Thursday, February 23, 2012

SCATS ' 6th Anniversary *

250 Facebook Friends
2900 BLOGS
425,000 Pageviews (since 5/09)


* (Equivalent to serving TWO terms on the Greece School Board!!
Kehoe ... Achramovitch ... O'Rourke/ Nadolinski ... Babs ... ? )


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Happy Birthday!

Joe Moscato said...

Allow me to thank you for trying to keep this community informed and involved. Your blog site to me was a welcomed relief when you took it over from idiots that ranthe site before while I was on the Board.
There are some individuals who post here have some good things to offer that would improve our schools as well as our Town, if they only would come forward in the proper format and express.their feelings and ideas in person.
To many of us residents simply sit back and take the position that nothing will say and do will ever have an impact or bring about change. This attitude is exactly what those in charge are counting me.
So I urge those of you who feel it neccessary to remain anonymous on this site to put a face with your convictions and stand tall, be heard and get involved. Then only then will real positive change will be realized
In mean time thanks again for providing this forum, Rest assured those in charge faithfully read this site .

SCATS said...

To 12:04PM & Joe Moscato ~~ Thank you both :)

Joe, I must say that I'm quite sure that several of the anonymous folks who regularly comment on here have tried speaking out in the past. Unless people can come together AS A GROUP, the powers that be use "divide & conquer" tactics to divert attention away from the real issues. It's sad but true that embarassment works better in Greece. Thanks for the support & continued input.