Monday, April 09, 2012

Should Slaughter Run Again Still?

Anonymous said...
I guess since there's a person posting here who doesn't want anyone to talk about Slaughter's disease on this thread, can you (SCATS) write another post about Louise's illness and how she's fallen twice and injured her self pretty badly in the last two month's? SCATS grants both sides a little leeway but I guess we have someone who REALLLY, REALLLY wants to chance the subject when Slaughter comes up.

Anyone here can keep talking about Jackie Auberger if they want (no one is stopping you!) but many of us also feel Slaughter has some obvious issues that will make it difficult for her to run her campaign and keep leading in her position.

It's not a democrat/republican issue. Heck, run Joe Morelle or Bob Duffy for the position. Slaughter should fulfill her current term but consider not running again. She did a fine job but it's time to move on to another chapter in life.

That's all I'm saying and it's a legitimate point, despite what that one person thinks.    4/09/2012 9:58 PM

SCATS ~~ I'm posting this topic by request, so please refrain from the name-calling, etc. if you want your comments posted.


Anonymous said...

Slaughter is only running in the hope Team D will regain the House. Team D gets the majority back Slaughter once again becomes Chair of Ways & Means or some other Chairmanship by her seniority.

If Team D doesn't hold the majority in the House Slaughter is NOBODY for 2 years and will probably retire.

Either way she won't do a damn thing for Rochester.

Anonymous said...

And of course Maggie will do WHAT?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Slaughter is no longer qualified to serve after her infectious addiction to 'spending' money we do not have has gone unchecked. The yes vote she cast on Obamacare alone tells the story - remember 'we need to approve this to find out whats in it'.

Maggie on the other hand has plenty of skeletons in the closet. At the top of the list the lack of respect for taxpayers via the unchecked workings of COMIDA giving tax breaks to 'friends' at the retail level - 'not industrial' (more coming later) at taxpayers expence.

Anonymous said...

So, Charlie, looks like you support a "none of the above" candidate. Given we need to find someone to represent us, who gets your vote? Got a favorite third party candidate?

SCATS said...

To 4:32PM ~~ I don't think Charlie is alone in how he feels about the "choices" ... and I use that word very loosely!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Makes one want to puke.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 4:32 (anonymous)
We all make mistakes. Honorable people admit mistakes and try to change or fix them.
There is plenty of time in this case to see if 'honor' is applies.

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't think Charlie feels about those choices at all!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for Slaughter to gracefully retire. Just because some people here don't like Maggie Brooks is no reason why we should keep Slaughter in office. There's nothing wrong with a senior citizen serving in elected office, however if that person, or anyone else for that matter, cannot physically handle the rigors of the job, then they should move aside and allow another person to run. Two falls in two months requiring hospitalization and extensive therapy in addition to a supposed life-threatening disease are very serious.

Slaughter is one of many lifetime politicians we need to replace in order to have a fresh perspective brought to the office.

Besides her politics do not reflect the majority of this new district if you consider who Monroe County residents have elected to serve in Countywide elected office (a majority are Republicans and Conservative Democrats). Slaughter's left-leaning ideologies are out of touch.

I wish her well but strongly feel a new person is needed for this position. Clearly her local political supporters and staff will disagree with me. But that is to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Something definitely smells rotten in Denmark. In responding to her breaking her leg a while back, Slaughter's office ensured everyone that Louise would be back in Washington doing her job by April 16th. Now they release today that it will be "sometime next month" because she's undergoing "therapy."

Exactly what therapy do you engage in for a broken leg? A cast is set. You stay off of it and either walk with crutches or stay in a wheelchair. Why do you need to remain in a hospital (Strong no less) for "therapy" which you can get at any other facility like St. Ann's.

And if this is going to be an extensive, ongoing issue with her, tell me why we're supposed to think that she'll be able to run for re-election AND handle her job responsibilities?

Something is definitely going on here that we're not being told about.