Monday, April 30, 2012

Budget Hearing Tuesday @6:30PM

BUDGET ~ $199,074,055

Tax Rate Increase ~ 2.63%
$23.38 per $1000 valuation

Estimated Tax Bill To Rise $72

on "average home" valued at $120,000*
Without exemptions

*The Greece Central School District is using a $100,000 home in their example, an unrealistic figure for most Greece taxpayers whose homes are on the tax rolls for MUCH more!

Bus purchase proposition 
Cost not to exceed $1,865,000.
$370,000 from bus purchase reserve fund
The remaining cost would be spread out over five years. Local taxpayers’ share to average $49,975/year for 5 years.


If the budget is defeated the district may put the same or a revised budget up for a revote, or adopt a contingent budget. If a proposed budget is defeated twice by voters, the district must adopt a contingent budget, which prohibits spending in specific areas including community use of buildings, certain salary increases and new equipment purchases. Unlike prior years, under the new tax cap law, a district that adopts a contingent budget may not increase its current tax levy by any amount.   


Anonymous said...

Vote YES. Because SCATS wants you to vote NO.

Anonymous said...

Once again the inmates are running the asylum. Little by little you will all see that what Babs does now will have long term ramifications, albeit negative ramifications that it will take years if not a decade or more to fix. But will she be held accountable? I doubt it. She will be long gone and the district will be in shambles. The first evidence of that is the so called SOC debacle and the second will be the hacking of every meaningful program from the course selection. Watch out for the arts, music, languages, and anything else that matters for students to be successful and live a meaningful life. But hey,they are not my kids they are yours! I, as a parent, would not move to Greece knowing what their ideology is. I am sorry,the ideology that they want you to believe they have rather than the truth.

Anonymous said...

Schools are being closed, posititions are being eliminated, and taxes are going up. What's wrong with this picture? I thought the elimination of lottery schools and school of choice was going to save us big bucks.

SCATS said...

To 3:22PM ~~ Smoke & mirrors isn't enough so now you attempt mind-reading?

To 6:29PM ~~ What's really wrong with this picture is that barely $2.2 million is being "saved" even though other expenses have't been factored into the bigger picture yet.

When we recover the 78% from NY State on the bus purchases, WHERE will that money go? WHY isn't it used to fund future bus purchases?

Charlie Hubbard said...

My position has been and remains - if you want more money from the owners (taxpayers)of this school district they have every right to demand a better product. At this point I have not heard that a better product is coming.


Anonymous said...

Charlie, As I recall you haven't even heard the Supt.'s response to your question back in Dec.: What is the purpose of schools of choice?

Anonymous said...

Will the person who has seen ANY NY school Bond retired by State Aid please identify that Bond & District.

I've watched for years, and I have yet to see any Bond retired by a school.

It's magic accounting!
District Bonds $1 mil
District taxpayers pay $1mil + interest over 20 years.
State sends District $780,000 over a 5 or 10 year period.
District SLUSH Funds the State $$$

It's a damn miracle how that State dollar disappears!

SCATS said...

To 11:38PM ~~ Good question!!

Did anyone else notice in the recent D&C article about Greece's AA bond rating that: "Challenges to the district include “uncertainty over state aid and increasing spending pressures and above-average debt burden"?

Is this telling, or what??

Anonymous said...

If the vote is defeated and the board chooses to go to contingency without a 2nd vote the tax rate can still increase to what they asked for since it is within the cap and contingency. We couldn't buy equipment and the buildings could not be used by outside groups. That's what it said in the mailer from the district.
If the vote is defeated and a 2nd vote is defeated they would be tied to spending no more than the previous years budget.
They did not say that under those circumstance it would be defined as a contingency budge with the restrictions of building use and equipment purchase. Should we assume that would be the contingency?

The board has not held a 2nd vote since they have all agreed on everything for the last few years.

SCATS said...

To 7:33AM ~~ That's a great question. I suspect they may not know the answer to that, yet.

Tom Kackmeister said...

I first discussed this subject with the Asst. Superintendent for finance at the Greece Central school district thsi AM . I sent this to various contacts including my state and county legislators as well as various media contacts. I also sent it to the school district via their web site.

School Budgets: the Property Tax cap: and PILOT money!

This is a very big deal. It is a significant factor in the Greece school budget and may be significant in other school districts (and towns) as well.

The Greece Town Mall property has been granted a $90,000,000 property tax assessment reduction in exchange for a PILOT payment of approximately $2,030,000 to the Greece School district. The money is about a wash. As adopted, this PILOT allotment is currently for one year only. We’ll see how that plays out. (Note PILOT is Payment In Lieu of Taxes)

The major significance of this however is the effect this has had on meeting the 2% state mandated property tax cap.

PILOT money is not included in the calculation of the property tax levy increase. The Greece tax levy as calculated by the Greece school district amount to a 1.1% increase. This is under the 2% cap. However if that PILOT payment by the Greece Mall had been paid via property taxes, it would have been included in the cap limit. In that case the levy would have increase by 3.1% to support the adopted budget. That is over the 2% cap. If the PILOT had not been adopted, the district would have been required to adopt a budget roughly $1,000,000 less than they did to stay under the cap. (Note: the way the district has been told to include the PILOT money, they generate an increase of 1.7%. That does not accurately reflect the property tax levy implications as I have outlined above. Do not be confused by that calculation.).

This is all (currently) legal. Who should we blame for this work-around the cap limit? Obviously it starts with the PILOT program and this huge increase in PILOT granted the Greece Town Mall. All levels of local government benefit by removing this $90 million from the tax levy calculation. I wonder who at the state legislature and county governments and town government and school districts are aware of this? How many have indeed been implicit supporters of this work-around in order support their own inflated budgets? Maybe this is a way the state legislature has willingly bypassed the 2% cap legislation. I certainly hope the media will see the merits in bringing this situation to the attention of the general public.

I think this stinks. Why is the governor allowing this to take place? I can see a major thrust for even more PILOT programs in the future as public entities try to use this neat cap loop hole. I would like to hear from the governor, from my state legislatures, my county legislators my town and school administrators. I hope we can limit the Greece Town Mall PILOT program to one year and require the school district to make up an additional $2,000,000 in budget cuts next year to offset this cap loop hole.

Tom Kackmeister
513 East Moreno Dr . Rochester NY 14626

Anonymous said...

FACT about Bond ratings.

School District Bond ratings don't mean SQUAT! The Bond rating of a School District in NY is governed by the Bond rating of the County the District resides within.


If the School District Defaults, the County becomes responsible for the Bond payment.

School Districts don't want you to know this though, it ain't beneficial to their "Financial Stewardship" bullcrap message.

SCATS said...

To 2:22PM ~~ So then GCSD's "positive press" on the bond rating was really about the county? On top of that, I don't see it as "good news" when the article keeps mentioning that GCSD has a higher than usual debt load. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Better product? How is it that many students are graduating with great college plans and scholarships from all high schools of the products (ie teachers and education is poor quality) perhaps that it is those who apply themselves are the one that have success! You can lead a horse to water but can not force it to drink! Hammy layers to the educational problems and it does not start with teachers!