Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fascinating Read ...

The Nick Joseph Parole Hearing Transcript

"You subsequently left the scene of the accident with the aid of another police officer, aparently lied to the Grand Jury and engaged in a coverup with other police, including the chief of police who was also imprisoned, is that an accurate description, sir?" ~~ Commissioner Ferguson

SCATS ~~ I wonder if Chief Todd knows who gave him the ride & if that cop is still working in GPD?


Anonymous said...

What lying piece of garbage this guy is. I hope the Parole Board keeps him locked up for his FULL sentence!!!!

SCATS said...

To 7:12AM ~~ While I understand the angry feelings, PLEASE resist the urge with name-calling, even if deserved ;)

Anonymous said...

Let us not lose truth about who hired this guy in the first place along with other jailbird buddy. Jack Auburger hired both him and Pignato and is responsible for the hole rotten disgraceful mess that followed . It was Pignato who took him home from Ridgemont Plaza after Joseph called him from a pay phone.He was smart enough not to use a cell phone which could be traced.

Anonymous said...

OK folks lets look at reality.
Fact, Nick Joseph is no saint, and he's not a whole lot smarter than a box of rocks either.

Read his statements carefully and you see he has no college degree, yet he became a Sargent in GPD. You also see Nick is pursuing a degree while doing time. Best of all you see Nick is studying FLOOR COVERING. Guess what big store on Ridge Rd hires parolees to install your carpet in your house?

If you're mildly conversant with the Parole process you can also see Nick didn't have a chance at that hearing. The Commissioner made statements that were not based in fact and put Nick on the hot seat.

It appears Nick was not represented by a lawyer at the hearing and Nick tried to set the record straight.

This hearing is really the first statement direct from Nick's mouth. We learn no blood was drawn directly from Nick, and we also hear of the missing metabolite for a combination of Coke and alcohol when the blood from the airbag and dash was tested. Bear in mind such evidence normally would have been excluded from a trial because the vehicle had not remained in police custody, ergo no chain of evidence. The evidence was admitted in the Joseph trial. VERY INTERESTING!

OK, that aside, TRACPHONE. You can buythem for cash, no questions asked, and no records exist. Nick had at least one. No way in hell Nick walked to a payphone at Ridgemont that night with that head injury.

Nick didn't get a ride home from Piglet either, Piglet's location was investigated, and he wasn't hauling Nicky home. Was it an official vehicle? Yes. Was it a Police vehicle belonging to GPD? No. Does Nick have any memory of the ride? Probably not.

Does Nick Joseph deserve to be in Clinton for at least a couple more years? Absolutely, he did a hell of a lot he never got caught for.

Nick Joseph was a thug at RPD, and Nick was a thug at GPD. Nick Joseph was also the supervisor of a shift at GPD.
Don't that give you a warm feeling?

So, who got a promotion to keep his mouth shut at GPD after Rahn got caught?

SCATS said...

To 3:20AM ~~ Chatterton, along with about 20 others.

Anonymous said...

They upset that chain of evidence on purpose. But still it was used. Why? It seems there was an expectation that the DA would not be able to present evidence that broke the chain of custody. Why was it permitted to be presented? When did his lawyer present an objection to its being allowed in? Who was his lawyer anyway? Not Rahn's lawyer?
And we all know who drove him home. Person in uniform but not a policeman. And we know it's not GI Joe. This one's for you?

Anonymous said...

Chatterton is disliked by most of the rank and file. He is considered to be s well as Auberger's eyes and ears in the PD. He has his eyes on the Chief 's job when Baxter leaves.One can only hope that Baxter out lasts Auberger's last year and one half at which time her will ride off into"Political Purgatory" for eternity.therby seriiously dim Chatterton's chances to be the next chief.

Anonymous said...

The D&C reports that the Greece PD currently has 25 sargeants. WOW! That works out to10 bosses for every25 patrolmen. while I Realize that 4 or 5 are detectives, by any count that seems rather accessive in a 90 man dept. Hold on a minute . the actual ratio of command to patrolmen is actually Much more when you count the number of lieutenants and Captains. Plus the. Chief. guess whose paying for this extravagant operation?

SCATS said...

To 10:51AM~~ So he took over when Wise left as "eyes & ears"?

To 11:28AM ~~ I saw that number too. Actually, GPD has 101 cops at last count, but still that's a lot of command staff.

Anonymous said...

to 10:51....good to see that Nicks family still reads the blog from time to time. Are you still mad he told his officers not to cover for good old Nick. You come back and spell RAT the same way everytime. Your info is about 3 years old and outdated. As a retired military guy I would say that an Internal Affairs Captains priority should not to"be liked by the rank and file". If he was then I could we trust he was doing his job.

I've met the guys and he seems ok and I know Baxter seems to like him too.

If we don't like this new P.D. we will never be happy. I believe the Baxter does his best to keep politics out of police work.

SCATS said...

To 3:43PM ~~ I've heard Chatterton utter your EXACT words several timesbefore: " ... an Internal Affairs Captains priority should not to"be liked by the rank and file".

I can't help but wonder if YOU are him ...

Anonymous said...

The thread that binds the last basket of GPD exposures is the gray thread of the NY State Police, the Troopers who believe they walk on water.

Troopers took over the Joseph crash, oddly they went out of their way to avoid an accident that was theirs from square jump by inter agency agreement, and then jumped on it when everything had been contaminated.

Troopers also grabbed how many bags of shredded paper from the GPD dumpster without getting a warrant, spent how many hours and how much skotch tape, and got to look stupid when the "evidence" couldn't be touched.

Oddly Team Green took tremendous credit and backpatting for prosecuting Joseph & Rahn. Team Green introduced faulty evidence knowingly, and slid it around the system.

Al Joseph couldn't pull a single string for Nicky when Al should have been able to dance the Judge like Howdy Doodie with what Al held.

There is way more to why Nicky is sitting in Clinton than the public will know, and damn good reason why it will be his home for 2 more years.

Had Joe Blow been driving the vehicle instead of Nick Joseph this case never would have been indicted.

Nick did something else to the wrong person and Nick is paying for that. Betting is it's an old debt.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is that Auberger was responsible for all of this.When he entered as supervisor he knew from previous accounts of how was Rahn was or was not running the police department. Auberger made it possible or Joseph and Piggy to get hired above the objections of many. He was aware of the history with RPD of both Joseph and Piggy.
These things will continue to happen as long as the citizens of greece keep voting the Aubergers of the world into office. Now a days each town council member has a full time government job besides being a Council person (can they be objective with decisions, No)
Officers like chatterton have a spouse and family working for the town (hello)
Greece wake up.