Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Greece, Gates & Ogden Police
Picnic extravaganza with:
Spikes, Grease Paint Alley Clowns/Balloons, Face Painter, Greyhound Rescue, etc.

MENU: Pizza, chicken wings, veggie trays, chips, cookies, brownies, ice cream cups, freeze pops, soda & water

The Millennium Lodge @ Greece Canal Park

JULY 20;  5-8PM


Anonymous said...

will auggie be there

Anonymous said...

King Jack strikes again. Who the hell gave him permission to allow DOAN Buick- GMC to display several of their 2012 models on town property at this weekends Memorial Day activities. These vehicles were conspicously positioned for advertising purposes to promote their sales. This was an obvious favor by Auberger to repay a political supporter, the owner of Doans dealerships. So what's wrong with this picture? Plenty. Town Law prohibits the use of public property for profit by any Individules. Only charities and not for profits are exempt.
In addition, I observed several other violations of town laws ans ordnances.
None of the vehicles were legally registered and were absent license plates. Not even Dealer plates only Large DOAN plates evident where registration plates are normally displayed.All violations subject to fines. one ovehicle clearly displayed a magnetic door sign clearly identifying model and dealership.
This is another example of favoritism and total disregard by Auberger of Town regulations of MY property, something that Jack has obviously lost sight of and that is the fact that this is our town, NOT HIS,"!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will there be free food?
I don't mean to sound cheap, but BeckieSue and I have 6 kids, and things being what they are, and prospects for any of the kids getting a summer job with their GCSD educations, we could make up for the cost of gas to get to the park if we all got free food.

Anybody know of any job openings for a boy who can wash heck out of a car, our second boy Eustice Earl is real good with a sponge and a ShamWow cloth.

Our oldest is still hoping to get his Diploma this year, he's 26 and a proud Olympian, got the bumper sticker and all. He even came up with one of them graduation hats and nightshirts from some kid who graduated a couple years back and his aunt is sewing an extension on it for him. He was looking toward work in the School Janitorial field, but that looks pretty dry right now. He had a backup plan, lumber loader down there at Home Depot, but he flunked the dimension test.

Anybody knows of a paying job please post.

Anonymous said...

Mike Sofia is the General Mgr at DOAN . His wife works at the town hall. He is also a member of the Greece Planning Board. He is currently the President of Greece Rotary.Could these facts have had an impact on the reason Doans products were displayed for all to see. Very patriotic on the part of Our leader who didn't even bother to show his face for the ceremonies. He probably had a hot date with his latest conquest .
In my opinion, he should get all he can get in the short time he has remaining as a big wheel that makes him attractive to some impressional types who are attracted to his type of personality and position. I say this because shortly, he will revert back to the insignificant little man he always was prior to becoming an immortal. Me thinks pickings will be a little thin when he becomes a nobody again and will have to rely on hisSexAppeal to get connected .He will become another "little guy " trying to compete in a big man's world. I almost feel sorry for him as he faces a new life as an inconsequential irrelevant, obscure nobody.

Anonymous said...

SCATS... I thought you insisted on all name-calling being "checked at the door." How (why?) did you allow it THIS time?

SCATS said...

To 9:52PM ~~ WHO was called WHAT name? I'm not seeing it. There is a difference between the use of adjectives or other descriptors and name-calling. If I refer to you as Poopy Pants, that's name-calling. But if I call you an insignificant, tiny little resident of Greece, it's my opinion of your role/stature in the town. Capisce?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting that you seem to be more "permissive" with the nastiness when you AGREE with the poster!

SCATS said...

To 9:29PM ~~ Not only have you failed to show me where a specific person was called a name (typical in these exchanges), but I see absolutely nothing in this post that shows SCATS agreeing with anyone. Maybe you are reading much too deeply between the lines ... or possibly you've become paranoid ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS. OK, so the poster (3:15) didn't use an actual NAME (e.g. "Poopy Pants," etc.), but s/he DID say things like "He probably had a hot date with his latest conquest," "insignificant little man," "when he becomes a nobody again," "an inconsequential irrelevant, obscure nobody."

All I'm saying is, I'll bet if the poster said those things about someone you LIKED, the comments would probably never see the light of day.

Shall we end this discussion? (Or would you like to take a "parting shot.")

SCATS said...

To 1:44PM ~~ Let's look at your individual complaints.

First ~ "He probably had a hot date with his latest conquest"

I see no name-calling there at all. In fact, based upon what we are already very aware of about his habits, this was a reasonable statement based on past behavior.

Second ~ "insignificant little man,"

Following the Neusatz murder investigation and Auberger's association to the decedent, it appears that even the bigwig County Republicans have marginalized his role in local politics. Again, it rings true to what we already know.

Third ~ "when he becomes a nobody again,"

I think that description fits anyone who leaves the limelight of politics after a number of years to return to a more normal, routine existence. The same is true for those who run for office but do not win, right?

Fourth ~ "an inconsequential irrelevant, obscure nobody."

Of all the things you brought to light, this is the closest as I'm seeing to actual name-calling. In the scheme of things, being called a "nobody" is pretty tame. I'm aware that even SCATS and the BLOG have been described exactly like that statement. It's 99% opinion, 1% "name-calling."

For the record, if you want the "parting shot" you can always get your own BLOG :D

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this Tennis Match between an obvious Auberger supporter and Scats. In my opinion, name calling aside, the original poster aptly descibed life after politics for Mr Auberger. It's a hard adjustment to make when one holds a position of power for so long that it is all consuming. When one looses this lofty position adjusting to ordinary it is difficult at best.
However in the case of Mr Auberger, his reign will end on a sour note which was mostly self imposed.Politically he is now a pariah in former friendly turf. His days of political public service are over. Some of his close friends have abandoned him. His standing in religious communities has been forever compromised because of the affair with a woman who died at the hand of her son. He is no longer welcome at some congregations that at one time looked upon him as the second coming and parted the waters.
To say that Mr Auberger's transition to ordinary existence will be difficult would be a gross understatement as it will be challenging at best.
As town supervisor,he wielded more power than any of his predecessors ever did. So as the poster put it becoming insignificant is a bitter pill to swallow.

Anonymous said...

SCATS: You never let me down. (Oops, was that a "parting shot"? [g])

Anonymous said...

Sorry 5:11, but I don' t know Auberger from a hole in the ground. I was just taking a friendly poke at SCATS for what I perceived as a bit of hypocrisy, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd Baxter and John Auberger, how much is this comedy act called Special Police costing Greece Taxpayers?

Tonight, for about the third time this year, we watched the Wannabe PD block off the Northwest end of town so a bunch of people could run on the streets and screw up traffic.

I counted at least 6 police vehicles running to maintain the Air Conditioner so Wannabe Officer Wassisname could be comfortable. What did that cost?

Another thing, what the hell authority do these less than security guard qualified people have to block a County Road?
Why does the road have to be blocked for an hour before the first dreamrunner shows up?

Move this crap over to Barnard and see how people living there like being told they can't go home because the road is blocked for a runner. See how long your wannabe cops survive in Barnard.

Why can't the so called runners run around Grace & Truth Sport Park a couple laps? Run on the damn sidewalk, roads are for vehicles!