Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watch Your Wallet Alert!!

The Greece Post reports: "The owner and developer of The Mall at Greece Ridge is at Greece Town Hall this morning for a public hearing on proposed tax breaks.

Wilmorite has applied for $3.6-million in tax incentives as part of an $11-million project to redesign the space left behind by the departing Bon-Ton store. Wilmorite is hoping to fill the void with restaurants and smaller boutique-style shops.

The COMIDA meeting started at 9 a.m."

SCATS ~~ How nice that this "meeting" was publicized AFTER IT BEGAN!! Speaking of which, there's a Greece Town Board meeting, tonight @6PM. NO AGENDA IS POSTED.


Anonymous said...

It was on Channel 10 website yesterday.

SCATS said...

To 11:37AM ~~ It was there at 6:36AM today. It SHOULD BE ON THE TOWN'S SITE, but it was not ;)

Anonymous said...

COMIDA is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the taxpayers of this county.Approvals are automatic if you are well connected with right. People. And have the cash to grease a few palms
Tax breaks are approved for the purpose of job creation.
What a joke. After the tax break is granted, there is absolutlely no follow up the by the COMIDA political appointees to make sure these receiving the breaks have made good on their promise to create the number jobs they actually created.Many previous recipients not only failed to create one single job but actually cut jobs.Under the terms of the agreement,those receiving tax cuts are required to repay the county the amounts that they received. What a joke. Why? The reasons are many but all come to one undeniable fact.Monroe County Politics as usual.
The bottom line, by design, no over sight what so ever by the political COMIDA BOARD.
So how does the county account for the shortfall created They simply pass it on to us tax payers in the form of new or higher fees.oh and of course higher property taxes.
Now some you will say that Maggie promised not to raise those taxes a your tax per $1000 has remained stable at
$8.90 per $ 1000. Another lie by Maggie. Well almost while she does not raise you tax bill herself others in this county do so. Not true? Think about it in this way it's called property
Reassessment which takes place every so many years.
So if your assessment goes up by say $ 5000 from the last time when you get your combined county,city, town tax bill
Do the math and you will get the picture.

SCATS said...

Sorry folks, but I had to put the word verification feature back on. Too much spam was getting through, from videos to foreign language postings!!

Anonymous said...

To Scats,
It was apparently sufficiently advertised to alert the protesters in attendance(see D&C Website)

To 2:09pm
Maggie Brooks has told the truth on taxes and has held them stable. Of course the Tax Levy will increase, of course your assesment will go up.
You want both of those things to happen. I am sure you want to be able to sell your house for more than you bought it for. I would bet you expect it to.
Tex Levy can increase for a variety of reasons...new construction, re-assement, increase in population.
Maggie Brooks has done exactly what she said she would. Hold your taxes steady.

SCATS said...

To 4:59PM ~~ They weren't protesting the mall though. And according to that article, this all happened at COMIDA’s monthly meeting ...

I agree with 2:09PM and I've witnessed the tax game over the years in this town. Yes, our taxes go up but NOT because our homes are worth more! Scour the real estate transactions & look at the large numbers of homes that are selling FAR BELOW their assessed value. We've all been scammed at least as far back as Schwab's tenure as assessor. Maggie, Auberger, etc ... they are ALL the same types.