Sunday, June 17, 2012

Board Leadership

Anonymous said...
FYI Julia wants the president job again next year with Ferrington. In my opinion not a recipe for change. All to chummy with BABS . Still interested what people will feel about the need for leadership change. It won't change anything but they will know how the community feels at least.    Joe Moscato   6/17/2012 4:46 PM

Do you feel that the BOE needs new leadership?
Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

I believe Julia is not a leader rather a show-boater. She loves the spotlight and the perks that come along with that but when it comes to safeguarding the interests of Greece taxpayers she is worthless. She has dropped the proverbial ball so many times that I would go with someone else. I saw her once at a board meeting but that one time was enough to convey to me that she lacks the necessary skills to be a leader and an advocate, an effective advocate for GCSD.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Julia but the board seems full of clown who will lead?

Anonymous said...

Change? Greece Central had more decisions and changes made during this school year than the sum total of changes for the past 10 years. We have a winning leadership team finally in place.

We saw Barbara, Julia and Dave take on issues that were put off and off for the last decade. Building use, instructional planing, curriculum writing, staff development, budget planning, BOE goal setting, passed budgets, long/short range plans, district administrators/offices moved to the school buildings, where the needs are located, massive, unpopular, required/mandated state changes have been worked on and implementation plans have been developed, rational calm has returned to Greece, the total focus and discussion in Greece Central is instruction, student success and that is coming from Supt. Barbara, to the BOE to the total Greece Central staff.

Once again, claims of the lack of leadership, without a single example given. Blanket, empty, statements made without any stated examples given to backup such statements.

The test will be academic success of the students. I will make this prediction or bet anyone, that at the end of the 2012-2013 school year Greece Central will NOT, for the first time on over a decade, be in academic last place, in Monroe County, in graduation rates or in standardize testing.

That will be the real test/proof of Greece Central leadership, not empty statements of the lack of leadership.

Joe, will you take my bet for the price of breakfast?


Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

To 6:11AM ~~ You stated my exact feelings on the matter of BOE leadership.

To Doug ~~ I know you are Babs' biggest fan and can't grasp that she's flawed in any way. But Julia? And Dave?? Give me a freakin' break! Dave seldom opens his mouth unless it's to give kudos to teachers. Julia has NO clue! NEITHER OF THEM WANTED TO PROCEED IN DEALING WITH SOC's & building capacity/budget issues until the absolute last minute possible!! Look at their voting records under the last interim.

By the way, this thread is titled "BOARD LEADERSHIP" ... not "BABS' LEADERSHIP." I'm sure we will get to her soon on a different thread.

Joe Moscato said...

Doug, negative on that for two reasons.One I seldom if ever eat breakfast. Secondly, I've seen what you eat for breakfast. Pass the pepper please! My post was not directed at our Superintendant but rather the leadership of the board. As you know, Dave is a member of our morning BS group. As a result, many times I told him of my disappointment with him and the board for their collective failure to ask questions or engage in discussions on agenda items placed there by the Superintendant or members of her staff. As an example, the recent foul up by Carol Palas's presentation at the last board meeting.Only one member, McCabe asked for clarification of her figures and conclusions while the other stood silent seeing no reason to inquire.As I told you this morning, my problem with the board and Dave and Julia is their failure to ask questions or at least have a discussion about important moves recently made by DW. As I told Dave, you may feel comfortable with what's going on but not everyone in this district is or understands why. The only way they will is if she is asked to justify her decision to make the moves she made. Thus no speculation , misunderstanding and false rumors and assumptions out her in the community.
The one thing I told Dave one morning was why he or no one else raised the question regarding the closing of Kirk Rd School instead of Paddy Hill as was recommended by the committee. It was the only one she did not accept opting to close Kirk Rd instead. I was critical of Dave for not asking her to explain her position on this important matter to many.As a result some ridiculous rumors have resulted. like the one you told me about this AM that some of staff is blaming ME for the schools closing. As you said they believe I was the realtor behind the possible sale of that property.As you told this person correctly, Iam or never have been in that line of work. This unfounded humor is a direct result of the Kirk rd situation not adequately explained to the public.If indeed there existed a potential buyer for the propert existed DW had an obligation to divulge that as rumor or fact.
Look, in the final analysis, Julie and Dave are the only ones capable of leadership positions. My intention toward Dave was to try and point out some of his short comings, in my opinion, and help make him a more effective, affirmative leader.
On your other comments and challenges I will give them their proper weight considering your admiration for the OUT STANDING accomplishments of our present board I will defer to your beliefs. I will say one thing though, You have a rather short memory when it comes to accomplishments of recent boards. I recall you saying the same thing about the05' HMO board for accomplishing more in one year than any other board by ridding the District of Individules responsible for the demise of our district and inso doing turned this district around on a course to positive change and improved student performance.
See you tomorrow. Joe

Anonymous said...

Skeet,why don't you take her to run your business? Would you? I doubt you would. There are many facts that would validate anyone's statement on Julia. All you have to do is go to a board meeting and she will give you all the reason as to why she is not doing her job. Lie after damm lie and no one calls her on it,that is pathetic! I will give you one and that is that the BOE bailed on the residency issue with Babs. That was not what the people of Greece expected from the BOE. The other is she never holds anyone accountable for tier actions. It is after all her job. Let's give her an evaluation on her job performance and see how she does. Would they ever go for an independent evaluation of their work? NOT!

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! You, more than anyone, should know that the types of improvements your Karnac-like brain is predicting are UNACHIEVABLE in a years time. NOT in last place for the first time in decades? Statistically speaking, it will take a MIRACLE for THAT to happen. That said, however, I recognize that it is attainable to move up ONE space out of SHEER luck - not due to any actions on the part of Barb, Julie or Dave. Puhleeeeeeez. I'm with Joe on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear who ALL the members are of this Breakfast Club that Doug, Joe & Dave belong to and be permitted to join them for a morning every now & again. What you say, fellas?

Anonymous said...

Go to Tim Hortons right off Maiden Lane (behind Apollo) any morning of the week. Pull up a chair. It's not a private club! They would roll over and choke on their donut.