Friday, June 29, 2012


Luis Recio, Wesley Helm, Brandon Teng & Joshua Slesak, who bullied bus monitor Karen Klein have all received 1 year suspensions from Greece Athena Middle School.

They will attend an alternative school program.

They will attend an anti-bullying program located in a non-districted facility.

They will be required to complete 50 hours of community service work with senior citizens.

They will lose bus-riding privileges for 1 year.

The students and their families agreed to these disciplinary measures. 


Anonymous said...

I was really hoping for them being placed in a cell and forced to listen to banjo music, but this is probably better. It'll keep them on track with their core education classes
But, since the BOE said it wouldn't announce the punishment, does this mean the suspension isn't really the punishment either?

SCATS said...

To 5:29PM ~~ The link to the district's statement says all parties agreed to make the punishment public.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is the district's "reengagement center? What is it???

Anonymous said...

How come Babs is not on the news stating the punishment for the boys. So that this way people can see she stepped up to the plate and make her presence known. Why is she still hiding? Boy she is doing everything in her power not to have her name connected to this. I guess my next question is: Why? and
Is she not paid enough?

Anonymous said...

I think it used to called theBridges Program. It used to located all the Greece Mall near the movie theater.
I might be wrong, but if it's the same program with a name change,I think they moved it to Barnard School???

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with 5:56PM. What the hell is a "Reengagement Center" and where is is located???

Is this going to be the new alternative school for the little buggers who misbehave? Will it be at the now vacant Odyessy?

If this incident did not go viral and become WORLD WIDE news, the little buggers would have gotten a slap on the wrist and be back on the bus and in school in September. The district HAD NO CHOICE but to come down hard on these kids. The whole world was watching. Sad that it takes this level of public embarressment for the district to grow some!

Anonymous said...

the article said the 'reengagement center' in not located in the district. Hopefully someone can let us know more about it,

Anonymous said...

whoopss. I take my last comment back- the article says its in a 'non-school facility',

Anonymous said...

Lets see if GCSD really makes the punishment stick. They just said on the news that the students could apply for re-admission to school after 30 days. I think this is a smoke screen to quiet the public. Then they will sneak them in the back door when no one is looking.
Maybe thats why Babs is staying on the down low.

SCATS said...

To 5:56PM ~~ Someone has suggested to me that it MIGHT be St. Joseph's Villa.

To 6:07PM ~~ Good questions!! Regarding her pay: Vargas is getting LESS in RCSD than she is now.

To 6:28PM ~~ The Bridges program was moved to Arcadia a couple years ago.

To 6:53PM ~~ Sadly, you are likely correct in youir assessment.

To 7:17PM ~~ You misread that. It says: "if at 30 weeks into the school year the
students have completed the conditions of their discipline and are in good standing at the
Reengagement Center, they can apply for early readmission to Athena Middle School."

Anonymous said...

I hope it is the Villa, lets see how they cope with those kids. I'm glad they are making an example out of them.

Anonymous said...

While I do not at all condone or forgive the students' behavior, this whole MESS is the fault of Karen Kline. If she had written them up earlier (she said they had been misbehaving all year), their behaviors would not have escalated to the level they did. The district and the town have been embarrassed and ridiculed due to her lack of follow through and non completion of her duties. I hope her supervisors will "write her up" and reprimand her.

Maybe BDW should also be written up for not fulfilling her duties as superintendent (being visible).

Anonymous said...

NOTE the careful wording of REGULAR bus transportation THAT means they will get a small bus of car provided by the Greece taxpayers to transport them to the REENGAGEMENT CENTER....

As and employee of this district I can say I have never ever heard this term and after asking a few co workers they too have no idea what this is or what or where is may be.

If it is SJV they will be in a weekday school program called Avalon that was previously held at the Westridge campus. They will not be living at SJV or any other facility like Hillside.

FYI this is costing us more than the normal per student WE are $paying$ for the mistakes of these children. Of Course the parents agreed the boys get transportation to and from a "private school" and can come back to ATMS.

SCATS said...

To 9:33PM ~~ Yuuuup!!

To 9:49PM ~~ I suspect you're right. We've been screwed again!!

Anonymous said...

Finally some positive action on the part of the district in dealing with discipline problems. It s unfortunate that it took International exposure to do it. In so doing, the district has set the bar between acceptable and unexeptible conduct.
They have sent a strong message to the students and their parents of the consequences of engaging in conduct that is no longer going to be tolerated. Or did they? Time will tell as some students will test the district's resolve. Herein lies the key.The district in the futureMUST be consistent in how it deals with future acts of misconduct by some students.Failure to do so , would lead to a continuation of unexeptible behavior without the fear of serious consequences for them. The operative word attached to success is CONSISTANCY on the part of administration in it' s handling of future incidents. Any deviation from the bar that they just set would send the wrong message to those committed to the disruption of our schools. Time will tell. TheBOE IN Their oversight responsibilities should make sure that future incidents are handled consistant to what just happened to four students.

Anonymous said...

Why would you publish the names of the students? No where in any school communication or media outlets has the names of the students been made public. I hope you get your ass sued for releasing the names of the minors.

SCATS said...

To 9:11AM ~~ They must go further. They need to adopt policy that is specific & list specific consequences for breaking policy. Consistancy is absolutely necessary in application of both, otherwise it's all just lipservice.

To 10:04AM ~~ Nowhere? WHERE do you think I got the names? From media! You must have missed the interviews with the some of the kids, their parents and all of the internet news last week. It's not suddenly become a secret 10 days later, especially when at least a couple of these kids made posts saying their apologies were meaningless.

Anonymous said...

I like the punishment but would have allowed opportunity for reinstatmenst after one semester.

Memo to the parents: I hope you go a little further. Your children should have limited or no access to social media during the suspension. And you should become very familair with social media and establish monitoring program before the children can again begin to use it.
Good luck to you.

SCATS said...

To 12:08PM ~~ I don't understand the 30 week designation at all. What's special about 30 weeks? That it's 3/4 through the school year? Why not make it 1/2 or 1 full year?

Personally, I would subject these kids to unannounced drug and alcohol testing (one had many drug references he posted about online), individual counselling,NO SOCIAL MEDIA AT All, etc.

Why do parents give kids internet access in their pockets to carry around everywhere anyway? It's nothing but trouble just waiting to happen for the younger ones.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I applaud the administration for their definitive action. Can we use this opportunity to make it very clear to all 'who' is in charge? To make it clear that there are rules for everyone for good reason? Is this an opportune time to get serious about what our schools are for like education - like teaching our kids what the real world expects from them? Can we have rules that won't be 'interpreted' 30 different ways by 30 different people or rules that are bent based on 'who' their parents are? Perhaps a dress code for all might be a start? If for no other reason but to show 'who' is in charge? AND be willing to be held responsible?????

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I agree with you, but I'll believe it when I see it. Pitting different groups of parents and students against each other via "differences" in the system is a tool administration loves to wield in Greece. It makes them feel oh so powerful.

Anonymous said...

QUESTIONS we need answers to NOW!

Where and what the hell is this REENGAGEMENT CENTER we have just heard of that is not a District facility?

Has GCSD contracted with a neighboring District to farm out the Fearsome 4 to that District's in house penal colony in the basement, or will the REENGAGEMENT CENTER be a costly use for Babsie's house she can't sell and won't live in?

What is the cost of shipping the Fearsome 4 to the REENGAGEMENT CENTER?

What the hell did Senior Citizens do that they will be forced into contact with the Fearsome 4?

Will Sr Citizens be equipped with whips, chairs & Stun Guns during the time they are forced into contact with the punks?

Will the District provide these defensive tools to Sr Citizens?

Will the District indemnify the victimized Sr Citizens for damage from the punks as well as any damage Sr Citizens might inflict on the Punks Self Esteem?

Will retired Marines who are also Sr Citizens be in the group the little darlings are exposed to?

Anonymous said...


That's right folks.
1 large bundle of fresh harvested catnip and a $1- coupon to Mickey D's to the first person who can provide information on the location and program of the newly found off GCSD property Reengagement Center.

A saucer of cream will be provided as an additional prize if you identify the politician making money off this scam.

Contest closes at Noon on 4 July 2012. Prizes will be awarded at the Big Fireworks Fiasco at Grace & Truth Sports Park that day.

Employees of SCATS and their relatives may not participate as per usual litterbox regulations.

Anonymous said...

Now how do I claim my prize?

SCATS said...

To 7:35PM ~~ That's a VERY interesting job posdting! How can they say that West Ridge isn't a district facility though?

To claim your bundle of catnip & $1 McD's coupon, you must contact the boys and listen to 10 minutes of foul-mouthed ranting first. This condition is listed in the fine print, on the back of the coupon, the one you don't possess yet ... ;)

Anonymous said...

The punishment release says "non-school facility" . It does not say "non district facility". This is the "reengagement center" which they have obviously just invented for this purpose. There might be only these 4 students there. The reengagement center is not at Westridge now . And Westridge is a facility not a school now that the regular school has left. Unless it is in the new westridge school of choice at parkland. That will be cozy.