Thursday, April 26, 2012

Right Under Their Noses

Vandals cause $1500+ in damage to Barnard Park restrooms adjacent to Greece PD's 2nd Precinct (STORY )


Anonymous said...

"Right under their noses"

Yes, that's right. The public toilet have been conveniently located right inside police headquarters, directly under the noses of the police. *sigh*

I know you probably want to bash the cops with this post but I for one do not expect or want a police officer to sit in this restroom facility all day long just in case some idiot kids decide to trash it.

Why not express outrage over the fact that these kids' own parents don't know what they're doing, causing damage to public property.

And don't make the excuse that the parents can't watch them 24/7 because that's exactly what you seem to think the cops are supposed to do.

But go ahead, tell us how we shouldn't hold the parents or kids responsible. It's society's fault stuff like this happens, right?

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Scats, so what's your point?

Anonymous said...

Pardon the pun but sometimes. Inspite of your best efforts. S-------- sometimes still happens.

SCATS said...

To 1:06PM ~~ How do you know it's kids?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need some cameras. SCATS will complain about that as well. Did you ever notice nothing ever positive is featured on this blog? For someone who hates Greece so much, why do you still live here?

Anonymous said...

I don,'t really.see what difference it makes whether it be kids or adults. A vandal is a vandal. The only difference is if caught, one group goes to jail the other to Family Court.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time there's been trouble in that park since the cops moved there. I think it just makes it more challenging and fun for the criminals. Then they can brag about how they did it right next to the new precinct.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't your crony Jim Leary on top of this???

He's too busy with his grand illusions of wanting to be the media spokesperson for GPD. He really is delusional.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we can find a way to blame it on their teachers...the people who vandalized AND the cops who allowed it to happen...yup, they had lousy teachers I am sure...

Anonymous said...

The morons that committed this crime probably have no clue the precinct is so close. Too dumb to notice and maybe too high to care.

SCATS said...

To 3:48PM ~~ I don't hate Greece. I just love it so much I want to help clean it up. I stay because:
1 - I can;
2 - It annoys people like you;
3 - I think it's worth changing to make it better ;)

To 5:15PM ~~ Why would you think he was my crony?? If you look back, you'll discover I opposed his effort to run for BOE.

To 5:37PM ~~ I hadn't thought of that, but thanks for picking up the slack! lol

Anonymous said...

Scats. Your number three reason is.the.only the won that is. Interesting. There many ways to bring about change. This site is not one of them. Yourself as.most bloggers on this site.only offer negative criticizim.of our current operations of this town.
In all the time that I occasionally visit this site, I have yet to her you or others offer some logical ideas about changing things for the betterment of all.
It would be refreshing to some of us to read some constructive ideas put forth on this site. Lacking that componenent posts on this site are nothing more th an gobbledygook in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Scats I will give iit one more try. My last post didn't make it for some reason.

Scats regarding reason. Number 3 in your last post, that is only one that has. A valid point. However since I have observed on this site by you and most who blog here is all negative. You say you want bring about change through this format. I'm sorry but going negative about conditions in this town, I suggest you try a new approach.

Why not start a thread that solicits opinions from your followers and yourself. As to what they feel would be a short or long term solution. To the problems that exist in this town.and end up on this site for discussion. In my opinion that would an interesting read by all including those in charge in this town who read this site snd have the power to bring about change. I know you will say that this approach won.'t work because those types will not listen. That's probably true but at least they will see what this community expect from it's elected officials as well as those appointed to perform the services we feel we as taxpayers expect from them.

It's easy for us to lob hand grenades at these Individules .This format is counter productive to achieving and bring about positive change Offering possible solutions would stimulate positive comments aimed in that direction. They would not go unnoticed believe me.

Just a thought that you might to consider sponsoring on your site.

SCATS said...

To 9:05AM ~~ If the post above yours was also yours, I apologize. It landed in the SPAM folder, where a number of other comments were sent due to the use of name-calling, bullying, etc.

As for your criticism, actually the powers-that-be in Greece have been observed (repeatedly) to only do something in an effort to stem the flow of negative PR. That aside, I've never stopped anyone from posting comments that include ideas for change. In fact, I myself have made NUMEROUS SUCH SUGGESTIONS!

If you don't believe me, scroll back over the BLOG's archives.

Who first discussed the NEED TO CLOSE SEVERAL SCHOOLS? SCATS did!

Who pushed to get the lottery done in public? SCATS did!

Who has repeatedly said the Greece Central School District can no longer afford to be all things to all people and must get back to basics for academics, sports, extracurriculars? SCATS again!

Who pushed for selection of specific candidates (most recently Kim Dyce-Faucette who landed a great position in North Syracuse) that could have brought real change to GCSD had they become supt? SCATS again!

When listening to many BOE meetings, issues brought up on this BLOG are often dealt with, especially by Babs, often during her comments at the end of the meeting! Do they specifically mention SCATS? Hell no! lol But it's funny as hell knowing WHY they bother addressing certain things, and not others. Heck, Laurel Heiden herself has even written in ;)

So I resist your "suggestions" and notions that this format "doesn't work." In fact, there's much proof that SCATS DOES WORK TO BRING CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Scats Here again you broach the subject of REAL CHANGE without elaborating what you would consider real change. We all know the state of problems with. Academic performance. I suggest that you have been against any thing D W. Did from the get go.
So. Let me get this straight. All those things you mentioned in your post took place as. A result of you comments on this site. Pardon me but me thinks you give yourself to much credit. Would it come as a surprise to you that for more INFLUENCIAL people then an unknown as you made these recommendations while in their official positions.

I myself met with DW and convinced her to change the school of choice. She was receptive to my ideas and put together plan that included my recommendation. Unfortunately, those incompetents holding down top administrative positions managed to mismananage the new format that turned out to be a disaster and worse than before.

So in the future it would be wise of you to consider the fact that your ideas are not unique to yourself. Others of us who are CONSPICUOUS are aware of what needs to be done and do by direct contact with our Superintendant who by the way admits to reading this site considers your site as being inconsequential in content due to the stealt format employed on your site.

SCATS said...

To 1:25PM ~~ First of all, I want to say that you really ought to go back to signing your posts. You aren't fooling me about who you are, not that it matters to anyone else. Second, I'm going to list my responses to your issues quickly, because it's very clear that you suffer from delusions of grandeur.

1 - I DID elaborate! Read the list I started ;)

2 - Yup, I've opposed the selection of Babs for supt. and most of the processes she chose to use to make closing three schools as ineffective at saving money as humanly possible. Coming out of this mess with only $2.2 million (it will actually be LESS after factoring in other costs associated with relocating these kids) to show for it is a JOKE ON THE TAXPAYERS, a very bad one at that!

3 - My list was in response to YOUR CRITICISM of how SCATS "never" posts anything about "positive change." I never said those things took place as a result of BLOG posts, but I do take credit for putting them OUT IN THE PUBLIC VENUE FIRST ;) Big difference, right?

4 - Excuse me while I ROFLMAO at the notion that: "I myself met with DW and convinced her to change the school of choice." You can't even spell "influential" let alone emulate it. Anyone who spent a day studying GCSD would KNOW SOCs need to go ;)

5 - Excuse me while I continue to ROFLMAO at the idea that: " Unfortunately, those incompetents holding down top administrative positions managed to mismananage the new format that turned out to be a disaster and worse than before." Isn't that Bab's fault?? She's supposed to be in charge of this district! If they're incompetent, she should FIRE THEM ASAP!! Maybe you should use your "influencial" powers to suggest it ;)

6 - You assume: I've had NO DIRECT CONTACT with Babs (wrong!!); that Babs would waste her time reading (and addressing!) an "inconsequential" BLOG (wrong again!); and that being "conspicuous" somehow improves upon your ideas, which just happen to parallel SCATS' ideas!

Since this is WAY OFF TOPIC, I suggest we resume bashing SCATS for his views on GPD ;)