Sunday, March 18, 2012

What The Lottery Podcast Tells Us

I just finished watching the drawing of the lucky lottery winners for Odyssey Academy's 6th grade, West Ridge's kindergarten & Pine Brook's weighted kindergarten lottery.

For Odyssey Academy's incoming 6th grade, a total of 117 numbers were drawn. That represents about the number of students (115 actual planned for) attending the lower grade levels at this school. The first 15 numbers "won" slots for the 2012-13 school year while the rest were put on a waiting list.

For West Ridge's kindergarten, 43 numbers were drawn for 15 slots. Again, the remaining were put on a waiting list.

Not surprisingly, Pine Brook's weighted lottery pulled at least 296 numbers (I didn't pay attention to be sure that was the absolute highest drawn)! That's about three times the number of students they can accommodate at any given grade level, meaning the waiting list is enormous, just as it always has been! Only 15 lucky numbers "won" entry for September.

The bottom line: It does not appear that the school consolidation plan has changed the desirability of the schools-of-choice from the previous pecking order they held. Pine Brook remains GCSD's most "desired" school, followed by Odyssey with West Ridge a distant third.

Can someone tell me WHY we are doing all of this shuffling around when little real change is being made?


Anonymous said...

The answer is simple: We have, what we've always had, a Supt. that's scared to death to face this issue. The difference with her, however, is that she talked about change. Instead we got the same wasteful horse, painted a different color. She has NEVER told her bosses (taxpayers) why this system is in place. Another sell out to the lottery families. Thanks for all the hard work Babs, your doing great;). Not only have you sollved NOTHING, you've figured out a way to further complicate the situation!

Anyone who thinks this SOC situation has been solved, you fooling yourself.

Anonymous said...

You guys should cut the Superintendent some slack. She is an executive who takes her lead from the Board of Education. As Scats has said many times, the board makes decisions and the superintendent is entrusted with implementation.
If the board says no SOC the Super would make it work. if the board says SOC stay the Super would make it work.

The decision to keep SOC is not the Superintendent's, but the Board of Education. Clearly they have decided that SOC will remain and the Superintendent has made the best of an arguably bad situation.

The writing is on the wall. WR is now a completely integrated school, after the addition of the kids from Affinity. OA will rapidly become representative of district demographics. PB will.....well there's always hope.
The biggest eventual change will be that, soon, all elementary schools will be k-5. That is a change that can not come soon enough.

SCATS said...

To 5:19PM ~~ Had I ever heard her give the BOE any sensible suggestions, I might agree with you. There's been almost NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION OF ANY KIND about SOCs ... or anything else of meaning ... in recent months. One-way "forums" are NOT discussion.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Supt. recommend these changes? She is absolutely responsible for what is taking place, and perhaps more importantly what isn't taking place. All the peices were in place for Babs to make effective changes. She failed to do so. The potentially effected families were primed to hear the sky was falling. She simply prolonged the inevitable. Unfortunately, her lack of backbone on the issue will continue to cost us dollars.

I honestly wanted to buy into her and what she could have done. Instead she essentially kept the status quo. The BOE knew the were getting a 'yes girl' in her hire.

SCATS said...

To 7:01PM ~~ Yes ... and no. If I recall correctly, the BOE adopted three (I think) resolutions that included SOCs without question. This was shortly after O'Rourke's stint as Super Duper. Those were used to tell her what direction GCSD was to move towards. What bothers me is that the "wisdom" of those resolutions was never questioned, discussed, etc.

Anonymous said...

The important fact here is that the Super is hired by and works for the BOE. As Scats said, I seem to recall one of the goals being to align SOC with district demographics.
The super is doing just that.

SCATS said...

To 9:35PM ~~ The fact is that the BOE hired the puppet they wanted and knew they could control. That's why Dyce-Faucette was looked over ;) That's why we conducted TWO NATIONWIDE SEARCHES ... and then settled for someone in our own backyard.

Anonymous said...

With a 198 million budget all GCSD could afford was a box with numbers in it? We couldnt borrow the bingo machine or find a number generator? Give me a break! How pathetic did that look, all those educated people and what you use is box. It looked like we were pulling numbers out in the boondocks.

SCATS said...

To 5:48PM ~~ I had similar thoughts! After spending MILLIONS on technology we used paper! Greece truly is pathetic.