Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fairport Silences Greece's "Thunder"


Greece Thunder 1


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fairport.

Greece Thuggers humiliated on the ice, karma for embarrassing toe community off the ice.

Babs it's time to close down Thugger Hockey and auction off the equipment. You can use the same auction company that sold all the computers you bought at Newfane.

Anonymous said...

Fairport was the favorite (higher seed) so this comes as no surprise. While this seems like sour grapes on your part, know that in the past four years this program won a state title, finished third in the state, won two Section V titles, had a player drafted into the NHL, had a player make the US National team and play for his country, had two players get Division I scholarships, and packed thousands of fans into their games. Did I mention that the captain at Harvard is also an alum? Or that the team also finished with the highest GPA in the state several times and is always in the top 10? That they do loads of charity work each year?

Just another perspective from a parent who was proud to have two kids play for this team. My last one graduated in 2010 and is an honor student in college. Both worked hard from the time they were little to make the team and have their picture on the wall at Lakeshore Rink. One now has his name on the state champs banner that hangs there as well. But he is equally proud of winning the sportsmanship award at his school, given annually to the athlete in any sport who exemplifies sportsmanship. Yes, even Thunder players can do that.

Like any group, no team is perfect. These kids have been under the magnifying glass twice in the past three years and haven't always very mature in their response. I'll let you in on a secret: hockey players, and teenagers in general, swear a lot. I know y'all are shocked, just shocked by that.

In any event, most of these kids will go on to college (not playing hockey) and enter real life with hopefully fond memories. I know mine did.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a supporter of school sports programs as I always considered an important asset in our educational program. Handled properly, sports builds character.However, my opinion has changed because the wrong people are running the programs. I don 't necessarily mean administrators and coaches. The real culprits are the parents of the kids who play in our various programs.
It is their direct interference that has resulted in the demise of the original intentions of organized sports program. It is they and they alone are responsible for the unsportsmanship attitude portrayed by some students involved in our programs.That is truly ashame because because of the costs associated with these programs,their worth as an educational tool is about to come to an end.
As far as the lose by the hockey team, on one hand my heart goes out to those kids who bust their humps to play this demanding sport.On the other hand when these same kids public ally state that they play for themselves and not the schools they represent it is dissappointing. They have lost the concept of school pride and the student body they represent.This attitude on their part requires a good long look at the viability of sports programs and the related cost to the people who fund their opportunity to participate..Ua tax payers.

SCATS said...

To 8:32AM ~~ Sour grapes on my part?? Hardly! I have absolutely NOTHING to gain or lose, either way ;) I'm sorry but having your kid's pic on the wall in a place like Lakeshore strikes me as being one step up from the restroom at the War Memorial lol

You raised a very good issue though: CAN Thunder players be true sportsmen?Not from what the Greece community has witnessed twice in three years.

To 10:50AM ~~ Yes, school sports "build character." No one denies that. It's the TYPE of character that they build that has become the question ;) I disagree that it is ONLY the parent's problems, too. Our coaches & other sports "mentors" behave like buffoons much too often. Violence and offensive behaviors abound for all, as a result. The purpose of a teacher or coach is to be a role model when the kids are in their care. That means STEPPING UP and correcting improper behavior of those they supervise. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this Grimshaw's day before the judge?
Could be fun reading this afternoon's tweets.....oozing sportsmanship... .

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see this site and its followers express happiness that players that had nothing to do with the incident lost a game to another town's school.

You're all a real class act!

SCATS said...

To 2:12PM ~~ First of all, "this site" has shown no expression of "happiness" ... I posted a headline, not unlike some you might read in the media along with the final score. Where is the "happiness' in that?

Re: "Nothing to do with it" ... oh puh-leeze! They ALL got their stories in line, Tweeted trash talk about the victim, yada, yada, yada. I have yet to see ANY ONE OF THEM take a stand saying that Grimshaw's "alleged" behavior is reprehensible. On the other hand, quite a number of them blasted this site with trash talk supporting him.

Anonymous said...

10:50 I agree with you about the responsibilities attached to coaching. How ever in the environment that permeates the culture of some of our schools especially at Athenayour logic is flawed
If a coach let' say Webb tries to discipline a player by " benching him for a game, he would face the rath of not only his parent but the so called Sports BoostersClub. Believe me it is much easier took look the other way in that environment.I it right? Not hardly. If your the coach and you socialize with the parents and booster club members as Webb does,it is virtually impossible for him to as you suggest and stay in good standing with that bunch.
I coached in a different era. My staff and me in charge.We never had to deal with parents.The kids knew if they didn't. Obey the rules of conduct there would be consequences for their actions and accepted what followed.therein lies the difference between then and know. Individules took responsibility for their action. Today,we blame everyone else.for our missteps. Regardless of the circumstances.
If your wondering, Iam and never was a teacher.I was State certified to coach and as such coached at many area school districts but never in Greece.

Anonymous said...

The Grimshaw situation will be. Resolved to night.
he will be offered a plea deal by the DA to a lesser charge.
The judge will then decide the oppropriately arranged sentence. Most probably an apology and some form of community service.

SCATS said...

To 3:39PM ~~ I'm calling a "BS ALERT!" on your comment. Why? I checked with a good friend of mine and learned there is NO NIGHT COURT in Greece for handling such things. Greece court operates 1-5 or so Wed-Fri afternoons. Mon & Fri mornings are trials & other business. In the evenings, they bring in prisoners for arraignments. Grimshaw was already arraigned. Even if he pleads guilty he wouldn't be spit out of the backlogged court system that fast. Nice try though ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats, will you be giving an update on this at the next NGN meeting? BTW, you got a little testy at the last one. What gives?

SCATS said...

To 8:52PM ~~ Ha ha!! I don't belong to NGN. Never have and doubt I ever will.

Anonymous said...

Well gee, I'd almost forgotten Little SnapOn got drafted from the GCSD program. How's his career going?
very high draft pick and very big disappointment—Jason Bonsignore. is what one hockey site says.

Am I the only one noticing the high English Language skills of Thugger supporters?

Get a grip people, nobody gives a flat dam about your kid playing high school hockey.
You want the kid playing Mr Hockey Player reach in your pocket and pay the bill. Don't ask the taxpayrs to support your kid's Special Ed Program.

Glad you're proud, but reality is your kid is a future bartender at best after Thugger Hockey.

Anonymous said...

Ya' know what all these boys should not be grouped together. There are upstanding kids on that team that work very hard. Maybe one approach to all the problems with sports at all the Greece schools is to remove all coaches from their current positions and start fresh - this removes all politics like parents drinking with the head coach of the baseball team to get their sons on the team.

Maybe we should also lump all the teachers into the catagory as terrible based on the fact that there are terrible teachers..... So basically don't lump all the hockey boys as thugs because the action of a couple.

The Greece Thunder boys skated hard and as a mother in Greece who actually watched this game was very proud to be a parent of an Athena student. You Anonymous 2:56 AM should be ashamed of your self - those boys work hard everyday at practice and at their games. I am sure you never played hockey and have no clue to reality - most like you are a disgruntled teacher!

SCATS said...

To 1:24PM ~~ We already know exactly how "upstanding" these fellas are. We checked out the Twitter postings for most of them a week or so ago. Those postings show they:
disdain authority;
can swear like sailors in the Merchant Marines;
knew exactly what happened IN THE LOCKER ROOM;
attempted to get their stories all in line;
have no regard for rules, school policies, laws, etc.;
blame everyone but themselves for their own behaviors;
share a view that because it's hockey, anything they do is fine & dandy regardless who gets hurt

I could go on & on, but I'm sure you get the fuller picture from this short list.

PS ~ Regarding teachers: given the sad state of affairs in GCSD, they should be lumped together for taking us to the bottom of the standings in the county. Of course, you don't care about Greece's academic standings, just so long as your kid's hockey team "wins" ;)

Anonymous said...

Thunder Hockey has been over the line for a long time. The district likes to crow about the GPA of this group. Subtract about 10 points and you will have the real picture because that is the difference between a private and public education. The real problem starts with a group of parents known as the Sports Booster Club. This group exists to do whatever the coaches want to ensure their child a place on the team. People who do not have a player on the team but have a player who will try out future years are involved with this group and will support what ever the coaches want to make sure their child has a place on the team. Team discipline starts and ends with the coaching staff it is obvious that this coach and his staff don't get it and never did. The sad part is that we the taxpayers support this nonsense and will be on the hook for the financial settlement for the injured player which is sure to come. In my opinion the Coach and , his staff were grossly negligent and should be removed. I also believe that the Thunder Sports Booster Club condones poor conduct on the part of the players and encourages the coaching staff to ignore incidents such as the one we are discussing now. My suggestion is the dissolution of the Thunder Sports Booster Club and the imposition of a fee to cover any expenses not paid by the district for this program. Ideally I believe that there should be one team for the GCSD if any at all.

Anonymous said...

Exactly howmany taxpayer dollars are spent on Thugger Hockey and how many "students" play hockey?

What's the cost of keeping the Thugs happy?
Ice time?

Does Thugger hockey make the piano look like a bargain?

What's the return on investment 10 years out beyond "the biggest disappointment"?

Honestly, how the hell can Hockey be cost justified to taxpayers when GCSD consistently delivers pathetic academic results? How can any diversion of tax dollars from academics be justified?

NO, I'm not a "teacher" and I'm not a GCSD employee either! The purpose of Public Schools is to educate the next generation of wage earners, NOT hopefully create the next NHL, NFL or NBA disappointment.

Anonymous said...

12:21 Bonsignore played for Lightning. There was no Thunder at that time. The player recently drafted was Phil Lane last year. He's still playing junior hockey in Canada.

Also, most of the players go on to college but very few still play hockey. But since their GPAs are so high I'm sure one of them is probably your boss, which is why you're so bitter.

BTW Lightning went 0-21 this season. Bet you're all happy about that, too.

SCATS it's obvious you never played organized sports. Rule #1 is you stick up for your teammate right or wrong. Back in the day I played with a kid that was literally a criminal on and off the ice, but he was OUR criminal. Our brother. Successful teams have that mentality.

SCATS said...

To 1:59PM ~~ I agree with much of what you say about Greece's sports boosters. It applies to most of them, not just the hockey group. Having said that, it appears to me that there is little separation between players, parents & coaches when it comes down to attitude & behavior issues. In my mind, the adults, i.e. coaches & parents, are supposed to be role models, to supervise and discipline and support the kids. Instead, they tend to act like the teens.

To 2:25PM ~~ It's my understanding that hockey is the single most expensive sport we have. Ice time is $$, even if the families buy the individual player's uniform & equipment. Isn't it odd to know we added a second hockey team, but couldn't afford to give Odyssey a football team? Of course football is the next most expensive sport. And it's just a matter of time before OA gets that football team.

I agree that academics should be our first concern, but this is the Greece Central SPORTS District.

To 2:27PM ~~ You are quite amusing! The idea that any Thunder player could be anyone's "boss" after reading their Tweets is hilarious at best. It's interesting that they can spell any expletive imaginable without error, but can't get the difference between then & than, or disgust & discussed.

As for your "Rule #1" you sound like a staunch supporter of the Greece Police Dept. when it was under Rahn's watch. It reminds me of gang mentality ;)

Anonymous said...

Get a grip people! The season's over and no one will remember in a few years,save one or two players, the various outcomes. As with so many social and professional arenas, accountability and responsibility need improvement by all involved. Coaches,players and parents all share the glory or the shame.Let me also point out that the cost of hockey as compared to football or baseball is less when the cost and upkeep of athletic fields is taken into account. And yes, I do work for the district and I do know the costs.

Anonymous said...

- OA will get football if it admits more students.

- Greece had to come up with two hockey teams because the league wouldn't keep letting a huge district only have one team - it was unfair since the team was too good having so many players to chose from. In reality, Greece should have three teams based on the size of most of the other schools in the league.

- I'm sure hockey is expensive but it also makes a lot of money. Only football draws more fans. Regular season games draw hundreds and the playoffs draw thousands. There were 2,000+ people at the Thunder-Fairport game. Like it or not, it's a huge deal.

- The district pays for ice time, jersey and pants. Other equipment and all the bling is paid for by parents. And let me tell you, after dropping $2000 a season on travel hockey, High School hockey costs almost nothing, and provides way more ice time. Such a deal for parents, so a big incentive to get the kid on the team as young as possible.

- Teams have about 25-30 players. There are also JV teams but parents have to foot the bill for those, unlike other sports because Section V doesn't sanction JV hockey. If they do someday it will cost you $$.

SCATS said...

To 4:46PM ~~ I disagree with your statement about costing less. At least the athletic fields are shared by a wide variety of teams, so that upkeep is spread over the masses. The hockey rink cost is provided for the few.

To 4:53PM ~~ Not so fast! OA may never see a football team. Babs has made statements twice now about Greece needing to consolidate sports. We no longer have 15,000 kids either. So maybe we can go back to one hockey team. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you heard that OA was never going to have football. They were supposed to combine with another Greece school but in the end all refused because the combined number would have made them play in Class AA instead of Class A and none wanted the tougher competition. So Odyssey got lacrosse, at the time the only school that had it. Since then lacrosse as gone big time in Monroe County and they OA was merged with Athena and Olympia/Arcadia has a team now too.

East Rochester HS is smaller than Odyssey and they have football, so you never know. Problem has always been no field. Now that they are at Apollo, there is a nice little stadium there.

SCATS said...

To 7:44PM ~~ I said Odyssey MAY never have football. The reason they do not have it now is that when Odyssey was opened in 1993, it was with the understanding & agreement that they wouldn't be having sports. Just another broken promise of a past school board.

Given the fiscal constraints that are really beginning to strangle Greece Central, they MAY NEVER HAVE IT, regardless whether or not they get a field.

Anonymous said...

OA will have to have football. Or at least combine with another. They have an attendance zone now. Some kids will have to go there. How can the district offer some students some programs and deny those programs to another simply based on where they live.

SCATS said...

To 8:46PM ~~ They already deny students programs based upon where they live and have been doing so for years. Where the heck have you been?

Anonymous said...

Please explain.

SCATS said...

To 7:03AM ~~ Since you are talking about sports, let's use extracurriculars as an example. The schools do NOT mimic each other for the ones they offer. Athena has the only "Show Choir." It's just one example, and it doesn't only happen at secondary. Elementary schools sometimes offer "chess club" and some might have "science club" or "recycling club" or a myriad of other things. Maybe one school has more offerings than another. There is NO equity in Greece ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

The last I knew OA had the only taxpayer funded/board approved chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance

Anonymous said...

But I was referring to sports.
If there are enough kids interested in chess club, it can happen in any school. If one of the kids from Olympia wants to be in show choir they can join the group at Athena.
If 30 kids who are now required to attend Odyssey want to play football???

Sports have been offered equally at all schools. With the exception of OA. That could always be explained by choice.

Just another unintended consequence.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I'm not 100% sure, but I think that program may have expanded.

To 10:17AM ~~ In the comment I responded to, the word used was "programs." To me that means anything non-service related in GCSD.

I find it rather telling that you are willing to get annoyed at the idea that there might be some inequity related to sports between the schools, but the inequities related to academics that have been in place for decades don't bother you.

Given the huge unresolved budget deficit, you might want to start worrying about whether Timmy & Jane are going to learn to read, since it's unlikely they will ever hit the big leagues in sports ;)

Anonymous said...

To 10:17 at "If one of the kids from Olympia wants to be in show choir they can join the group at Athena." This would seem to be fair but it is not true. All the schools have a "show choir. There are others like that at all the other 3 schools. They just don't have the adjective "internationally renowned" possibly? Just kidding it's all hype. And very well planned and executed hype as to the Athena group being the best of the best. They were excellent but not any better students and performers than the rest of the district schools.

Anonymous said...

which inequities in academics?
the ones where smarter kids do better than the rest.
those exist everywhere.

SCATS said...

To 1:03PM ~~ Define: "smarter kids." The ones who make honor roll? Or the FEW who pass the state required assessments?

As I've pointed out MANY TIMES, Greece's "Honor Roll" listings are bogus hypes for dozens of kids who don't deserve the grades they were awarded. The grades do NOT reflect WHAT YOU KNOW ... but what you did ;)

Anonymous said...

Just close OA as it is only going to be the new Apollo and put all the kids into their home schools on all levels. If the parents don't like their choice MOVE or send their kids to private schools.

By closing OA and going to home schools transportation costs go down.
Eliminate modified sports altogether which would help the community teams thrive.
Teachers should be allowed to be fired based on poor performance - how about eliminating the Social Studies teacher at Athena Middle School who supports Syracuse and watches all their games at school during March madness!
Greece needs to tighten their belt just like many families have to do - let's eliminate the secretaries for each principal and have them share one in each building.

Just take a look and eliminate the waste!!!