Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"We can tell you that parents were quite hostile to us."

Watch the video on this link about "this closed meeting" about the Greece Thunder hockey player's attack on a teammate.

Listen to Laurel Heiden's statement on how GCSD is handling this hockey mess by "providing support and guidance to the players, their families and the coaching staff."

SCATS ~~ WHERE THE HELL IS THE ADULT ACCOUNTABILITY?? WHERE WAS THE COACH?? There was not a single mention of this incident at tonight's BOE meeting. You failed us, Babs!!!


Anonymous said...

Babs is not failing us. You don't have the facts right. The kid was checked during practice and after the check skated off the ice and threw up!

SCATS said...

To 10:32PM ~~ So that's why he's "off the team" as reported by Patrice Walsh on Feb. 13th? Riiiight!!

SCATS said...

To those of you who are trying (but failing) to defend Grimshaw ~~ I just listened to a recording of the Kimberly & Beck show where a note was read from Captain Steve Chatterton of Greece police who wrote that the INCIDENT HAPPENED IN THE LOCKER ROOM.

Given that aspect of the TRUTH coming out, you've been exposed for being complete cowards by letting a teammate bust this kid into the wall. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the meeting of the Hockey team, parents and principal last night.......my bet is that this meeting was about damange control and NOT about holding the coach and other players responsible for their actions. My bet is the principal with help from the district PR dept told this group to keep their mouths shut, stay off Twitter and Facebook and this blog and this incident will all blow over.

I am sick and tired of employees of the school district constantly complaining about how disrespectful and rude kids are in their schools. Our children are in YOUR hands 6 hours or more each day. If you have no consequenses for the actions of these said kids and allow disrespectful and rude behavior to continue, then you reap what you sow. This hockey mess is a fine example. And parents you are also to blame for coddling your disrespectful and rude kids.

Is there NO ONE in this school system that has the balls to put a stop to this insanity?

By the way.......a H.S. coach just got fired for encouraging his players to chant 1-2-3-tourettes while his team was playing the team from Lyons.

Our Super must move swiftly to bench this team for the rest of the season. Fire the coach and suspend Grimshaw for the rest of the school year.

SCATS said...

To 6:44AM ~~ That makes TOTAL sense!! Especially in light of the fact that starting from the beginning of last night's BOE meeting & continuing into the early hours of the morning, this BLOG was ON FIRE with what appear to be students comments. In fact, two of them were SO BUSY stuffing comments last night that they made the TOP TEN list BLOGSPOT tracked for "traffic sources" directed to this BLOG from guess where? THEIR PERSONAL TWITTER ACCOUNTS! That's a "first" since I've handled this BLOG: having specific evidence of exactly WHO wrote specific comments. Impressive since yesterday evening there were about beaucoup pageviews!

Sadly, not a single word was uttered specific to this incident at last night's BOE meeting. Babs did give a general mention about the need to provide support for students to make good choices. To me, Babs is supporting the coaches, parents AND team in their ongoing dysfunctional, wreckless behaviors. I'm unimpressed with her response.

Anonymous said...

This crap is little different from what went down at Charlotte Beach a couple years back and the crap that killed the Carnival at the Mall!

Charlotte only got cleaned up when honest and decent people forced the Mayor and RPD to get off their a$$ and do the job they are paid to do.

When the hell will the honest taxpayers of GCSD demand their schools return to places of learning and not remain training camps for thugs and a generation of future inmates?

SCATS said...

To 10:35PM ~~ Sadly, Harborfest has been canceled in the future just as the festival at the mall has ended. Even Sea Breeze has latered their calendar due to the thug/gang mentality that is becoming pervasive among our youth. I know the city is pleading economics in the case of Harborfest, but I think everyone knows the inability to prevent gang meet-ups via social media is at the of the root problem.

Anonymous said...

6:44 - they were playing the team from Le Roy, not Lyons. I realize that you may not have intended that mistake but I draw an analogy to how incorrect rumors get started and perpetuate. Someone says something inaccurate, but within a statement of overall truth. It gets repeated by someone else WITH the inaccuracy. Before you know it, everyone has the story wrong but everyone thinks they have it right. Please, everyone, remember that when you're talking about things you really have no intimate or first hand knowledge of.

Oh, and by the way, simply because an email was read on that shock jock radio station (I refuse to say either of those individual's names) doesn't clarify the entire picture. Ever hear of the cops getting it wrong (think dog shot on Halloween.....!!). We are so inclinded to believe things we WANT to believe (like this incident occured in the locker room b/c that makes it more sexy and less acceptable than if it happened in the course of practice during a CONTACT sport). BUT, when we want to cast aspersions on a group (police, for example) we pick apart their statements to make them look inaccurate at best and outright untruthful at worst.

SCATS said...

To 8:14AM ~~ So you actually believe GPD got it wrong after gathering statements from the victim & other team members??? Could I interest you in a bridge? It's got a nice, waterfront view ;)

Anonymous said...

No, I'm actually saying that it seems you CHOOSE when to believe "authorities" based on your pre-conceived notions and when you don't. If YOU were a hockey parent, I'm CERTAIN you'd call the report in to question. No doubt in my mind...and before you rush to it -- no, I'm not a mind reader but people's behavior is what it is...and yours is on here for all to see over several years.

Read my post again, for meaning this time. Maybe you should spend more time really trying to get at issues instead of smearing people at every turn instead of searching for a bridge for me to buy. I live in a landlocked areas....no need for bridges. :)

SCATS said...

To 5:29PM ~~ Of course I choose whento believe authorities! After 6 years of watching them in action, I've learned when they are likely to be telling the truth (and why) and when they are not. I'm pretty darned sure Capt. Steve Chatterton didn't set the record straight in a public forum without having his facts straight.

For the record: I'D NEVER EVER BE A "HOCKEY PARENT"!!! Isn't that phrase a bit of an oxymoron???

PS ~~ I don't have to search for a bridge for you to buy. Webby will sell one to you, cheap too lol