Sunday, April 08, 2012

Recent Greece Crimes With Guns

Robbery: A Holyoke Street man arrived home and discovered two masked men with handguns inside his apartment on March 30. The men bound and gagged the victim and stole cash, video games and a 2004 Buick.

Shots fired: Unknown suspects inside a red Chevrolet Impala fired three shots from a .32 automatic handgun at the Knights of Columbus building at 431 Bonesteel St. during a birthday party on March 31.

SCATS ~~ I'm sure glad Chief Todd has it ALL under wraps ... er, I mean control. I'm sure these were "targeted" crimes. Nothing to worry about at all ;)


Anonymous said...

Get used to it. For the first time in the history of this town there are now illegal hand guns on our streets and neighborhoods. Some of the older section of south Greece are now extensions of the city along with the usual suspects as well the problems they bring with them.

Incidents like this are virtually.
impossible for cops to control no matter how much saturation patroling they do in those trouble spots.

SCATS said...

To 5:52PM ~~ I see your point. Let's just give up. Let the gangs, thuggers, druggies, predators take over. Good idea. It fits Greece residents' apathetic attitude towards our other problems.

Anonymous said...

We don't need to give up, but we do need to recognize that crimes will happen. With a good police force, properly led and supported with equipment and training, we can solve the crimes quickly and (hopefully) reduce the incidence when criminals understand it is a zero-gain game.
Expecting a police chief to prevent all crime is a bit high unrealistic.

SCATS said...

To 7:44AM ~~ Where did I say "all" crime? I didn't!

Do you realize that during Baxter's first yr. in Greece that crimes like robberies, burglaries and the like sky-rocketed in this town? Do you realize that after 2 yrs. on the job he's gone around telling everyone how crime didn't rise during the past yr, his second?

As far as I'm concerned, the troubles within GPD are NOT "all in the past." We've got a new chief only because Nick Joseph coked up and barreled into the back of acar on 390 in the wee hours of the morning in June 2008. Had he not done that, Rahn would still be here. And many of Rahn's underlings who silently watched have been promoted by Baxter. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Greece will once again be (falsely) proclaimed one of America's "safest communities."

Anonymous said...

Scarts your wrong about Baxter with regard to the promotions. He had nothing to with them. Auburger as in the past has total control of high ranking promotions in the PD. These last Captain promotion were in recognition of being instrumental in assisting him get rid of Rahn and helped him, Auburger , cover his ass. Nothin g more..Baxter just swore them in as directed to do .

Make no mistake Auburger is still in controL Baxters''position is largely ceremonial and he knows it.

The question in my mind is just how long will Baxter take it before he pulls the plug and quits.

Anonymous said...

Scats it' s fairly obvious to me that you personnely contemptuous of town government and school district officials. I too do not hold either in high regard. However, I try to keep an open mind to suggestions on ways that will help bring about positive change in Greece. You on the other hand are quick to admonish those on this site for their views ,observation, and ideas.

However, what I have not seen on your site is any ideas of your own on how to bring about positive constructive change,Why is that.? It's always easy for some to lob hand grenades in all directions while at the same never offering any ideas to support a different point of view. To b e negative with out offering your own solutions are without merit in my mind.

SCATS said...

To 9:08AM ~~ Of course Auggie is still running things! Auggie holds the purse strings!! Baxter can't hire anyone without Jack's OK :)

To 2:52PM ~~ I've made plenty of suggestions for meaningful change! Suggesting that the BOE hire Kim Dyce-Faucette for supt. during their last search was among them. (North Syracuse was the winner in getting her.) Suggesting that the SOC lottery draw names in public was another. Suggesting that GCSD keep West Ridge School as a school since we can't dispose of it until 2020 is yet another. Suggesting Auggie resign after his affair was exposed was yet another one. My God, I'm seeing a pattern here!

Graehaven said...

2:52, you haven't done much in regards to research to make that kind of statement. SCATS is constantly making suggestions for change.

The fact is, that corruption is wreaking havoc in the town government. There's nothing OPEN about it, nor is there much done in the interest of representing the taxpayers.

As to the police issue, the police are NOT there to help you. They come AFTER the crime, to take a report, or clean up the mess, or the dead body - could be yours. They are not your friend. Their attitude is that everyone is guilty - they just don't know yet what you're guilty of. Do yourself a favor, get armed and be ready to defend yourself and your family, because the crime issue is only going to get worse. Police do nothing to deter crime, and armed citizenry does.