Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thunder Parents Meeting Athena Principal Now

"I'm in Greece where the principal of Greece Athena is mtg with "Greece Thunder" parents and players after a locker room fight last week." ~~ Lynette Adams, WHEC-TV (via Twitter)

UPDATE: It was reported that GCSD required that Thunder hockey players bring at least one parent & attend a closed door meeting today with administration, coaches, etc. at Lakeshore Hockey Rink. Following the 45 minute meeting, Lynette Adams reported those attending were hostile towards her as she attempted to cover the story outside the rink.
SCATS ~~ Same ole, same ole from this group!  The BOE Exec. Session starts @5:30PM. Will the Greece Thunder hockey incident be discussed?


Anonymous said...

The sure fire sign this meeting changed nothing: Lynette Adams saying that parents were hostile toward her following the meeting. Great example the continue to set.

SCATS said...

To 5:36PM ~~ Yes, I heard that report too. I'm sure the parents/team are blaming the media for their out-of-control little wannabes.

Anonymous said...

The following quote is from WHEC web site regarding the meeting of the hockey players and parents and Principal of Athena tonight.

"the meeting is one of several steps in our proactive response which will lend support and guidance to the players, their families, and the coaching staff.”

I want to throw up. What do they mean "lend support and guidence?" This is BS. The district needs to tell these kids the jig is up. Game over. YOu do not coddle these kids. You bench the team, fire the coach, suspend the kid who was charged with assult for the rest of the year. Case closed. You do not negotiate, support or give guidence to a bunch of thugs and bullies. PERIOD. Poor Behavior in the real world has consequenses.

Anonymous said...

I was told by a friend who attended the meeting that social media sites were brought up by the Greece rep. I noti ed that warning has been heeded by a few tweeterers on the team. My issue is that it acknowledges the district knows what these kids are writing on these sites. Fortunatly my friends son doesnt appear to be part of this mess.

Anonymous said...

While the legal process has to run its course, the player charged should be suspended from games and practice until this is resolved. Look at the treatment given Jerry Sandusky, Jo Pa and Bernie Fine with only allegations, no trial, no convictions. Sometimes the crime is so serious that action needs to be taken while due process is running.
The allegation os not for hazing, teasing, taunting. This is a criminal allegation!

Anonymous said...

This is th best chance GCSD taxpayers have to eliminate the expense of a punk gang claiming to be a hockey team.

What the hell are school officials thinking holding a closed door meeting on ground effectively leased and under the care, custody & control of GCSD to discuss a criminal event? Even Mike Green could build a conspiracy
case from this.

GCSD needs to immediately end forever any school involvement with ice hockey.
There are probably 50 kids involved in hockey and they alone benefit from it. How many other kids in GCSD are getting less so hockey can be funded?

The message needs to be loud & clear. You punks want sports you will behave in a manner to show you deserve sports. One clown in any sport screws the pooch the whole damn team goes away forever.

SCATS said...

To 12:17AM ~~ You make an excellent point about the closed door meeting. But then again, Greece does whatever it wants and gets away with it.

I also agree about the expense of footing these teams in these hard economic times. It's beyond time to start cutting back on sports & other extra-curriculars.

SCATS said...

To those of you who are trying (but failing) to defend Grimshaw ~~ I just listened to a recording of the Kimberly & Beck show where a note was read from Captain Steve Chatterton of Greece police who wrote that the INCIDENT HAPPENED IN THE LOCKER ROOM.

Given that aspect of the TRUTH coming out, you've been exposed for being complete cowards by letting a teammate bust this kid into the wall. SHAME ON YOU ALL!