Monday, May 28, 2012

CIA Academy Graduation

From the Greece Central School District website:

"The Greece Central School District embarked on a new and exciting partnership with the Greece Police Department this spring to provide an opportunity for students to learn about their important role in our town. This truly hands on experience of what a career in law enforcement can offer, could potentially impact students’ career decisions and the knowledge gained will influence them for the rest of their lives.   
Last Monday the first class received their certificates during a graduation ceremony. This project met their community service requirement as part of the Citizens in Action social studies curriculum.
The graduating class learned about Patrol Vehicle Inspection Operation, STOP DWI, Criminal Investigation Division, Crime Scene Investigation, Forgery and Economics, an overview of Professional Services Bureau: Crime Prevention Office Animal Control, Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team and Town Court proceedings. We are looking to running this again next year and continue to build a strong relationship with the Greece Police Department!"

SCATS ~~ While I'm all for giving students insight into career opportunities and forging relationships between teens & law enforcement, I do NOT see how attending this class meets "community service" requirements. Exactly what did they do for the community?


Anonymous said...

Maybe in this case it is what they will NOT do TO the community after they get this training

SCATS said...

To 8:18AM ~~ Sadly, the ones that MIGHT have an impact on probably didn't sign-up for this particular class.

Anonymous said...

The itinerary included among many items park clean up and riding patrol with officers.

SCATS said...

To 10:54PM ~~ I appreciate your response. However, I do not think that riding patrol benefits the community as much as it provides a learning experience for the student. Of course, I do understand the potential benefit of cleaning up a park. That being said, how does cleaning up a park fit the District's description of providing a "truly hands on experience of what a career in law enforcement can offer"?