Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Babs: You're About To Be Tested.

It was just three years ago that your predecessor, Steve Achramovitch, faced what you are about to encounter - an outrageous incident involving Greece Thunder hockey coach Dan Webb. The former Supt. got Webb & his assistant coach to resign over the incident. That was the beginning of a storm that eventually helped end Steve's tenure in Greece. It was one of just two times that he did what was undeniably the "right thing", only to be made a fool by the Greece school board under Julia VanOrman's "leadership." They reversed both decisions, leaving him powerless. (The other time was when he attempted to eliminate kindergarten from West Ridge School's shrinking population in an effort to get the budget under control. The BOE reversed his decision that time, as well.)

This week, you will likely see the fury of the hockey parents should you try to "do the right thing." Nevermind that GCSD has a newly crafted anti-bullying policy with ink that's barely dry. These folks don't believe the rules apply to them. They think that having a winning team trumps everything else. With most of the same folks on the BOE now as were there three years ago, these bullies are likely to get the same mind-numbing support from the majority of the BOE. Heck, one of the newer BOE members was elected because of her close ties to the sports boosters of Greece, particularly the hockey group.

The point of this letter is to let you know that you MUST stay the course with these adult bullies, Babs. Do the right thing for the student who was victimized. Stand your ground, but be aware you MIGHT have to resign should the BOE decide to undo whatever you see as fitting for the situation. By all means, threaten to resign, but mean it. If you don't, you'll be seen by all as the same sort of powerless puppet of the BOE from that point forward, just like Steve Achramovitch was.

Good luck, you're really going to need it!

PS ~~ As for the students involved, they ought to be suspended from school and should FORFEIT any upcoming tournament games as their "discipline." Anything less sends the wrong message to both the students & their parents.


Anonymous said...

A Question from Current Parent Survey:
1. School staff acts consistently; they do as they say.
Choose one of the following answers
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree

Kids are watching every day and it does matter...Does bully matter? unless an adult is involved. At least kids have an excuse, their brians aren't fully developed yet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the spelling errors I was sleepy this AM

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ Rough weekend? :) lol