Friday, June 29, 2012


Luis Recio, Wesley Helm, Brandon Teng & Joshua Slesak, who bullied bus monitor Karen Klein have all received 1 year suspensions from Greece Athena Middle School.

They will attend an alternative school program.

They will attend an anti-bullying program located in a non-districted facility.

They will be required to complete 50 hours of community service work with senior citizens.

They will lose bus-riding privileges for 1 year.

The students and their families agreed to these disciplinary measures. 

A Reader Asks: What Is Greece's Identity?

Anonymous said...

... Since we have lived here, we have had an opportunity to visit most of the smaller surrounding to towns. All seemed to have a theme or object or center piece that proudly proclaimed their existence as an independent town I have yet to locate the existence of such venue in Greece that is a point of community pride that sets Greece, the largest town,apart from the others . In short What is the one thing that that Greece residents can Identify with and distinguish us from the rest because we got something in Greece that is unique and no one else has,? Maybe I'm missing it and possibly some one on this site can tell me what it is and where to find it.

Blog master perhaps when the opportunity presents itself you can put this question to your readers in the form of a thread or something. I would be very interested in what some residents view as a resource or venue that exists in Greece that we can proudly identify with. Just a thought 
6/29/2012   1:47 PM

SCATS ~~ To 1:47PM ~~ You mean you haven't "Discovered the Promise?" yet? lol

We're known for scandals involving Town Hall, the police dept. & Greece Central, too. That's certainly unique to Greece ... er, ummm ... and Maggie, too ... ;)

"Greece" Fireworks Rip-Off

A full-page ad for the Spirit of America July 4th celebration at Grace & Truth Sports Park appeared in Thursday's Greece Post. Following a mysterious 1-year hiatus blamed on a lack of volunteers, things are definitely different from the celebration we came to know.

Shortened hours: Starts at 5PM, fireworks at 10PM
(What happened to the afternoon festivities for the kiddies?)

Admission: "Free"
(If you can walk or get someone to drop you off!)

Pay To Park: $10/car onsite!
(Why the sudden money grab? No other local fireworks charges to park, do they?)

Shuttle Bus from First Bible Baptist Church: $2/person!
(OK, I understand someone must cover the cost for shuttle service, but again, couldn't they find funding?)

Very oddly, the ad states: "We're asking everyone to do their part in keeping the fireworks in Greece."

This location is in HILTON, not Greece! As with most such things, there's obviously more to the story and my suspicion is it involves our local politicians.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

GCSD Turns Back On Klein

From YNN: "The money will provide a lot of possibilities, but one thing Karen does know is she won't be returning to her job in the fall.

“We think maybe they're embarassed. Greece," said Klein. "The things that they've said about me – she didn't do her job."

Klein has received criticism for not properly disciplining the children. Klein also says none of the major faculty members, including the principal at the school, have apologized or contacted her since the incident."

Greece Post: “I am deeply saddened and embarrassed by the actions demonstrated by some of my students,” said Athena Middle School Principal David Richardson. “Disciplinary actions to the fullest extent will be taken against all those involved.”

SCATS ~~ "Deeply saddened and embarrassed" but not motivated to make contact? The dysfunction continues!


Fallout From Our International Fame

Now that the entire world ( over 80 countries!!) knows that we're the DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION ...
  • Will property values tumble?
  • Will Greece School enrollments nose-dive even further?

Things Are Really Bad When ...

A local TV station relies on a radio station to get the "news" about Greece!

From 13WHAM: Greece Home Invaded By 3 Armed Men

Greece, N.Y. – A home on Mt. Read Boulevard was invaded by three armed men early Thursday.

The three broke in about 12:30 Thursday morning according to our news partners at WYLF AM Radio--they’re described as black male teens.

They escaped in a waiting car.

They got away with about $300 cash, two TVs, jewelry, and other small electronics.

They were last seen on McGuire Road.

If you have any information, please call 911.

SCATS ~~ Yup, we've become the 10th ward! Who says gangs aren't active in Greece??


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Special BOE Meeting Tonight @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


Annual Fund Balance Report & Recommendations

School Opening Update

Update of Status of Closed Buildings

Civil Rights Compliance Report ~ Arcadia, Olympia, Athena

Reserve Fund Allocations

COMIDA Resolution

Textbook Approval       

Any resemblance to a certain GCSD administrator is purely coincidental ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bullies on the Bus, Part II

< === NEW POLL

IF those four punks were picking on another student on the bus that day, HOW DO YOU THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HANDLED?

Would Klein just sit there?
Would she see it over those tall seats?
Would she hear it?
Would she intervene?
Would she tell the driver?
Would she write it up?

The reality is, we don't know how many other Karen Kleins Greece Central employs to "keep order" on the buses so our kids stay safe!

Do you want to gamble with your child's safety?


 Anonymous said...

We know the answer to that question. She was not aware of anything that was going on in the bus. Hardly aware of what was happening across the aisle from her. She says she didn't hear what was said in most cases until she saw it on the video.
Is there any way we can find out what is going on between the seats on the school bus? Is there any way we can know about the kids who are secretly harassed in school, teased, hurt, bullied, etc. These would not be covered under the new bully law because they are done in person not on internet. Maybe the kids don't report it because they are embarrassed or fearful of retaliation. Even after the kids get caught for bullying they return to school and probably instill fear in the classmates after they are returned to the classroom. Maybe some of the kids could write into this blog and be assured anonymity and please report what goes on and is tolerated on the buses, the classroom, the halls changing classes, the locker rooms, the cafeterias, etc. These things go on everyday and are not videotaped. They only live on in the heart of the hurt person. Let's invite the kids to write in. There may be some that do it to fool around but most will be honest. Tell us. Is it comfortable and secure in the Greece schools or are you afraid and vulnerable?    6/24/2012 10:35 PM

Past Dysfunction Alive & Well In GCSD

Anonymous said...
I wanted to say that I am combing this blog looking for parents who have run into law violations for special education rights. Since putting my child in this school I have been harrassed for absences related to a disabling medical condition. I have had a character assassination performed on me in a special education meeting where I was blamed for my child's disability. Yet the medical letter from our doctor was never discussed. I was told the school knows what is best for my child, not me. This district clearly does not like parents who know their rights or advocate for their children. They want you to go along and do what they say. Period. So not only do they treat volunteers badly, they treat the parents of disable children the same way.   6/24/2012 1:50 PM

SCATS ~~ We were told this mess was cleaned up after Walts & Meg left and HMO got onto the BOE. It's now half a dozen years later! Aside from sueing or moving, WHAT CAN A PARENT DO TO GET ACTION?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Congratulations, Greece Graduates!

SCATS ~~ Seems even more fitting after this past week! Filled with words of wisdom ...

Bus Monitor's Duties Questioned

(By Chris Kelly)

Something's been bugging me about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor from Greece, New York, who was taunted by children in a video on YouTube, and now seems to have been given half a million dollars by nice strangers who feel bad:

What happened to her never should have happened.
Someone should have been monitoring the kids on that bus.
And clearly it wasn't Karen Klein.

I hope she gets the $500,000. I hope she gets more. I hope she goes to the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Park, Orlando, and has her picture taken with Woody and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl.

But I can't shake the feeling that she should also take $15,506 and give it back to the people of Greece, New York, who paid her to monitor children on a school bus.
A job she -- while clearly a human being who didn't deserve to be treated like shit -- was also incapable of performing.

Again, not saying the children were right and she's wrong, or she was asking for it, or there's any excuse for making people cry just to see if you can. There's a special ring of hell for people who do that, and it's not Rochester, but you can see it from there.
They're bad and she's their victim.

But why was she there? What did she think her job was? What did the parents who put their children on the bus think?

Because, for $375 a week, to ride the bus twice, she doesn't appear to be preventing very much bullying.

Again: She's a nice lady, a grandmother apparently, and the things that were said to her were horrible, but that's okay, because she says her hearing aid doesn't work that well. Which circles us back to the question of what she saw as parameters of her assignment.

And what she, and the parents who hired her, consider "monitoring."

Here's how Mrs. Klein, a former school bus driver herself, described the ugly incident that never should have happened to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

"I was trying to just ignore them, hoping they would go away and it doesn't work."

No, it doesn't work. It also doesn't work when children are bullying other children. That's why we put monitors on the bus.
To protect the children.

Again. (And again, and again.) Karen Klein is a person, and no one should be cruel to her. A bad thing happened. She should have never been on that bus.

SCATS ~~ Klein's ability to hear, see over seats, maintain order etc. is something I already mentioned earlier this week (not sure if it was on Facebook or on here) in relation to her fitness for performing her job. Not writing up the incident and reporting it to supervisors was another thing she "ignored" doing. Given the aforementioned, I agree she shouldn't have been on that bus. GCSD's job description for a BUS ATTENDANT is shown below. Are you reading, Babs??

Duties to Include the Following:

· Accompanies bus driver and students on scheduled route;

· Supervises the boarding and unloading of student passengers at each stop, at transfer points, and at school sites;

· Assists physically handicapped students to and from the bus;

· Maintains order on buses;

· Enforces district policy governing student behavior while bus is in operation;

· Assists driver when backing up bus;

· Reports orally and in writing instances of continuing disruptive student behavior;

· Requests driver to summon emergency aid by two-way radio or operates two-way radio;

· Reports trouble at bus stops to driver, terminal, bus garage, or transportation office;

· Assists students with special needs;

· Attends scheduled job training classes and workshops and parent/school/driver meetings;

· Ensures students are seated before bus is in motion;

· Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Brace For More Dysfunction ...


Donations Top $500,000!



If you see her, call 1-800-THE-LOST
(Just kidding!)



If you see her, tell her to monitor her son's Twitter account for racism, hate talk, gutter-talk, etc!

"On a day we should be giving respect to OP on his burial day were dealing with some shit like this smh"  June 20

theyll all switch schools guarenteed my moms phone is going nutts lmfao" June 20

i was pissed seeing Someones gma get told she was gna get fuckin stabbe" June 20

Eli Vanorman‏@eli_vanorman
"I wish someone would tell my fuckin grandma they were gonna stab her id go fuckin bannanas" June 20

them little italian niggas aint about it" June 18


SCATS ~~ I predict things will return to "business as usual" with little or no significant changes by this time next week ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bus Monitor On AC360, TONIGHT!

On tonight's "AC360˚," Anderson Cooper interviews bus monitor Karen Klein about the verbal abuse she endured, at 8 p.m. and 10p.m. ET. ( )

A Very Good Point

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if she's not willing to press charges then she should not take any money that people are giving.   6/21/2012 1:59 PM

SCATS ~~ I couldn't agree more! If we don't want this whole thing swept back under the rug, Klein needs to press charges. If Klein couldn't see and/or hear what was said, then how could she be of any use on this bus? Are we paying her to ride, or to work?

District Office needs to come up with a list of punishments that relate to various infractions of the Student Code of Conduct, so everyone knows what they are and how they will be applied in the future. We also need to be told what the SPECIFIC duties/expectations are for a bus monitor and bus driver. We need to know the EXACT procedures that should have been followed that day.

Babs Remains MIA





How about Community Service for the entire Summer at Klein's home.

They could mow, weed, plant flowers, trim shrubs, paint, clean & do any other age-appropriate chores as their apology & payback.

This would be a teachable moment, no?

Greece Central School District ...

A World Renowned* DYSFUNCTIONAL School District!!

"The bus driver and students who were on the bus during the incident have been interviewed, according to school officials. Any disciplinary action would be taken in September because school is done for the year. None of the students were identified by the district because they are juveniles." MSNBC

NO DISCIPLINARY ACTION TO BE TAKEN UNTIL SEPT!? By then, these kids might all be enrolled elsewhere! What about criminal action?


Steve Walts wanted Greece to be "a world class school district."

John Auberger wanted us to be "America's Safest City."

We've become America's worst example around the world!

This notoriety has been a very long time coming!

When you ignore the issues ... play politics ... pit one faction against another ... reward those who ought to be fired or ousted from office ... you breed DYSFUNCTION!


Today Show
Good Morning America
And dozens more!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GCSD Response To Viral Video ...

They asked Youtube to remove it!!
Activated District's Bullying Response Team

SCATS ~~ Removing the video sends the WRONG MESSAGE, BABS!! It's MUCH too late to hide this.

Employee Bullied On Greece Bus

From 95.1 The Brew:

Bullying the school bus monitor
We were e-mailed by several listeners asking us to comment on a YouTube video that was just posted that is sure to go viral. It is a video that was taken on bus #784 in Greece, NY and it shows several kids bullying a bus monitor. We played the audio and commented about how disgusted we are about what happens in the video. We took a million calls on the topic and everyone is on the same page.. find out who these kids are and make sure they are punished. WARNING.. this video contains explicit language:

SCATS ~~ Looks like the anti-bullying effort at Greece Central has fallen short of the mark!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


< << === Best Supt. During the Past Decade

COMIDA Tables Vote On Greece Ridge Mall

COMIDA tabled a vote on a payment in lieu of taxes agreement with Greece Town Mall L.P. after complaints from Greece Central School District representatives that the PILOT would shortchange the district.

SCATS ~~ According to what I found about Robert's Rules of Order, a motion to table is frequently used in an attempt to "kill" a motion. However, the option remains "to take from the table" for reconsideration at any time. So this isn't necessarily a dead issue :(

Town Board Meeting Tonight, 6PM

Does NOT Show Any Discussion Of
COMIDA/PILOT Plan For Greece Ridge Mall

BOE Lawyers Fight COMIDA Plan @Mall

Greece Central School District could lose $6 million if  mall plan freezes assessed value at its current $92 million and a PILOT payment increased by just  .6 percent annually for the next quarter-century.

“What’s the cost to the school district if the mall declines like Irondequoit Mall did in a matter of 14 years, or what’s the cost to the school district if the mall empties out due to competitive pressures both to the west and east?” ~~ Dennis Wilot, Wilmorite Group

“...having a mall in decline is not in the best interest of the overall economic health of our community for the long term. Without the mall's vitality and ability to draw customers, the other businesses on West Ridge Road will suffer.” ~~ John Auberger


SCATS ~~ So Auberger is OK with making the taxpayers eat this? Nice of him!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Board Leadership

Anonymous said...
FYI Julia wants the president job again next year with Ferrington. In my opinion not a recipe for change. All to chummy with BABS . Still interested what people will feel about the need for leadership change. It won't change anything but they will know how the community feels at least.    Joe Moscato   6/17/2012 4:46 PM

Do you feel that the BOE needs new leadership?
Why or why not?

Adults Out Of Control In Education ...

Parents Behaving Badly Over Shared Cap & Gown At Preschool Graduation ...

"A nasty brawl broke out at preschool graduation in California reportedly over a single cap and gown, leaving at least one parent injured and the young graduates wailing."

Teacher Behaving Badly In Response To Bullying ... Suggests Kindergartners Line-Up & Hit Alleged Bully

"The police report alleges the teacher chose to show the child "why bullying is bad" by instructing his peers to "Hit him!" and "Hit him harder!" It also states that the second teacher intervened only after one of the children hit the boy hard on his upper back."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

From the School Consolidation pages on the Greece Central School District website:
  • Apollo Middle School Library moved into storage at the Barnard "Facility"
  • Odyssey Academy Library moved to Apollo Building

Question 1: With Apollo students being split-up between two schools in the fall, won't these books be needed at Olympia (especially since its library is geared for high school, not middle school) and OA (because they will have MORE students than before)?

Question 2: We were told Barnard was to be emptied & sold, so why are we spending time, effort & money on moving more things into storage there?

Question 3: How many books have been culled from the Apollo library collection to augment the contents of the OA library?

Question 4: How much money has been budgeted to provide new library books to the Apollo students that will begin attending Olympia in the fall?

Question 5: How much money has been budgeted to provide additional new library books to the new OA which will have to serve a much larger student body?

Question 6: Who determined that the Odyssey Academy library was "superior' to the Apollo MS library collection?

Question 7: WHY did the Odyssey Academy library become superior to the Apollo collection?

Question 7: Where & when was there ANY public discussion of this plan?

A New Landmark ...


Reader Comments: 43,000+
BLOGS: Nearly 3000
Subscribers: 24
Facebook Friends: 250+


* In Past 4 Years

Friday, June 15, 2012

High School Exit Exam*

Passing requires only 4 correct answers!

1) How long did the Hundred Years' War last?

2) Which country makes Panama hats?

3) From which animal do we get cat gut?

4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

7) What was King George VI's first name?
8) What color is a purple finch?

9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

Remember, you need only 4 correct answers to pass. Check your answers inside ....

* This came to me via an email forward. I did NOT create this test.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Arcadia Senior

This morning we learned that a beloved member of the Arcadia High School senior class died overnight by suicide. Joshua Opladen was a friend to many, a great student, an athlete and a young man with tremendous potential. Josh also has siblings in other Greece schools and his loss will have a great impact on our school community. In an effort to support students through this tragedy, we have posted information about suicide prevention and how to deal with grief here. Counseling is also available at your school for those in need. Please talk to your children and provide them with the love and support they need to deal with this loss. Our thoughts are with the Opladen family but please respect their privacy during this extremely difficult time.

SCATS ~~ Kudos to District Office for being forthright with basic information about this terrible situation !

Does someone YOU know need help? Find out here

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some BOE Meeting Highlights

  • Greece Central School District Loses 150 Enrollments To Moves Out-Of-District from May To June
  • Babs Gets Two Additional Years Added To Contract
  • No "Residency Requirement" Placed On Supt. By BOE*
  • BOE Adopts New Math Text For Grades 6-8
  • BOE Ignored Policy 6431 Yet Again, But Julia Openly Lied About It**

* Babs' orig. contract required her to BUY A HOUSE IN GCSD, not to live in it after the purchase. So, is she off-the-hook for buying a home in Greece?

** Julia claims the BOE attended to that aspect of the Supt's contract changes, but THERE WAS NO DISCUSSION AS PER: "The Board will discuss and report the projected costs of such contracts in open session and the projected costs will be recorded in the official meeting minutes."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Arcadia, Olympia Top List ...


On-Time Graduation Rates for Schools in Monroe County

Greece Arcadia - 77.7%Greece Athena - 82.3%
Greece Odyssey - 97.4%
Greece Olympia - 79.6%Brighton - 91.6%
Brockport - 81.8%
Churchville-Chili - 94.2%
East Rochester - 85.7%
East Irondequoit - 90.1%
Fairport - 95.2%
Gates-Chili - 85.0%
Hilton - 89.6%
Honeoye Falls-Lima - 97.1%
West Irondequoit - 92.5%
Penfield - 95.4%
Pittsford Sutherland - 97.6%
Pittsford Mendon - 98.8%
Rush Henrietta - 82.6%
Spencerport - 90.8%
Webster Thomas - 93.0%
Webster Schroeder - 91.0%
Wheatland Chili - 95.1%

SCATS ~~ I'm shocked that Arcadia performed more poorly than Olympia. I see this as a warning.

Bass Ackwards, As Usual ...

What: “Say Good-Bye to Hoover Dr” Open House

Where: Odyssey Academy

Who: Current staff & student body, former staff &        student alumni, families & neighbors

Date: June 15, 2012 from 7pm-10pm

SCATS ~~ Shouldn't there be a "Say Good-Bye to Kirk Rd. & Apollo Schools Open House" instead? Those schools will be gone. OA won't be!

Dewey Corridor Neighbors Meeting

June 13th meeting
Wednesday, 7PM
Aldersgate United Methodist Church,
4115 Dewey Ave.

There will be two informative presentations:
  •  Mary Gardner ~ Two Doors Community Resource Center
  • Greece Police Athletic League

Will Babs Get A Big Fat Rai$e?

Written Action on the Supt's Contract is anticipated at the Tuesday BOE Meeting, 6:30PM

SCATS ~~ How's the house hunting going?

Greece BOE To Challenge Mall PILOT

To Be Discussed at Tuesday BOE Meeting, 6:30PM
It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.

"The Board of Education of the Greece Central School District hereby authorizes Ferrara, Fiorenza, Larrison, Barrett & Reitz, P.C. to commence legal action on behalf of the Greece Central School District and the Board of Education of the Greece Central School District to challenge any approval/authorization by COMIDA for a PILOT Agreement with Greece Ridge Mall Company and/or any other related entities, and any other necessary or permissive party as necessary to allow COMIDA’s action to be challenged in court."

SCATS ~~ Are they finally developing a backbone??

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Yet Another pit Bull Attack

Greece Police are investigating a dog attack that killed a chihuahua

At about 4 p.m. Greece Police and Greece Animal Control responded to California Drive and Haviland Park for a pit-bull attacking a chihuahua.

Upon arrival officers found the pit bull running loose after escaping from its home down the road.
Prior to the owner gaining control over the pit bull it attacked and killed a chihuahua on California Drive.

Reports say both dogs were unleashed at the time and no individuals were injured during the attack.

The pit bull is currently in custody with Greece Animal Control and the pit bull’s owner is cooperating with the police authorities.

The incident is still under investigation.

SCATS ~~ This is getting scary! Just today while sitting outdoors, I watched a middle-aged male I've never seen before walking a pitbull on a leash & with a muzzle through my neighborhood. Every other dog in the area seemed to go crazy just from the presence of this dog in the vicinity. Does everyone have to own an aggressive breed to be "cool?"

That's A Good Question!

Anonymous said...
Hey Todd Baxter and John Auberger, how much is this comedy act called Special Police costing Greece Taxpayers?

Tonight, for about the third time this year, we watched the Wannabe PD block off the Northwest end of town so a bunch of people could run on the streets and screw up traffic.

I counted at least 6 police vehicles running to maintain the Air Conditioner so Wannabe Officer Wassisname could be comfortable. What did that cost?

Another thing, what the hell authority do these less than security guard qualified people have to block a County Road?
Why does the road have to be blocked for an hour before the first dreamrunner shows up?

Move this crap over to Barnard and see how people living there like being told they can't go home because the road is blocked for a runner. See how long your wannabe cops survive in Barnard.

Why can't the so called runners run around Grace & Truth Sport Park a couple laps? Run on the damn sidewalk, roads are for vehicles!    6/08/2012 11:43 PM

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

17.6 Greece Teachers To Be Laid Off

Continued declines in enrollment, mostly at elementary grade levels, are cited as the cause.  (STORY)

SCATS ~~ Sounds like maybe we need to close another school, too. Let's get this district "right-sized" on all levels, ASAP. That includes sports and other extra-curriculars. We can no longer afford to be all things to all people.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Greece Teachers Are 5th Best Paid

Business First Analyzed teacher salaries for 67 districts in the 8 county Rochester area.


1. Livonia (Livingston County)
2. Pittsford (Monroe County)
3. Gates Chili (Monroe County)
4. Webster (Monroe County)
5. Greece (Monroe County)
6. Wheatland-Chili (Monroe County)
7. Fairport (Monroe County)
8. Brighton (Monroe County)
9. Addison (Steuben County)
10. South Seneca (Seneca County)
(Click link above for more)

SCATS ~~ The fact is Greece is fifth highest paid in the county, but LOWEST PERFORMING behind Rochester City Schools. Must be nice to not have to worry about job performance to remain secure.   

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pit Bulls Maul Woman & Her Dogs

“And there was a man walking by with crutches, so I grabbed the crutches and started hitting the dog. The crutches broke. The dog didn't let go. I saw a baseball bat lying in the lawn and used that. I started swinging the bat at the dogs and hit all three of them before they finally let go.” ~~ Eric Eagan, witnessed attack

“The owner of the dogs stood back just screaming and yelling and not lifting a finger or doing anything to control his own dogs.” ~~ Lois Vine, witnessed attack

SCATS ~~ Greece has become the 10th ward!