Friday, February 10, 2012

Greece Planning Board Delays Bryant & Stratton OK Again

The Greece Post reports: "A Stony Creek development proposal that would bring a 33,000-square-foot Bryant and Stratton campus to Greece was postponed by the planning board again Wednesday night.

The board cited traffic concerns along the development's Long Pond Road and English Road exits in its decision.

"The school will be very close to my house, so I am very concerned about my quality of life," said Deborah Janowicz, who lives on Brandon Circle. "I'm here to make sure the school fits into our neighborhood."

Janowicz said she was concerned about student noise and suggested a bus loop on the property to reduce traffic.

The board will take up the proposal again at its next meeting on Feb. 21."

SCATS ~~ I thought the court told the Town of Greece that traffic concerns weren't a valid reason for not approving this project since a big box store could be built at the site without needing ANY approvals ...? Ms. Janowicz's concerns for her personal quality of life are exactly what makes Greece such a "special" place to live in! Self-centered & proud! ;)

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I'm confused can anyone explain this