, she can not hear nor is she very physically able. Perhaps not the best monitor.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for years. However, the pay we offer for monitors, aides and teaching assistants in this District does not attract the best. I do not mean any disrespect towards Karen. Also, the initial interview of candidates by Kim O'Connor does not weed out those that are not qualified either.

Anonymous said...

Many monitors/attendants on Greece buses fit the same description as Karen. They are all very nice people and don't deserve to be treated poorly but I have often wondered about qualifications. Sorry to say but some just take up space in a seat.

Anonymous said...

She has to be able to enforce the rules in order to maintain order. There's not much she can do if she can't give consequences. I've heard (but am not sure) that she had reported the boys before. If she reported the behavior and nothing happened, the kids were basically told that it's okay. She has to have the backing of the school and the school needs the backing of district office to enforce discipline and maintain a safe environment.
I'm also not comfortable blaming the lowest person on the totem pole without knowing what training and support is offered to these people? Are disciplinary referrals on buses taken seriously? Are they backed up when the parents complain? If those things are in place, then it doesn't look good for her, but if they're not she could be a combination of Einstein, Anne Sullivan and Rambo and it won't make a bit of difference.

SCATS said...

To 1:36PM ~~ She's in no worse shape than some of our highly paid security personnel, or Greece cops for that matter. There was NO evidence on the video I saw to show me she wasn't up to the task in terms of energy, ability to move, etc. But if you can't HEAR them, or SEE them (seat height), it's going to be a problem. Plus she didn't write-up or report the trouble until Thursday.

To 1:47PM ~~ I'm sorry, but this is NOT an issue of pay. We pay our teachers and administrators more, but they seldom seem to do more than Klein did. THAT'S THE REAL ISSUE regarding discipline. Kids need to hear a CONSISTENT MESSAGE, but GCSD doesn't provide it. Policy is applied willy-nilly.

SCATS said...

To 3:35PM ~~ Your first sentence is on target, but if she CAN'T HEAR she can't even begin to perform. She COULD HAVE informed the driver during or after, called her supervisor, written up a complaint. She admitted she should have done more. She admitted she did NOT report or write it up. Yet those are CLEARLY SPELLED OUT DUTIES for her position. If management doesn't do their job upon following through on referrals, etc. THEN she needs to take it up the chain of command, period. Again, I expect teachers and others to ENFORCE DISTRICT POLICIES. If you do NOT enforce it, YOU PROMOTE THE ROTTEN BEHAVIOR. I know it's not an easy job, but NOT doing it and getting paid anyway is also the wrong message.

SCATS said...

To 3:35PM ~~ I forgot to add that she told reporters early on that these boys had acted out previously, but never like on that day. No one has said it yet that I'm aware of but THREE IS A GANG.

Anonymous said...

Let me say from my POV as a lunch monitor. Often we report behavior to be told "pick and choose" your battles. When students refuse to comply with simple requests as to appropriate language, staying in your seat and so forth...there are some that will go as far as to say F you, or I don't have to listen to you. The students know it and for this level of disrespect there are little or no consequences. Hence we ignore it. Even when we go as far as to write referrals for extreme behaviors there is no rhyme or reason as to if and when there is a consequence. Students do not have to workers and counselors will go as far as to say "they are not ready yet to say Im sorry" then days goes by and there is no accountability on the part of the student.

We are also told to let many behaviors slide... for sexually explicit language, if we hear it and does not seem to bother other students don't address it. ( this is elementary school)

I would dare say that if on any given day in the cafeterias in Greece many would perceive the monitors as not having control. We have clearly defined job expectations yet the PBIS guidelines do not have clearly defined consequences, and rely on the teachers or principals to take action. So really we don't know what do do.... like the bus the behavior continues through out lunch and then is reported to teacher or to office. There is not a plan to address on the spot with defiant students.

We are also, like bus monitors, expected to some how know all the confidential information as to who has a plan, who has specific strategies, who has and spectrum disorder, who has highly volatile reactions to being ask simple is learn as you go.

There is lack of training and lack of authority, and lack of support from administration. I am not sure as far as administration if it is due to DO policy or out of fear of parental response or simply they are overwhelmed. I do know that at the very least the foul language that is used and utter disrespect for adults is not addressed and is tolerated by default of zero consequences. ( talking it out after so many times is just not acceptable)

It is a job that pays little, is 3 hours a day that should tell you who the candidate pool is...mostly retired folks or stay at home parents.

SCATS said...

To 4:58PM ~~ You described a perfectly DYSFUNCTIONAL system! If the employees and/or parents (the adults) don't push LOUDLY for change, then you are part of the problem: enablers.

This doesn't mean I don't hear your dilemma, because I do! Anyone who pays union dues should be pressuring them to get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

Scats @ 7:50: I agree with your comment. I don;t think that many parents realize just how dysfunctional it is.
As a lunch monitor I am not union...I do agree that teachers, bus drivers ect.t should be at the BOE meetings stating what is the reality of the school day.

I read a few comments on other sites about drivers, teachers, bus monitors that have had rough days like Karen yet they don't have a comment to that is; in my experience I have never heard once a union rep tell the BOE at a public meeting how this behavior interferes with learning and that clear boundaries are not define and enforced. So until that happens I do not think that there will be change.

SCATS said...

To 8:42PM ~~ Again, you are correct. Something that REALLY aggravates me is that child psychologists (not GCSD types) tell parents about the NEED for clear expectations about behavior with clear, easy to understand CONSEQUENCES for NOT behaving spelled out in advance. They say CONSISTENCY is key. They also say that the consequences MUST BE FAIR & RELATED STRAIGHT BACK TO THE MISDEED.

Greece policies are NOT clear. Consequences are NEVER revealed. Policy & punishment is applied willy-nilly ... i.e. NO consistency. Consequences can take WEEKS to be doled out. In this case, suspensions won't occur until September!

Greece Central gets a HUGE FAIL, FAIL, FAIL regarding discipline.

Anonymous said...

Calling someone an enabler just because they have no comtrol over the situation is really farfetched. Then again u are always right. He or she explained the situation but rather than commending them for doing a great job for little pay you had to offend them. Good job!

SCATS said...

To 8:57PM ~~ While responding to the lunch monitor's response (I presume), your comment came in. It appears to me that 4:58/8:42 is NOT feeling offended, but understands exactly what I'm saying.

I know this is probably really FAR-fetched, but just MAYBE the problem with what I say is in HOW YOU HEAR IT?

Anonymous said...

Reading all those job offerings one can see the wide disparity between what the people earn that work so closely with the children. These positions make between 7 and 10 per hour, about $30 per day. And of course there are benefits. The professional staff(teachers) earn about $75 perhour with many benefits. There is no in between. And of course superintendents make $500 per day. No wonder she was just staring out the window.

Anonymous said...

OK, the whole Bus Monitor is a scam somebody is putting over on the taxpayers, right?

GCSD buses are for the most part equipped with video cameras and recorders, audio recording would violate Federal Wiretapping Law.

So the existence of the camera recording video evidence pretty much negates the need for a failable human to note & report. If something goes down on the bus requiring administrative action there is a high probability the driver will know about it, report it and the video will confirm it. So, why the hell do we have Monitors riding the bus at a cost of how much a week?

It's common knowledge no discipline exists on the buses or in the buildings of GCSD, unless of course somebody makes nasty with Babsie or the Queen of the BOE. Ergo there is no point to a Bus Monitor making a referral of inappropriate or Banned activity on the bus, Catch 22 comes to mind. So, why the hell do we have monitors riding buses at how many dollars per week?

OK, some kids need help because of disability. They ride short buses that sit tieing up traffic for a few minutes while somebody loads or unloads the kid. Fine, that's a necessity, at least by some silly law, and it's only a few monitors. Every bus doesn't carry disabled students, so why the hell do we have Bus Monitors on every damn bus riding along?

Backing the bus up, give me a break. School buses are mandated to avoid backing up unless in an emergency, what the hell are GCSD buses backing up for? How often are GCSD buses backing up? Are GCSD Union Bus Drivers so inept they need help finding Reverse on the selector console, or are they too visually impaired to use the 17 mirrors on the big hunk of cheese?

SORRY folks, the Bus Monitor situation sure as hell looks like featherbedding!

Bus Monitors aren't allowed by the District to maintain control of the population of monsters riding the cheese, even though NY State Law allows persons acting in loco parentus to do exactly what is necessary.

Lets get honest enough to admit Granny seatbelted in up front ain't going to jump up and save little Glipnar or Twangthang from flying into the windshield if they're in the aisle and Driver Fred spikes the brakes. Granny is a Union featherbed job on that bus.

Granny sure as hell ain't necessary on a chesewagon full of pubescent pisspots, they don't comply with policy or obey rules, and as we have all seen on video they don't obey Granny.

Lets cut the crap featherbedding and cut payroll in the process.

Anonymous said...

The unions must be real proud of how they sticking up for their dues paying members.
We must be real proud of our politicians who look out for these unions first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

Featherbedding? Where did that accusation come from? Not even sure what relevance it has. It is more like a anti union screed than an analysis of the situation. We need more information about the bus monitors not union bashing.

Anonymous said...

To blame a bus monitor over what was seen in that film is ridiculous. She shouldn't have to defend herself on a school bus.

To say she needs to do things with the donation money is only saying you are jealous. This was started because some guy in Toronto saw what she went through and never once thought that she should have done vs. what happened. I donated money also and do not want a penny back nor a penny going to the Town of Greece. You want some money back for the tax payers, see your buddy Auberger.

I still blame the parents for the way their children act. My children know what they will loose if any of them screws up with their grades, they know how their parents will react if they found out they were being cruel and disrespectful, especially to a teacher, officer, bus driver, disable person, ect...
Our children know I love them but will not go running to their side everytime when they get into trouble without knowing the entire story.
Parents have created this atomosphere at the schools and on the buses that their children are angels and even if they are wrong, you are not the parents. We the parents are the only ones who can evoke the punishment rule, we the parents are the only ones who can speak back to our children using the same foul language they use, ect..., everyone else who tries will be sued!!
My children have many privilages but they know that privilages can be taken away from them for punishment.

Anonymous said...

1:53 Back when I drove for the district , the only buses that had Aids on the bus were special Ed or disabled buses. They were required by law.
You should also be aware that. That the New York State vehicle and traffic law requires that an observer must be behind a backing school bus. It's a required safety issue regardless of the number of mirrors the bus has. In fact this law applies to Commercial vehicles of large size and restricted rear view. An example is your local refuse truck
The word monitors has been used since I retired. They are now needed on many buses due to the out of control kids on the bus that are a dangerous distraction and unsafe consequence confronting the driver of the bus. Are they needed, yes. The most dangerous part of the school day is the bus ride home. In some cases, the kids would be much safer walking down the middle of Mt Read Blvd.
The district brought this on themselves by not taken action years ago to deal with the behavior of offenders.
Now they are responsible for the out of control situation.
And to make matters worse, they will not let the driver or monitor to do what is necessary to maintain order on these buses. Both drivers and monitors who dare to enforce the rules previously mentioned, know the ultimate consequences of carrying out their responsibilities, Instant suspension and termination.
Here is a good one for you union haters out there. the drivers are represented by the local Teamster union who stand idlely by and do not intervene on behalf of these employees. Why, because it is well known that they are what is known as" a company union" and are between the sheets with district administrators.

SCATS said...

To 7:43AM ~~ BINGO There is one of the BIG underlying issues.

To 9:42AM ~~ Of course she shouldn't "have to defend herself." If she had control there would be NO NEED TO DO SO. I just read the transcript of the entire 10 minute video. NOT ONCE DID SHE EVER TELL THEM TO KNOCK IT OFF! NOT ONCE!!

Like I said before there is responsibility on BOTH ENDS of this spectrum.


And the parents should be in the middle.


SCATS said...

To 9:42AM ~~ I don't know where you and others get the idea that schools can't "punish." I know corporal punishment is out but there are other possible consequences. How about detention for study halls (minor infractions) to work on grades, loss of extra-curriculars, no participation in sports, musicals, drama, pep rallies, etc? Required community service to clean up parks, public grounds (library, Town Hall, etc), school fields ... the only limit is the imagination ;)

SCATS said...

To 10:38AM ~~ My understanding has been that MOST GCSD bus routes are designed so that a bus can not and does not have to back up. I was told this by the district's safety person, heard it from transportation mgmt at BOE meetings, etc. So I doubt that more than a very few monitors are helping with that task. Employing one for EVERY BUS RUN IN GCSD "just in case" would be overkill ... "featherbedding"?

I agree 100% that this was the result of years of neglecting bigger problems in Greece Central. It's been a very long time coming. The notoriety for such a distateful event is deserved - not by Klein personally, but for the district/town. Her role is a symptom of the bigger cancer.

SCATS said...

For anyone with the stomach for it, the transcript of the 10 min. bus video is found here:

Anonymous said...

7:43 and Scats wrong. You union hating people are all wet on this one.this is one union that you would be proud of.They are local Teamsters. The only thing your right about is that they like to collect their dues . As far as representing their members it is well known that they indeed do not. they simply wave to them as they are shown the door. They ere what us union people call a Company Union because they are between the sheets with administration
Example. A few years ago our local reps responding to the wishes of the members attempted to decertify the Teamster s In order to do that a showing of interest by at least 55pct of the membership must sign a petition requesting that. PERB the states public employees relations board, for permission to hold a new election monitored by them.
When the district became aware of this movement, they threatened the employment of one of the reps for posting notice of such petition on a bulletin board supplied by the district for union business . As a result, fearing for his job, he withdrew the petition and the cozy relationship between the district and the teamster s remains intact. This bunch of crooks calling themselves an employee union never once tried to save the job of a member fired unfairly by the district The teamsters are your type of union selling out their membership to accommodate their unethical relationship with administration. If you don't think that knowledge of this fact effects the way drivers, monitors, buildings and grounds employees secretary's and clerical staff as well as cafeteria people do their jobs you are sadly mistaken. There can be no worse feeling of being naked and at the mercy of administrators for trying your best to do your job under these conditions.

SCATS said...

To 2:38PM ~~ How are they any different than the other district unions, especially GTA? I don't hear any of them complaining at BOE meetings. I'm not hearing that the employee hotline is ringing off the hook either. All I hear is the sounds of crickets chirping as the Dysfunction Junction moves along its unimpeded path to ruin.

Anonymous said...

The time has clearly arrived to call a shovel a shovel, I don't think spade is allowed under GCSD PC.

It's abundantly clear rules are only enforced against low level Disfunction employees, and are treated as mere suggestions in the case of "students".

These buses need to be retrofitted immediately to continue to serve their intended purpose. Entry needs to be converted to a salliport for driver protection and a guncage must be installed so the monitor can function properly.

Pepperspray nozzles must be immediately installed in seatbacks connected to a Monitor operated console. This will serve the dual function of immediately bringing offending punks er I mean students into line and alerting plumbingparents the kid screwed up on the bus ride. If Gilcnar is red faced and smells like pepper when you stumble in from the bar you know he acted up again.

Any air conditioning on buses should immediately be disabled and all windows sealed so the spray will have full effect. Screw the little monsters, they are free to walk, and walking a couple miles a day wouldn't hurt many of them.

Naturally all precious little darling children and grandchildren of Bored With Education Members, and District MisAdministrators will be transported by limo as they richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scats. We are not enablers. We show up and do our jobs on the buses and in the schools, and get NO support from the administrators. If we complain about lack of support we are targeted and fired, or tormented until we quit! Just ask the district hatchet person, Kim O'Connor.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently employed as a deputy with the Monoe County Sheriffs road patrol I live in Greece and my boys attend one of our schools. I felt it important to comment on this site which I have never done before, about the bus monitor situation, It appears to me that suddenly the victim, ms Klien has gone from hero to a villan and contributed to the incident by simply being on that bus as a representative of the school district. Comments regarding her age, personal demeanor, physical condition and questions about her ability to do her job has taken center stage. I suspect the money factor has played a big role in this turn about.
I too watched that shameful video. While I felt sorry for what she had to endure, I couldn't help but admire the way she dealt with the situation
As law enforcement officers we are trained in what is called" take action or retreat situations" Simply put it means that if you are able to control the situation , take the appropriate action. However, if you can not safely control it retreat, regroup and wait until the situation can be safely controlled without collerteral damage. In my opinion, this women fell into the second category. She was not able to control the situation as she was confronted by superior numbers looking for her to react to a situation that she could not control. Her decision to try and ignore the insults was text book. Had she done otherwise it would have only have served to make a bad situation worse with someone possibly being hurt.
Karen, inspite of what's being said about your abilities to do your job know this, you acted responsibly and honorably in my opinion. You are my hero because my boys might have been on that bus and who knows what the consequences might have been if things got out of control.
So take the money, you deserve it. You owe nobody anything because you handled the situation correctly.
Parents who had children on that bus owe you a big expression of gratitude as they all returned home safely
Because you handled the situation in the professional way. Good luck and best wishes for the future By the way, you can be my backup anytime.

Anonymous said...

Get real Scats since when does the board listen to any one coming to board meeting. The teamsters have never shown up. union member donT dare expose themselves unless they have a death wish. You missed the point of Tha t last post all together blinded by your general hatred of any union what so ever. Your hopeless on this issue Again never wrong lol

SCATS said...

To 4:06PM ~~ While I am VERY AWARE of the lack of support by adminstration, I'm also KEENLY AWARE that your union sits by with nothing to say. I have seen NO EVIDENCE in 30 yrs. to show me that as a group or as individuals, that complaints have been made to the Supt or at BOE Meetings, which are broadcast on radio & later tv.

If you do nothing, as Klein has admitted and shown, YOU ARE ENABLING. Had she written up the incident before Thurs. I'd be saying otherwise.

SCATS said...

To 4:07PM ~~ From the second time I viewed that video last Wed. I began talking to friends about her nonresponse to the situation. I was well aware it wasn't going to be politically correct to speak-out about it until the initial firestorm settled a bit. As far I'm concerned, SHE DID NOT DO THE DUTIES OF HER JOB, not on that day, and from her own comments to media, not before. Has she EVER written up any misbehavior this past year? Not that she has mentioned. In fact, she said the behaviors weren't new, but they just became especially bad on that day!

If we are paying for bus attendants on all or most GCSD buses AND finding that student misbehavior is rampant because administration doesn't deal with it, then we've got a BIG problem. That IS the message I'm hearing from lots of drivers, monitors and other GCSD personnel.

Being fit for the job makes one ABLE for the duties it carries.

I'm beyond disgusted by the behavior of those kids. But I'm also disgusted by the idea that Klein is "a victim" deserving of untold wealth when she both: 1 - FAILED TO DO HER DUTIES DURING AND AFTER THE INCIDENT ... and ...

Responsibility exists on BOTH sides here. She never once said "Stop" or "Quiet!" or "I'm going to report your behavior" or anything else. She's still shirking her responsibility (i.e. "in retreat" as you call it)by not pressing charges to make examples of these punks who were in charge on her ride. THEY WERE IN CONTROL.

SCATS said...

To 4:39PM ~~ If you show up carrying signs & get the media there, your message WILL get covered. WHAT THAT MESSAGE IS GOING TO BE matters a lot. What's the point of being in a union if you can't get their support? Why pay dues? Why belong at all?

Yes, I heard the point in the other posts. I don't see a "right" or "wrong" about getting meaningful change. You just do it.

Anonymous said...

You could feed or house many homeless people with that money

SCATS said...

To 5:39PM ~~ What "could be done" isn't really at issue, imho. Does she deserve it all given she did not respond, not even AFTER the kids were off the bus, and refuses to press charges now? That's what bothers me. If we want change, people like Klein MUST act. For monitors to complain that no one takes their complaints seriously & then turn around & support this woman getting $600K for doing NOTHING just adds to the dysfunction we already have in place. There will be NO MEANINGFUL CHANGE UNLESS ALL PARTIES ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Doing nothing shouldn't be rewarded, but GCSD does it in so many ways. Social promotion anyone??

Anonymous said...

Once again Scats, As an employee of GCSD we are not allowed to speak at Board meetings, and as far as Unions in Greece. They are a joke. The Mighty Teamsters are nothing more than A GCSD tool to weed out the people who stand up and complain. They only care about the Union dues they get from the members and in exchange allow the district to do whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

We belong to the union because the state makes us!

SCATS said...

To 5:54PM ~~ What would happen if several of you signed up for residents' forum (as individuals) to peak and got up one-by-one to say your piece? Are they going to put a hand over your mouth, drag you out of the BOE meeting room and you will never be seen again?

As far as I'm aware, you still have First Amendment rights, even in a union. How about rescinding your membership?

SCATS said...

To 6:55PM ~~ The state makes you?? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

She never once said "Stop" or "Quiet!" or "I'm going to report your behavior" or anything else

Do you really think that would have made a difference?
I highly doubt had she had done so they would have complied and become angels. Someone needs a dose of reality.

SCATS said...

To 9:12PM ~~ I didn't say that would get compliance. I used it as the most basic example of her asttempting to do what she was hired to do.

If you are accosted by someone, would you tell them to stop, or at least yell for help? She DID nothing!


Anonymous said...

Not once in those many years of attending school board and town board meeting have you ever spoke at the public forums.Instead you take your shots here where nobody knows you and therefore not subject to what the rest of us would suffer by speaking publically about what's wrong in both venues.nVery courageous of you.

Anonymous said...

Scats like the Deputy said and I now agree with, she actually handled the situation correct.
I agree, there many thing wrong in this district that need to be fixed. So why don't we get off this subject and move on to ways to correct the bigger issues tearing apart what is left of our once great school district. Individule efforts will not get it done. What is needed is a collective effort. On the part of parents, students,employees and tax payers to apply pressure on the people who run the show. There has been and always will be strength in numbers, I think more than once CARE proved that over the years.Now that care no longer exists in it's former capacity, a new group made up of those mentioned above needs to organize.Only then will we get the attention of this inept administration will we have any hope of forcing them to listen and do what's necessary to make the changes to revive this district into an effective institution of learning instead of the comedic dysfunctional self serving administrative nightmare.
Myself along with other concerned Individules are working toward forming such a group.,hopefully in the very near future. If we do this and we expect to have any impact success will come only if concerned Individules get involved with ideas and support for our initiatives.Stay tuned.

SCATS said...

To 5:55AM ~~ You've made it perfectly clear you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA ABOUT WHO I AM ... lol :) I've been quite vocal at a number of meetings already this year.

To 10:17AM ~~ Why should we get off this subject BEFORE this situation gets rectified? Employees who don't perform the duties they are paid to do appears to be a HUGE issue brought to light by this incident! Bus drivers, monitors, cafeteria workers, teachers & others are telling me they don't handle situations because ADMINISTRATION IS NONRESPONSIVE to the issues! That means that MOST aren't carrying out their responsibilities for one reason or another. Greece Central is BROKEN!!! Time to start fixing it!

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

To 6:45PM ~~ She will be very fortunate to walk away with 1/3 of it ... and that's ONLY if she's smart. I've seen no evidence that she is. Anyone with a brain would hire a decent lawyer. Once hired, her days of talking to media would be done. She does herself no favors ;)