Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Next Town Supervisor ...?

Anonymous said...
Now that the rape of the taxpayer is complete on the School Budget, and 3 clowns have your charge card, what's next?

Wait for it,
Remain calm,
Seatbelt fastened.

What punk politician is sucking up to the BIG pol for his blessing to run for Town Supervisor in Greece?

It's already 3 months into SUCK period folks.

He's already spouting Bring Honesty & Integrity back to Greece.

Meanwhile his hand is already in your pocket and he's stealing your money.

He's working on convincing the BIG pol he helped protect Mr Big's kid when the kid screwed up on the Greece payroll.     5/16/2012 6:10 PM

Anonymous said...
6:10 we. Are off topic here but you comments caught my
eye because my insider information indicates the Auberger's successor has already been decided depending on the up coming Brooks election. If things go as expected,our next supervisor will be a high ranking county employee with closeties to both Brooks and Bill Reilich.I believe you are referring to Reilich as Mr Big and I know his son works for the town and was involved in an incident a few years ago involving town and tax payer property that got conveniently made to go away thru private negotiations with the citizen involved.
20,000 bucks comes to mind as the cost to taxpayers to make her go away happy.Am I close?
5/17/2012 7:23 AM

Anonymous said...
7:23 is getting warmer. Mr. Big's son works for the county now -- Punk polician not only helped cover up the accident in greece but helped get Mr. Big, the job at the county.

Everybody wins but the taxpayers.    5/17/2012 12:41 PM


Anonymous said...

Over on the other topic site, a sensitive Individules has already reacted to our comments,The lawsuit BS hoping to end the discussion. Nothing is slanderous unless proof of such a conspiracy is non existent. This is another example a a political shill making threats. Too bad but sometimes things just keep resurrecting themselves from cover up annals that plaque this town. In the mean time WATCH YOUR BACK you know how these guys operate under these circumstances.

Anonymous said...

6:10 what does km do for you??

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the people who commented on the other post and I'm not sensitive nor a shill. I'm simply suggesting that you can go ahead and accuse anyone you want by name of committing illegal, corrupt or inappropriate acts. Bottom line is that those people can sure as heck start a lawsuit and who knows where it goes.

It entirely up to you people that run this site and those commenting on it. Knock yourselves out. Just poop or get off the pot. Name these people or quit it. Stop tip-toeing around the issue and let the chips fall where they may.

I think it's you who is the sensitive one.

Anonymous said...

9:27 NOT IF IT'S TRUE and supported by facts. Speaking of names, who are you. your second defensive post speaks volumes as to yout motivations.
As far as I'm concerned this will be my last word on this topic. I'm quite comfortable with my position. Resurrecting this incident would be fool hardy and ambarassing.
I'm not worried and neither should you. So pull your shades down again and all will be right again in the World of Greece.

Anonymous said...

I just tuned into this conversation. Word has it that former town board member and current county legislator Rick Antelli will actively seek the Republican-Conservative nomination to succeed Auburger later this year.

Anonymous said...

Your way off base 3:15.The Deputy Supervisor Jeff Mccann is running. The Stupidvisor is pushing for him for the top job. they go way back. Both were leaders in the Democratic party in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

11:59 McCann will be history when Auberger is done, Auberger has absolutely zero credibility and influence in County and Town political politics. County Republicans are not about to give up control of Greece.
McCann has always been Jack's shadow and speech writer. A nice guy but does not present well on his own in the spot light.If anything, his close ties with Auberger would disqualify him outright.

Anonymous said...

"political politics" what is that?

Anonymous said...

3:15 is close, Antelli the Councilman who was very close to Rahn and is now closer to Reilich wants to be Stupidvisor.

He got the County seat and the county job for his wife so he wouldn't primary Auberger. At the County he sits like the lump he is.

Trouble is Rainbow Ricky never did a damn thing as Councilman, and the only thing hes done in the County Leg is stick the taxpayer for the rent on his silly office in the crap plaza his family owns.

Rainbow is spending this spring & summer helping build a home for Reilich's antique cars. Ricky needs Bill's stamp of approval.

At least Ricky won't be a scalp hunter like Auberger.

Anonymous said...

1142 The worst kind!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And here's the best laugh of the day---Rita Garretson wants to run as the Dumbocrat. LOL.

SCATS said...

To 8:37AM ~~ I'll take a good laugh over being a laughingstock any day! ;)

Anonymous said...

Rainbow Ricky?

Anonymous said...

I hope that sweet boy Tyler from the Hockey Team throws his hat in the ring for Town Supervisor.

That young man knows how to get things done, accomplish his goal, and he knows how to get cooperation too.

Oh sure, he is going to be messing around with girls, but Supervisor really isn't a full time job, and the Police Department will love Tyler's leadership style.