Friday, June 22, 2012

Brace For More Dysfunction ...


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If you see her, call 1-800-THE-LOST
(Just kidding!)



If you see her, tell her to monitor her son's Twitter account for racism, hate talk, gutter-talk, etc!

"On a day we should be giving respect to OP on his burial day were dealing with some shit like this smh"  June 20

theyll all switch schools guarenteed my moms phone is going nutts lmfao" June 20

i was pissed seeing Someones gma get told she was gna get fuckin stabbe" June 20

Eli Vanorman‏@eli_vanorman
"I wish someone would tell my fuckin grandma they were gonna stab her id go fuckin bannanas" June 20

them little italian niggas aint about it" June 18


SCATS ~~ I predict things will return to "business as usual" with little or no significant changes by this time next week ;)


SCATS said...

A friend texted me to say Lonsberry mentioned putting out an Amber Alert to locate Babs! That's pricelss!

Anonymous said...

That twitter account is now protected so you can no longer get access to it

SCATS said...

To 11:45AM ~~ Predictable. I wonder if he has been lectured about his nasty language & racist attitude? One thing it proves yet again: The BOE read this BLOG :D

Anonymous said...

With the accounts of VanOrman and fellow thugs shut down, I would hope SCATS will share more of what these kids were saying for all the world to read! Do these kids have a secret tech center at the Brook House away from scrutiny?
Why wouldn't VanOrman have a clue as to what her son was saying on Twitter. Oh, the Botox appointments. Busy, busy.

Anonymous said...

Scats- Just heard about the bus driver in Wayne County that was arrested for doing her job. If Karen really feels that bus drivers or monitors should have the ablity to maintain order she should pay for that drivers legal expenses.

SCATS said...

To 12:22PM ~~ Now, now! That's not nice!

To 12:33PM ~~ I don't know how she feels about that situation. IMHO, it was WRONG to put hands over a kid's mouth. There are other ways to handle these situations that don't involve responding with abusive actions on the part of the adults who are supposed to be in-charge. Stopping the bus until order is restored is one of them.

Anonymous said...

correct Scats, you never, never touch a child. But I think this is another example of an employee stuck in a no-win situation where they have no usable tools to enforce any rules. Call for help? Yes that is what this driver and Karen Klein should have done. But I tell ya, if every driver/monitor called for help every time it was needed, the cops would spend much of their days chasing school buses AND their supervisor would have them in the office asking them why they 'can't control their kids'. I drove a school bus for many years and I think back on those days and sometimes wonder how I did it. More specific training is needed for these people who deal with these kids so closely. Hopefully this will happen as a result of these situations.

Anonymous said...

Scats you really need to drive a bus or be a monitor really appreciate the chaos that place. Or better yet, get a visitor pass and go for the ride of your.

SCATS said...

To 1:31PM ~~ I think what we need are clearer rules with known punishments for breaking them. We can develop those for free, too .

To 1:41PM ~~ I never said there wasn't chaos on the buses, did I? I've ridden one before (not as an employee). I've met one daily coming & going. I've even seen the cafeteria chaos in schools first hand. The question is: WHY IS THIS CHAOS TOLERATED?

Anonymous said...

One reson it is tolerated is mommy and daddy call in after a referral or similar action is taken and it is the monitor is moved! Parents have too much say when it comes to in school discipline!

SCATS said...

To 3:05PM ~~ The key is in balance. Sometimes parents and/or students are correct too.

Anonymous said...

Dysfunction! Read the so called apology letter that doesn't even say IM SORRY! WH and the dad came off as apologizing to ease the pain his family is suffering! He says he thought this would show people and start to close the wounds!

Anonymous said...

The hell with this " balance is the key " garbage. The hell with mommy and daddy, if there is one, when it comes to district's policy on student conduct. This our district and if they don't want to accept these rules then get out of town.
As student rights go,once they enter one of our schools or ride a bus, their little asses belong to the district. The only rights they have is what policy dictates, no exceptions .
What kills me is how quick these parents are to contact districts when their little monsters feel that rights have been violated and demand justice in the form of firing the employee involved. These same incompetent parents never complain about the failure of their kid academically .
My advise to these rights conscious parents is get the hell out of town. This is our district with rules that govern all .obey or go else ware
For years this has been a major problem with this district, administrators caving to the parents instead of standing by the policies. The lack the guts and backbone to take this approach. When this happens our rules are nothing more than words on toilet paper.
So Scats ,mbalance is not the key. what is the key is affirmative action by our Superintendant and administrators to reclaim or schools, our class rooms our hallways and buses from the anarchists who are now in charge.make no mistake just ask them.

SCATS said...

To 6:53PM ~~ They do NOT "belong to the district" but I know GCSD sometimes behaves as if they do! You need to temper your words and remember, even Greece Central has had pedophiles and child abusers employed just recently! Kids need to be heard, as do parents and teachers, etc.

As for affirmative action by the Supt. she's been spotted sneaking out a door unmonitored by media to enter a car, and relaxing another night at the Distillery this week. Is that what you seek? lol

Anonymous said...

Much as it pains me to say, Hilton Central almost got it right when they built the latest expansion of the HI Skewel. Right down next toe loading dock the Penal Colony quietly exists under the direction of Big Bad Jim.

Law says the rugrat has to be in school, and some find themselves in the Penal Colony. They want out, they earn their trip out by proving they are model citizens.

GCEntertainment Disfunction needs a Penal Colony.
Law don't say a damn thing about school days having to be Happy Days.

Far as the loudmouthed fatassed complaining parents threatening to hire lawyers, go for it! Most of them ain't got the retainer to plunk down on the desk of any lawyer worth a damn, and lawyers ain't known for taking crap cases on speculation.

If the Barbie Doll was worth a damn she'd already be announcing cancelation of all sports and perks including only a very limited lunch menu for the responsible school for the next year.

Wouldn't surprize me much to see that lead to some very obnoxious pisspot wastes of breathing air become very nice children. Their parents by virtue of plumbing don't like it, hire a lawyer. Might just be Julia will need to divert some of her hairdressing & Botox bucks to a Lawyer for her mouthy kid.
That woman could use a good face scrubbing and wakeup call anyhow.

SCATS said...

To 1:12AM ~~ You do realize her kid wasn't one of the bus group, right? He just showed what an upstanding citizen to be he was via his Tweets about it.

No more Botox quips, folks. After all, I get injections so I can keep a stiff upper lip.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Attention property owners of Greece. The value of your property Just took about a 10 Pct hit downward as a result of this International incident. Conventional wisdom indicates that couples with school age children that might have been considering moving to Greece have no doubt deep sixth that notion and will look else where.

SCATS said...

To 6:15AM ~~ Worse yet, all those unregistered kindergartners' families now have a very good reason to hightail it out of GCSD-land. I'm SURE they will attempt to find a way to blame it all on this BLOG, as is usually the case. lol

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration has deleted, edited & reposted 2:37AM's to remove a distateful reference.

Anonymous said...
SCATS you wouldn't need Meowtox for the lip if you laid off the nip.
Did you get into that damn Columbian Nip again? Remember what happened the last time, all that rolling in the litterbox & howling. Not a pretty site SCATS!

I know Julia's little lovetrophy wasn't on the bus. His pocket communicatir clearly indicates Julia's parenting skills and ability. No wonder she needs to "serve" on the Skrewel Bored. Cookies for teachers wouldn't get her xxxx a C-.

Why is the favorite vocabulary word of these little darlungs Fu**? Is that the word they can spell?

Julia, I'd like to nominate her for parent/Boredmember of the year. Shining example of American yute she squirted out.

6/23/2012 2:37 AM

Anonymous said...

hopefully the parents around the county will read the comments made by other monitors in the paper this morning. It is obvious that his incident wasn't isolated or limited to the schools in Greece. We have an epidemic of poor behavior on our buses and we need to find a way to change the attitudes of students.
I would suggests as a starter for discussion that any report made by a monitor or driver would result in an immediate one semester probation.
A second report would result in loss of bus riding for a month.
A third report would end it for half the year.
Further reports would result in in-school suspension for a period to be determined. This behavior needs to be reacted to in a way that says, "No more!"

SCATS said...

To 4:52PM ~~ I'm with you all the way, but I'd make it a "3 strikes & you're out" policy.

Anonymous said...

SCATS are meu meowing the Queen of the School Bored doesn't love her little darling baby boy Textomatic?

I'm shocked.

I thought HRM got on the Bored just to make sure her baby got the best possible SKREWEL xperyunce. She damn sure ain't there for the pay.