Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tale of Two Parole Hearings

How Much Influence Did Politics
Have On The Different Outcomes?
Back in November of 2011, former Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn went before the Parole Board, apologized and appeared to be accepting responsibility for his actions that landed him in jail. The Parole Board denied him early release. So Merritt remains in jail for another year until this upcoming November, when another hearing will take place.

Last week, former Irondequoit police officer Chad Rahn (Merritt Rahn's son) went before the Parole Board, failed to apologize and appeared to not accept responsibility for his actions that landed him in jail. Despite this, the Parole Board is granting him an early release in August, blaming a lack of letters from the DA's Office and/or Judge in the case as the reason for their decision.

SCATS ~~ The ONLY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between how these two cases were handled is that Merritt Rahn's hearing happened under former DA Mike Green's watch and Chad Rahn's happened under current DA Sandra Doorley's watch. Somebody REALLY doesn't like Merritt Rahn ... right Jack Auberger? ;)


Anonymous said...

Maybe it reflects on the battle between local Republicans and Mike Green. Now that he's gone and not going to be a Judge for life, the Republicans have stopped the vendetta against his convictions.

Anonymous said...

what a joke he takes absolutely no responsibility for anything (read the transcripts) blames his drinking on the lady he ran over on culver road this whole thing just makes me sick the da can sure do the paperwork for your cellphone ticket someone needs to go over this screw up in the das office

Anonymous said...

Don't have a damn thing to do with Mike or Sandy Baby, it goes back to the man who was there every day to stick a harpoon in Merrit.

There is a long standing hatred for Merrit going back to when he was Chief of Ogden, and the DA who couldn't stick it to Merrit for falsely notarizing nominating petitions is getting his pound of flesh now.

Look to the DA Mike replaced and you find a well connected man calling in favors.

Anonymous said...

12::00 You right on the mark about Green's hatred for Meritt.But it involves much more than the petition caper.
It involves the head of the local conservative party, Tom Cook.Merritt was member of his executive committee at that time.Cook exerted political pressure and Green backed off.
The feud
between Cook and Green had it's origin offer a DWI situation involving Cook.and Green.
Tom Cook is an attorney who specializes DWI defendants.
At the time, deals were routingley made between the ADA to reduce the charge thus avoiding a trial. After the afore mentioned dispute between Green and Cook, Green order all the ADAs to stop all plea bargaining on any of Cooks defendants thereby forcing a quilty plea or a trial. That was the rub between them.

SCATS said...

To 11AM ~~ I think 12AM was referring to Howard Relin in the last sentence of that post.

Anonymous said...

In my previous post I incorrectly identified Mike Green as being in conflict over a DWI situation. It was actually former DA Howard Relin who involved in situation described in my initial posting. I do not believe that there ever was a conflict between He And Rahn or his mentor Tom Cook.
However, in .1995 when Rahn was suspended for the alleged theft of items from the property room at the GPD.
In this case,Cook did apply political pressure on the members of the Town Board to get Rahn reinstated which took place. In fact this incident eventually led to the diismisal of Roger Boily by his own party in Favor of Auburger because he was one of two votes in favor of firing Rahn who would be reinstated by a vote of 3-2
Irnony here asin this instance Boily was actually right in his position.
So in reality we can blame Tom Cook and his conservative party for the recent scandals in the PD.
In order to understand how this took place you would have to be. Aware of the political impact on local elections exerted by the conservative party under Cook.
With this fact a reality the endorsement of the party. Was crucial to being reelected. Cook made in known to both Boily and board member Di Raddo Boily choose not to run but DiRaddo lost because he lost the endorsement that he enjoyed in the past. Tom Cook is probably the most powerful behind the scenes politician in Monroe County.

Anonymous said...

I think it shows the ineptitude of our recently elected District Attorney. She doesn't have one single person in her office send a letter to the parole board on this bum? At least Meritt is still locked up as he should be. Just saying "sorry" isn't enough to excuse his crimes. I for one don't feel bad for him.

Anonymous said...

@11:54 AM - Simply amazing! You know all these facts about why all sorts of shady dealings occurred; you share them publicly (here), but yet have never, in all these 25+ years, gone to the authorities or press to bring your facts in order to have something done about this.

Simply amazing.

Please don't sit on all the information you have and allow further corruption to continue. You can go to the state Attorney General's office (Democrat) and them handle this. Please do the right thing.

Doing nothing makes people question the validity of your claims.

Anonymous said...

Merrit Rahn is sitting in his cell, and Tom Cook is little more than a memory.

Rahn was definitely Cook's boy, and the relationship goes back to Rahn's RPD days. Cook leaned on Bob Duffy and others to get Rahn promoted to Lt so Rahn could meet Civil Service requirements to become Chief in Ogden.

Boiley was nothing but inept when it came to police. Boiley used Rahn along with Phelon's bar bet midget cop to shed Phelon, and then attempted to use the same plan to shed Rahn a couple years later.

Oh well, at least we aren't still paying for a Police Yacht and truck load of machine guns. Then again, if Canada ever invades Edgmere Drive will fall quickly.

Anonymous said...

11:54 you are completely devoid of how things work in the real world.

The NYAG has no desire to become involved in any investigation of Monroe County. They have passed in the past and will continue to pass.

Monroe County Democrats with money and influence don't give a damn either, they get what they want from Democrats with a Republican label.

Anonymous said...

.11:54 You should talk to a former school board member what it's like to approach law enforcement officials with a complaint that is supported by the true facts of your complaint. When this board member went to the DA in an attempt to get them to investigate the theft of school district property by a former Superintendant. He ran into a stone wall not only by that office but the GPD, State Police as well as the office othe State Attorney General who all refused to investigate.

You have to be naive to believe that all you have to do is file a complaint with one of these agencies when those named in the complaint have political connections as well as a contributor to certain local politicians are involved. In instants like thisthe ewheels of justice in Monroe County have their brakes applied.

Anonymous said...

Holy paranoid schitzo conspiracy theory Batman!

Anonymous said...

Het Robin, might I suggest stop riding on that denial Merry go Round you are on and face the reality of the way things work in this county.