Tuesday, February 21, 2012

COMIDA Gives Away Our $$

Today, COMIDA approved corporate welfare in the form of tax breaks for the Mall at Greece Ridge Center ($3.6 million) & Bryant & Stratton College ($619,000) to build on Long Pond Rd. (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ Thanks, Maggie!!


Anonymous said...

why are we paying a for profit college $619,000 to build on long pond, I am unclear about the notion of for profit here,

Anonymous said...

Never understood comida giving tax breaks to retail outlets.
Can anyone show these tax breaks being passed on to the customers?

Have we ever seen comida produce a summary showing how much our taxes have increased to make up for the reductions they have given?

Anonymous said...

COMIDA mostly gives tax breaks to profit making enterprises. Nothing new. They are all over Greece and the county.

And not for profits don't have to pay any taxes anyway. Remember?

Anonymous said...

I repeat why does a for prodt college which is eager to move in to the area need tax incentives to move? They do not seem to need the incentive to move? Is it the close crony conncection with the shamber of commerce and local pols

Does anyone who offers to create a job get a break

Anonymous said...

Degrees from Bryant and Stratton are of limited use. The credits are difficult to transfer. They do not even list their faculty on line they are probably low paid temps. I do not believe they are accredited by the standard accrediting organization for real colleges but by one that specializes only in "accreditation" for profits and online schools like u of phoenix

Why are we supporting B&S with our tax dollars

Anonymous said...

To 8:32. Yes, anyone who promises to create a job gets a break. The half mil to the Strathallan is supposed to create 4 jobs. Let's see, that's 125K per job. Might be cheaper to just pay four people 25K a year to watch TV than to pay this for four jobs!
And one report said the 3.6 mil to the mall would create 135 jobs. That's about 27K per job in restaurants. Not great but at least better than 125K per job downtown.
Guess it's pretty hard work deciding how much tax payer money to give away just to entice businesses to invest.

SCATS said...

To 6:44AM ~~ I've known a couple of B&S teachers. No, they were NOT "temps." You should do some research on your "beliefs." ;)

To 9:59AM ~~ I offered to hire Auggie's grandkid to scoop doggy pooh in my backyard. He still wouldn't cut back onmy assessment ;)

I think the reality at Greece Ridge Mall is that this is a LAST DITCH EFFORT to try to save the place from becoming Irondequoit mall. I heard there was ANOTHER BIG FIGHT just last weekend. Letting kids just hangout in the food court drives away those with money to spend.

Anonymous said...

hey SCATS If B&S would list their faculty and there credentials them I could check it out. Any "college" that does not list its faculty and their background is raising a red flag. Can you tell me where I access a list of their faculty and their backgrounds. I did not find any listing when I looked at the B and S web site and choose the Greece location.

Just google B and S you will find numerous complaints about the quality of their programs in many locations.

SCATS said...

To 10:58AM ~~ Why not call them & ask? I know of several who taught at MCC and they were NEVER listed on their faculty.

If quality of product were the determining factor for letting someone build, there would be NO Athena HS, Aldi's or McD's on Long Pond Rd ;)

PS ~~ Just try to find out Athena's faculty & background!! And THEY ARE PEOPLE YOU PAY ... via taxes.

Anonymous said...

According to a 2011 department of education report

In 2008-9 for-profit institutions spent far less on instruction than did colleges in other sectors. Among four-year institutions, for-profits' instructional expenditures averaged $2,659 per full-time student, as opposed to $9,418 at public colleges and $15,289 at private nonprofit colleges. But tuition at for-profit institutions was not correspondingly lower. The average net price for full-time dependent undergraduates in 2007-8 was $30,900 at four-year for-profit institutions, versus $26,600 at private nonprofit colleges and $15,600 at public institutions.

why are we giving tax breaks to this type of institution