Wednesday, June 06, 2012

17.6 Greece Teachers To Be Laid Off

Continued declines in enrollment, mostly at elementary grade levels, are cited as the cause.  (STORY)

SCATS ~~ Sounds like maybe we need to close another school, too. Let's get this district "right-sized" on all levels, ASAP. That includes sports and other extra-curriculars. We can no longer afford to be all things to all people.


Anonymous said...

Guess it's safe to say you never played sports when you were in school. That is why you are so anti sports.

SCATS said...

To 12:15PM ~~ You're right. You're guessing.

Anonymous said...

What do you propose that kids do when we do away with school based sports? Any bright ideas?

Anonymous said...

Come on Scats-Get with the new Brockport Superintendent!

SCATS said...

To 1:36PM ~~ I have never ever suggested "doing away with sports." What I said was we need to right-size everything in this district INCLUDING SPORTS & other extra-curriculars. We've lost some 2000 students, so we can no longer afford to offer a full menu of choices.

For the record (once again), I'm not anti-sports. I'm pro-education. That means the "S" in GCSD means SCHOOL, not SPORTS ;)

To 3:09PM ~~ What is the new Supt. there doing?

Anonymous said...

Gotta be painful to be the 0.6 teacher!

Anonymous said...

Bad news from Brockport. Carol Pallas. Did not get the joss Superintendant. We just can't seem to catch a break
Is there anyway to bribe the next school district she applies for. Maybe we can work out a trade with Brockport.Pallas and cash for their director of buildings and grounds. Hey , it.'s worth a try you never know.

Anonymous said...

I do NOT propose a DAMN things for kids to do when ALL School Sports are terminated.

That is not my function as a voting taxpayer financially supporting the prostitution of what was a SCHOOL District in the past. What to do with kids is the function and responsibility of the "parents" who made the kid.

I do NOT support a Union member District employee having to haul athletic equipment onto and off a field. Let the little darlings with all the pent up energy move the damn equipment. It might actually teach them the value of work, and instill some responsibility in them. It damn sure won't hurt them.

Perhaps once that concept is established we can make progress.

I also do not favor taxpayer funded Town Employees mowing or caring for Athletic Fields on Town owned property. The kids playing the sport and their loudmouthed fatassed parents can do the field work. You made em, care for them!

Anonymous said...

Answering your own comments as anonymous. What a surprise!!

Anonymous said...

10:49 allow me to congratulate you on your apt description of your self Your thinking fits that profile.

SCATS said...

To 8:54AM ~~ If you've read this BLOG for any period of time then you are well aware I do not use such colorful descriptors of people and frown against the practice.

By the way, I have NO NEED to write my own responses. Very soon SCATS BLOG will attain 500,000 pageviews in just over the last 3 years ;)

Joe Moscato said...

Ever since I was aboard member, it was obvious to me what some of the problems that contributed to poor performance by our students.were.and as a result formulated an opinion on how to start to turn things around.
It was obvious to me that with the arrival Walts and his hand picked administrators signaled the beginning of the decline of the Greece Central School District as one of the areas best to next to last in 19 district locale. Since a fish always rots from the head down to the tail so it was with our district. Administrators for the most part were of poor quality and mean spirited in their approach to dealing with subordinates.They replaced a host of former good administrators who left the district with the arrival of Walts Inc. for Hilton and Spencerport.
These new administrators in some cases had little or no class room experience. Long time good teachers were singled out for harassment in hopes they would retire so that they could be replaced with young teachers who easily could be intimidated into doing things without question. Now that brings me to the second and perhaps most telling problems, the teachers
One thing immediately struck me as odd. The lack of male teachers in relationship to females.I decided inquire and learned that 93 recent of our class room teachers were female. Very disturbing to me so I asked why. I was told by Meg that men don' t apply in Greece for two reasons, our harsh winters and the location of Lake Ontario. She was serious with that public answer
I dismissed as another non answer and the usual BS
The following day I contact HR in theWebster School District and was informed that their male female ration was roughly 50 percent. hmm. The last time I looked on map of the county, Webster was was within the same Latitude as Greece. So needless to say that shot the hell out of her explaination as I knew it my opinion Greece Appeared to be going out of their way not to hire men while in fact trying to get rid of retirement eligible male teachers thru the harassment scheme.
This is one of the problems in Greece. Our staff is overly female and very young and short on experience when hired sometimes right after their graduations.To my way of thinking this fact was bound to be a problem when it came to our students learning When I left the board in08' the median tenure of our teaching staff was only seven years. It"s very easy to see the impact this would have on test scores and graduation rates.There in no substitute for experience in this job.
The other problem, the lack of men teachers, is even more problematic. Given the fact that about 50 percent of our students come from one parent environments with as a rule the mother is head of the family, our kids need to be exposed to male role models that they lack at home. The last thing these kids need is to find themselves is another situatiion with another mother figure in charge for another six hours.,In my opinion,being in
A class room with a male as their teach would lend it self to improved student performance
I'm sure this will strike a sensitive nerve or two in the Greece teaching community and I will hear about it. My hope is that most of you will see the implications brought about by these teacher related deficiencies that in my opinion have played a major roll in the overall performance of our students .
I firmly believe that until this district addresses these problems by changing their hiring practices and recruit male teachers as well as experienced teachers,our students will continue to under perform and face enormous obstacles when they take their place in society because they are unprepared to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

The discussion of teachers being laid off is not cut and dry to me.

On one hand, I can understand the desire to cut the district to an appropriate size. If we do have too many teachers based on the current student population then cuts do need to be made. This is assuming that class size remains consistant with that outlined by the budget voted on by the community. This fact alone, in and of itself, does seem to make perfect sense.

The operative word in this statement is IF . How can we as a community know that this is the case and that the projections apparently reached within the last few weeks are accurate? There has been no release, to my knowledge, of specific numbers to the public in terms of projected population; only vague statements that population is now being monitored more closely and that the current figures warrant action. There has also been no release of projected class size at the elementary level after these cuts. Perhaps no change occurs and it is a moot point; however, for a district stiving for transparency these figues would certainly be appreciated.

Regardless of the reasons behind these layoffs, the way they have been conducted is nothing short of reprehensible. A number of teachers received information weeks ago stating that they would be layed off from the district. Those teachers had ample time to apply and interview for positions in other districts. Some teachers, however, were not given any notification until this week that they were in danger of release. I know that in the private sector this is a real reality. You walk into work one day with a job and you walk out with a pink slip. Unfortunately, in education, there is a small window of time when the application and interview process takes place and for those who were informed this week, that opportunity has come and gone. These teachers believed that 5 elementary teachers would be layed off, as numbers have far exceeded that number there are a group of individuals who were caught far off guard with the news of their dismissal.

Hopefully some of these questions and concerns will be addressed the the district.

Anonymous said...

Joe, go further and do the calculation on the administrative side and you will see the same disparities. Something like overv70% of administrators are female who like to codle and baby the bad students. Sometimes you judt got to be tough on these repeat offenders.

Anonymous said...

This district finds itself always doing something wrong. When will they learn? Never. The reason why is because it is in their DNA to things the way they do. To do the right things takes character , something this district is in dire need. As the previous post said, the fish rots from the head, and Babs you are the head. When we see the consequences being transparent then we can say that we are on our way. Just like what Vargas did in Roc. He went in and shook that place up. We should have hired him and maybe things would be done with a moral and ethical approach.

Anonymous said...

To Joe,
I completely understand what you are talking about and actually that same practice was in Lyndonville with the Super you have now. So Glad that she left, so you would think it would change? No, it did not. The new administration just hired 2 of their buddies. See the problem is that when they get hired they want to get their own buddies in like your Babs now is hiring hers. She has already brought in and made positions available for teachers who are her buddies (christine goodwin) and then she is laying others off that are not her buddies!! Whats up with that! Just some FYI when it comes to harrassing she is not shy at all on that one. She had a law suit brought up on her(and other administration)for allegedly harrassing and employee and she destroyed many many careers Also, keep watch on all the clerical and aides staff she will fluff to do her dirty work. I just hope greece is not going to be taken as fools again especially by the great one you found in your own back yard

Anonymous said...

We need to hold the teacher colleges more accountable for educating teachers for the new real world environment.

Anonymous said...

Do we really have teachers with low tenures and still have one of the highests per teacher salaries in the area? Doesnb't compute.

Anonymous said...

If cuts are coming to classroom teachers, why do we continue to offer programs such as chorus and instrumental music at the Elementary level? Maybe Babs does not want the bad publicity she would get for this. A very small part of the population joins chorus and plays an instrument. It would make more sense to cut these programs than classroom teacher.

SCATS said...

To 10:41AM ~~ A well-made point! I agree.

Joe said...

In my original post, I was referring to the hiring practices that were taking place under the Walt's Inc administration.
Last year when I met with our new Superintendant, I expressed my concerns regarding the lack of male teachers in the district and the need to recruit more. She agreed with my concerns and said she would look into it.
At this time, I have no idea if that problem was ever addressed.However, given the current cuts, I doubt that the district will be doing much in the way of hiring.

Anonymous said...

To the point at 10:41 (cut music instead of classroom teachers) there is a critical difference: you cut music programs and those programs are gone - the students lose an opportunity. Reduce classroom teachers and teacher workload increases, but subjects taught don't shrink.

There is a balance, to be sure, but the default should be in favor of keeping as many programs as possible (to maximize student choice and opportunity) subject to manageable teacher workload.

To argue that classroom teachers cannot be cut implies that classroom teachers are stretched to the breaking point by their current workload. Is that so?

SCATS said...

To 7:03PM ~~ I totally disagree with you. First of all, the cuts 10:41 mentioned were related to elementary only. Second, we can no longer afford to provide the numbers of activities we once did. We are a SCHOOL district, not a sports authority or a music/theater troupe. It is the responsdibility of uis all to ensure these kids get a DECENT BASIC EDUCATION first AND foremost. Once we fund that and support them to the best of our ability for obtaining a basic education, THEN we can talk about whether or not there are funds available for the extras. If not, let their parents make the choice to fund it ... or not.

Anonymous said...

Another thing ought to be getting looked into is all the Guidance Counselors. I was in a dang GCSports District building and there was a guidance office for 2nd grade.

Here's a hint Barb & Co, a kid in second grade don't need a lot of guidance because his future is pretty well limited to THIRD GRADE.

That don't require some comedian on the payroll to inform the kid, or guide him.

Who dreams these jobs up anyhow?

Anonymous said...

SCATS, you missed the point: are teachers stretched to the limit, or not? If not, then they can be cut without reducing service.

The key to targeting cuts in a rational way is to cut whatever doesn't lead to reduced service. I am not convinced that the current number of generalist teachers is the minimum needed to provide the service they provide. I am more likely to believe that the current number of music teachers is the minimum needed to provide their service.

You may argue that one service is more valuable than the other, but that misses the point: if one choice leads to budget reduction with no reduction in any service, while the other leads to the same budget reduction at a cost in "lower-value" (to some) services, then the former is the way to go.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Let us not forget the item called 'release time' for union reps to do 'union business' on the taxpayers dime. it would appear to be an item costing over $200,000 per year.
How important is this? We know there is no 'educational benefit' coming from the union - so again how important is this compared to cutting teachers to save money? Compared to cutting music or sprts programs to save money?

Once again it's right there in the contract.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the economics of music classes before you criticize.

Music ensembles, band, orchestra and chorus, in the middle and high schools have enrollments of 30-60 plus students. There are a lot of these ensembles.

If you eliminate a band of 60 students, for example, those students then go into two or three traditional classrooms. Three teachers are more expensive than one teacher!

I'm not saying that music is anymore important than other classes. It is however, a part of a balanced curriculum. Eliminating music, in addition to weakening the the education offerings to our students, it does not save money!

Anonymous said...

Scats, you must have been a teacher at some point and you were either fired, or didnt get tenure, or probably went out on maternity and never came back. Either way you got a some bone to pick with teachers. Why dont you tell us the real reason you are so bitter and angry.

SCATS said...

To 3:09PM ~~ The original discussion here was centered about music & chorus at the ELEMENTARY grade levels as noted in the first such comment made by 6/09/2012 10:41 AM

Let's not mix apples with oranges ;)

By the way folks, I'm getting more & more comments that won't be posted for name-calling, making attacks on individuals, etc. Some of you "professionals" should be very ashamed of the tatics you felt the need to resort to.