Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chief Todd's First Two Years

"I don't accept mediocrity."

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SCATS ~~ Obviously, he wasn't referring to his employer ;)


Charlie Hubbard said...

I have said it for years 'it's all about trust'.
Based on what I have seen this police chief is 'trust'.

Mistakes are always going to be made and second guessing will always take place but in the end it always comes back to that one word - trust.
Mixing 'politics' and 'public policy enforcement' has been a problem in Greece for years. Having a police chief who we can believe in will keep Greece above the fold.

Based on what I have seen Chief Baxter is also someone we want our kids to look up to.
There is no substitute for honesty, integrity, and most of all TRUST.

Anonymous said...

Delivered services to the taxpayers sure still look pretty damn sad.

How about clearing some of the dusty cases?

Are we bored with traffic enforcement? The speed trailer is cute, but it ain't ticketing speeders, is it?

Anonymous said...

I think Chief Baxter has done a great job since he came on board. This man had to take charge of a police department steeped for DECADES in corruption, politics, inept investigations and several incompetent and corrupt cops.

He cannot turn this around overnight. Unlike his predecessors Phelan and Rahn, the Chief has the integrity and grit to turn this department around. I tell every Greece cop I see that I am so glad Todd Baxter is our Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

Like the guy and think he is out to tame some elements that are difficult to control.

Hats off to a good start!

Anonymous said...

Charlie,I agree with your assessment of the Chief.How ever
If you think he has rid the department of political interference you are sadly mistaken.He still is under the control of Auburger as is the rest of the department.True he has given Baxter a little more latitude since the departure of Rahn especially in the area of the hiring of new officers.The reason for this is obviuous.Auberger' s policy of personally hire new cops blew up in face when he hired the two jail birds.This incident would eventually cost us tax payers one million to get him off the hook.unfortunately for the good of the town it worked inspite of the resulting scandal he was barely re elected.Only inGreece would this have happened.

Anonymous said...

My advice to Baxter is simply this,WATCH YOUR BACK.The same command officers that helped take out Rahn are still Auberger 's snitches.Did. Any one but me notice the epedemic. Of promotions to the rank of Captain.shortly after Auburger's re electionThis in a department that previously. Had only one authorized Captains slot. Auberger's way of reward for a job well done on his behalf.

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ I agree with your assessment. Do you realize that Auberger STILL DOES ALL HIRING FOR GPD? He does!! Baxter has NO BUDGET, so Auberger gets to say "aye" or "nay" to anyone recommended to be hired. Due to that reason AND what 11:59AM points out about the huge numbers promoted just a few months after Baxter took Rahn's reins, I think GPD is far from being "clean." Too many Rahn-era cops are still working in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Mr Charlie,on of the benefits derived from a town maintianin it's own police department in the ability to control the mission of the department as well as being able to control the information that is made public.Aslong as I have lived in Greece one of the main functions was WAS NEWS MANAGMENT.It never was in the best interests of local politicians to reveal the problems that existed it Greece. nothing has changed nor will it until residents demand to be kept informed about the exsisting problems that exist in this town as well as their individual neighborhoods Sadly, the same rational is prevalent in our school district.

Anonymous said...

There's got to be another reason Auberger is giving Baxter so much control over the GPD. I wonder what building a new police headquarters gets a guy in return these days?