Monday, April 02, 2012

Who Will Track What's Moved?

Who Knows What GCSD Owns?

At the end of school in June, Odyssey at Hoover Drive, Kirk Rd. School & West Ridge Elementary School will be closing their doors and relocating their students to other facilities. To date, I'm aware of NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION related to the "how to" of these moves.

Lots of questions come to mind ... Will the district move things using vehicles and personnel employed here? Will any of it be contracted out? Will some items be sold? If so, what? When? Can I buy anything? Who is overseeing it all? How can we trust that they are doing what's in the best interests of the students, taxpayers and employees?

As far as I'm aware, Greece Central School District has absolutely NO IDEA what furniture, books, equipment, technology and supplies are currently in use at any of the three aforementioned schools. This means that nobody knows what might come up missing between the end of school in June and the opening of school in September. That's a long time for things to disappear in.

That list of items that need moving includes: athletic & gym equipment; science & lab equipment; AV equipment (TVs, DVD players, recording equipment); computers, smartboards, laptops, printers, copiers & other technology related equipment; telephones, microphones and other communications related equipment; desks, bookcases, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, storage cabinets and other furniture/furnishings; library books, textbooks, review books, reference materials; maps, globes and other instructional materials; office supplies, classroom supplies, janitorial supplies; cafeteria equipment; musical instruments, music stands, risers and other related equipment; medical equipment & supplies from the nurses' offices ... As you can clearly see, the list of things goes on and on and on.



Anonymous said...

GCSD knows exactly what is in every building. We do equipment and materials checks all the time. Every piece of technology has a tracking number on it as well.

SCATS said...

To 9:53PM ~~ The last time we heard about tracking technology was when Joe Moscato tracked GCSD computers taken by Walts, Imon & Co to PWC. If what you are saying is true, I'd expect you to provide both evidence in terms of a list for one building and a signature on your comment.

What do you do when something is missing?

Joe Moscato said...

Since you brought it up, when foiled to get the serial numbers of the computers and other equipment that went south with Walts Inc. what I was given to me was an absolute joke. If I where in charge of OZ, the department responsible for keep track of electronic district property, I would have been ashamed of what they gave me. I was given a hand written barely legible, list of those serial numbers. This is record keeping I would muse.

When I later requested the serial numbers of the computers that were allegedly returned, I was given another sheet containing the same scribble. What I. Was able do decipher from this hand written record was the fact that not all equipment was returned and only two items listed on my original list matched up.The other serial numbers on that " official" document did not match anything in my position from the original list

Folkes, if this is an example of how the district tracks it's equipment, we may be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

SCATS this is a bit off topic but there is a rumor around that our supervisor is again suffering from health problems. As you know he had a stent put in a few years back and now word has it that he is again suffering chest pains. Since he is our town supervisor his fitness to serve is an issue of concern for us. In fact fitness to serve is part of he job description, it a written town policy if I recall correctly.
Anyone have any solid knowledge about this that would elevate it above the status of rumor?

Over the years there have been various statements circulated to indicate that Auberger is not really in the best of health. So exactly what is the state of Auberger's health? Candidates for the presidency or other offices have to disclose health records. Greece citizens deserve to know if there is a problem.

Anonymous said...

Today at approximately 10:20 am, a 6th grade student at Apollo School was verbally and physically confrontational in the cafeteria during lunch. Security intervened and the situation was addressed quickly. Police were also called and reported to the scene. No students were harmed.

Anonymous said...

10:23 I've seen this act before. I have no direct info on Johns health but I would not surprised that in the very near future John will resigned due to ill health. Greece Republicans are very adroit at the art the transfer of power..When he resigns, he will be replaced by the heir apparent to the "THRONE " In so doing this person will now have the advantage of running as an incumbent in the
2013 supervisor election.

SCATS said...

To 1:58PM ~~ We're all nothing more than a bunch of expendable pawns in their political power games. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Rest easy, there are several companies that exist to perform both inventory & sale functions of such scope.

Babsie is conversant with the sales business because she employed them to sell "obsolete" computers and equipment on her last departure. They work at very reasonable cost to the taxpayer.

Hopefully Babsie will bring them in for the current evacuation rather than allowing the traditional method of things just evaporating that has long been the standard at GCSD dating back to the 70s.