Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Budget Nobody Cares About

Not a single resident spoke at Tuesday evening's pre-budget hearing in the Greece Central School District ... not one!

Nobody cares that 21.4 teaching jobs are gone.

Maybe GTA should sit up & take note that no one cares about teacher layoffs.


Anonymous said...

I take a different perspective away from no speakers at the budget hearing.About 90percent of parents DON T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE EDUCATION OF THEIR CHILDREN.Our district has become nothing more than a taxpayer supported day care center .'s a outcry your looking for let the district Make changes to our insane busing policy Elimitate the late buses .SOC and secondary option.Then watch out.

SCATS said...

To 1:27PM ~~ Or just tinker with sports ;)

I can honestly say that being involved never paid off for my family. Unless you're going to kiss the backsides of certain people, it's fruitless.

Anonymous said...

To 1:27PM.........there are a ton of parents who care about their kid's education. However when parents and others have had their jobs axed or taken pay cuts, had their health care costs either sky rocket or taken away, there is little sympathy left if a few teachers get laid off. Sorry, but parents don't have the energy to be the GTA's mouth piece anymore. Especially when they have taken the time to read the GTA union contract.

The union has done more to ruin public education for our kids across this nation than any parent involved or uninvolved ever could.

Sorry, but I could give a crap if they cut teachers. It appears in Greece that no matter how many teachers we have or how much we pay them our educational results are still at the bottom of the barrel and have been for years. Not feeling appreciated?????? Go find a job in the real world and see how much money you will make and how wonderful (not) the health care benefits are in the private sector. You got it made on our tax dime so quit your complaining.

Anonymous said...

Hard to feel sorry for the teachers when the fact is that their unwillingness to budge on their contract is a big part of why the budget is so high. They continue to get a 4percent raise every year regardless of how students perform, and their is nothing that can be done about it. They can go on like this for years and most likely will. Maybe when they realize that they can't continue to hold the district hostage over their contract that a former interim super negotiated maybe and only maybe will people feel any sympathy over 20 positions being eliminated. If they were willing to make concessions like everyone else maybe the layoffs would not be necessary

Anonymous said...

SCATS-just curious what you mean by, "...being involved never paid off for my family". As in, you never received special treatment? Or that your kids didn't benefit from your being involved in their lives and education? To me if a parent is involved, their child is benefitting in some manner. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

GCSD has finally reached the level the Board desired,
Patents are happy with athletic babysitting,
Students have high self esteem,
Transportation has a plan to haul the graduating class directly to Welfare,
Teachers are guaranteed 4% a year for no to little teaching, far better than Unity employees will see,
It's a wonderful School District!

GCSD must have hired a consultant from Hilton, perhaps one of the fakes with the powerful EdD.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Some good points made about the contract(s) however to blame the unions is both wrong and will do no good. The unions are totally engrossed with the 'entitlement mentality' and to be held accountable for the product quality is way over thier heads.

We must continue to hold the people who approve these contracts feet to the fire. Worthless, do/nothing, give/away contracts are forced onto us and our kids by school boards and administration who have found 'easier' to just go/along to get/along while our kids and the taxpayers pay the price.

We should remember the Comptroller Audit of 2008 recommended and the school board agreeded to showing the price of a contract and the 'benefit to the district' that has been ignored to date.

I ask any reader - what is the boards position on contracts??? in reference to 'cost' and 'quality'

Anonymous said...

Most of us are tired of providing input, opinions, etc, and being ignored. How many times do we need to be told, "You don;t matter" before we stop trying?

Anonymous said...

What I wonder is how many other parents like myself sent in an application fro OA for 6th grade and oops did not get an assigned number for lottery? I know that application was received since I got a notification of acceptance in a secondary option school....

Also how is it an open public lottery if the parents were not given the corresponding "ticket number" PRIOR to lottery? Again is it only the higher powers that have access to that info? If so the lottery was meaningless, if you did not know your students number you can never verify if you were in fact a winner or not....more "trust us" at DO