Friday, March 16, 2012


Apollo Middle School ~~ Room E-46

Student ID numbers will be drawn in public for open spots in kindergarten and grade 6 at the district’s open enrollment schools. Interested residents can witness the public drawing. The lottery will also be recorded and posted to the school consolidation and district websites as a podcast.

According to Laurel Heiden, the lottery will fill only 35 kindergarten slots at Pine Brook, 15 kindergarten slots at West Ridge and 15 sixth-grade openings at Odyssey Academy

SCATS ~~ So now we get to see how few slots are REALLY open in this process. Once again, we must ask:


Anonymous said...

So with 35 slots available for Pine Brook, where is the effort to get the demographics (racial, financial, ect.) in line with the rest of the district? This is a freakin scam painted a new color. Again, what's the purpose of it?!

BTW, overheard a lady who claimed to be an elementary teacher at a different school saying, very matter of factly, how she kept in contact with Pine Brooks principal as well as someone at DO and got her son moved from 60 on the wait list to number 1, now he's in. Very fair system!

Anonymous said...

The story said that there were so few slots because of the geographic students now eligible to attend. We can assume they now "must" attend without choice. So there are people there that definitely had no choice in the matter. So we should call them "Schools of a percentage of Choice"

And why was Odyssey with 300 slots? Is that for all the grade levels as they fill the Apollo building? And since they will have 1200 in that building and there are already 600 coming from the present Odyssey that means there are 300 at that building "new odyssey" that have no choice but to attend there. What happens if they can't get anyone to want to fill those 300 slots? Will there be more geographic kids going there? Again less choice . So we could call them lottery schools? Or we could call them magnet schools. But not schools of choice.
In reality they are there to form a school that is the choice that the administration desires.
"Barbara's Choice" played by Meryl Streep?

Anonymous said...

DO, Superintendent, BOE: Release the demographics of SOC! This community has the right to know what we are paying extra for! Did the BOE achieve their goal of aligning SOC with district wide demographics?

This question should be answered BEFORE the May 15th vote. PineBrook was at 11% free/reduced lunch in 2009/10. What was it in 2010/11, 2011/12 and next school year!

Anonymous said...

All this confusion, distrust, absolute waste and our district's Supt. can't explain why we have this system in place. Remind me again two years from now to support yet another national search for her replacement. Babs, When you said you were here to make some changes, I mistakenly thought you meant effective changes. My bad!

Anonymous said...

We shall see if effective changes have been made... I think they have but we will see. The "phasing out" of SOC is a good thing. SOC and secondary option should have been totally stoppped but using them to level the socioecomonic challenges is not a bad idea.. has worked elsewhere.
It was the BOE's call to keep SOC... not the Superintendents.

SCATS said...

To 1:43PM ~~ Maybe it was solely the BOE's call. However, we never heard Babs warn against it, did we? Silence means acceptance ;)

Anonymous said...

The report cards for the district and schools show the demographics. It shows the reported racial breakdown of the school, but only for the last reported time period, which is currently school year 2009-2010. In that year, OA was 90% white, 5% Black or African American, 3% Hispanic or Latino, 2% Asian/Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. This profile is different from the District profile- 77% White, 12% Black or African American, 8% Hispanic or Latino, 2% Asian, Hawaiian or other PAcific Islander.
For more info, see the website

Anonymous said...

I know..the district could release that data now...they have it. The socioeconomic data is also reported to NYS. That is the most important stat. to watch. We should not have to wait until it is posted on NYS website especially with all the issues surrounding PineBrook.

Anonymous said...

11:42 don't forget those are just (some of) the racial breakdowns. We've been told the balance will also involve the financial background of these kids ie. those that qualify for free or reduced meals at school. You'll find that our lottery schools were way out of wack with the rest of the district.

When they don't balance the numbers (and trust me, they won't), and they force students to attend school "x" because of the color of their skin or how much money they're parent makes, we are in for TROUBLE.

I have to ask the question again, why are we doing all of this? What is the purpose of school of choice?

Anonymous said...

some savy teachers have contacted the assistant superintendent for SE and persuaded her to let them hold their child back when the lottery did not favor them. They sent their child to kindergarden in a private school and when the child "did not do well" they said he was not ready and put them in the kindergarden lottery again, giving them 2 shots at Pinebrook