Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GCSD Budget Proposal Eliminates 17 Teachers

13WHAM news reports:

The budget proposal calls for eliminating 42 positions, not counting those who are leaving due to retirement or resignation. Seventeen of those positions are teaching positions which include K-12 teachers on special assignment, elementary teachers, secondary teachers and librarians.

Other changes include:
- Eliminating math coaches and literacy coaches. Instead, teacher leaders will take on those roles.
- Field trips will be limited to one per grade and "virtual field trips" will be used to supplement.
- The Universal Pre-K program will be restructured to only use grant money, not district money.
- AP exams will be administered by district personnel to cut back on the use of substitute teachers.
- Athletic teams could be merged with the approval of Section V.
- The administration office will be reorganized over the next three years.
- Overtime for non-salary positions will be reduced.
- Tutoring will be restructured so that students are tutored with the use of computers and tutoring software.
- Teachers who act as club sponsors and sports team coaches will see a reduction in their stipends at the K-8 level.

On Tuesday night, the cabinet said they worked the budget to stay within the 1.73 percent tax cap.

SCATS ~~ I have yet to hear them say they've closed the budget gap. Have they?


Anonymous said...

After years of playing numbers games, Greece Central finally got serious about reducing the budget. I want to thank Gov. Cuomo for finding a way through the tax cap of forcing the smoke and mirror tactics to stop. In another 3-5 years, the budget and district might be reduced to an acceptable level for the number enrolled to attend.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice they started the meeting on time. What a great change of pace! (hear sarcasm)

Let the season of the 'Whiners' begin! It started with residents forum last night. Come one, come all students, union members, parent robots of Greece! You mustn't let them cut anything!!!!!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

For this community the best part of the tax/cap is the fact that the 'vote' is now meaningfull.

Voters will now have a meaningfull say. Taxpayers now 'must' be respected. Gone are the days when a budget is defeated, the board giving voters the finger and raising taxes anyway after a budget defeat - a true unamerican process.

My hat is off to Gov. Cuomo - god knows our local state reps did nothing but close thier eyes to this injustice.

SCATS said...

Charlie ~~ IMHO, our local state reps are beyond useless, a lot like our local politicians ;)

Anonymous said...

Our boe hasn't told us the purpose of bussing to babysitters all over town, the purpose of "choice" schools, the purpose of pre-k, the purpose of "specials teachers" for library, art, music, gym or the purpose of having both security and cops in the buildings. Its the tip of the budget iceburg they haven't dealt with yet. Hey maybe next year right? Won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

We really need to have less teachers? Classroom of 25 kids at all different levels and the teachers need to make them learn and get good test scores. R U kidding? Step into a classroom people, you have no idea!

Anonymous said...

Come on Charlie, let's give some credit to the current school Supt. and the current BOE majority. It has taken 12 years to get a serious instructional Supt. with a real sense of running an efficent and effective school district. It is impossible to please everyone but serious decisions are being formulated and passed. Action is taking place.

These current actions could and should have been taken years ago without Gov Cuomo. As you know the BOE had to sign the current employee contracts to make them legal. Two sides have to sign. To your credit you, HMO were a voice standing up for knowing the cost of contracts and got BOE policy written to that effect. Sadly,at times, that policy has been overlooked.



SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ I don't know if you are aware, but that is not the only policy they purposely "overlook." When it suits them, they do as they please. The policies, regs, rules and laws are a huge joke to this group.

They are only taking action now because they have NO CHOICE.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to Doug; My comments had nothing to do with the new super.
My comments had nothing to do with contracts although from an acedemic (quality improvement)aspect they continue to be a joke but of course we have yet to hear what the 'benefit to the district' of any of these contracts as decribed in the Comptrollers Audit and ageed to by the board 2008.

My point is and always has been the lack of respect shown to the owners of this school district (the taxpayers).
You don't ask people to get involved - ask people to come out and vote - then if you don't like thier vote - give them the finger - raise the owners taxes OVER thier objection - then wonder why those same people don't 'trust' you.

Lastly, believe me when I tell you every state rep was aware of this injustice and sat with one thumb out of site while this continued.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time that our superintendent came out of her office and fielded an interview on TV/talked to a newspaper reporter??? Where is she?

Anonymous said...

""We really need to have less teachers? Classroom of 25 kids at all different levels and the teachers need to make them learn and get good test scores. R U kidding? Step into a classroom people, you have no idea!

3/14/2012 8:30 PM""

Guess what Union member; TEACHERS did that with great success before Unions came in during the 60s. They did it with 30+ kids in the room, no computers and no aids either.

You took the job, you signed a contract to do the job and you accept the pay.

I'll tell you what my boss tells me. The company don't get paid for making excuses and we don't pay employees for excuses. You can't do the job sorry to hear you're leaving the company. There are people waiting to do my job if I don't and there are licensed teachers in line for yours too.

Either do the job or get out of the way. If the clown who replaces you don't perform he/she will follow you out the door.

Anonymous said...

Back then, they could also permanently expel and beat the kids, great system!

SCATS said...

To 6:55PM ~~ Are you suggesting the purpose of unions coming into play was to keep schools from beating and/or expelling students??

Anonymous said...

Actually SCATS as someone who was paying close attention to the Union activity in the late 60s I can state one of the first things Union teachers negotiated was to be completely removed from any responsibility for discipline beyond writing referrals.

The Union position at the time was removal of teachers from discipline would create a better teaching situation and teacher/student relationship. This also created additional Union jobs for school disciplinarians.

It's easily possible to track the breakdown of anything resembling order in schools by looking at the historic Union contracts. It's also possible to fix blame for the current situation.

As to 6:55s contention, yes, some people who were youthful criminals were expelled back then. Most expelled weren't missed since they rarely attended school anyhow. "Teachers" who relied on beating students into submission rarely lasted long enough in any District to gain Tenure before Unions came in. Real teachers, before the arrival of Draft Deferment Extenders didn't need to beat anyone. They knew how to keep students busy. They also knew how to build employable adults rather than Welfare applicants.