Thursday, February 02, 2012

Will Lawsuits Be Filed Over The Perks Of Choice?

Several recent comments have brought up the disparities created under the new school consolidation plan.

For instance, if a child attends a school-of-choice his parents can move anywhere in Greece without changing schools. Transportation will still be provided. This is not true for the non-choice schools. If the parents move, their child will have to change schools. At the elementary level, there will be no other option, since school choice/signature schools have been eliminated. At the secondary level, there may not be room to remain in the preferred school.

Will this practice leave us open to lawsuits?


Anonymous said...

they should discontinue bussing for SOC and Secondary option... should have been done years ago...Or just get rid of SOC and secondary option...Still pisses me off to know my taxes are used to bus kids to a segragated school...shameful

Anonymous said...

You'll never get rid of bussing to one school or another. It would make those schools even more exclusive (ie families where Mom doesn't have to work are even more likely have the ability to attend). As far as a law suit, it's basically a given. I also personally know that Babs was made fully aware that open enrollment was created years ago as a result of potential legal action at that time. The boe of course was aware of that history. So here we are perhaps even worse of than a month ago. Oh, and by the way we've still never heard the purpose of SOC.