Saturday, February 18, 2012

Babs On The Budget ...

"We're no longer able to look at a cut here, or a cut there."

"We're going to need to restructure athletic teams ... Next year we will expect a restructuring of athletic teams."

"We need to do a complete study of curriculum ... focus on core areas ..."

"We need to restructure overtime."

"We need to take a a look at the cost of failure ... we must focus on high expectations ... increase the use of blended classrooms."

"It is not our intent at this point to ask the BOE to exceed that tax cap limit."

SCATS ~~  If we're in such tough times as the BOE/Supt claim, how can we afford to wait another year while we assemble more committees, hire more consultants and do more studies? Oh wait!! I know the answer!! We can ALWAYS ask the BOE to exceed the tax cap ;)


Anonymous said...

Before we hire any more teachers, staff, etc. We should introduce a new tier in the retirement plans - one that drastically reduces the health care assistance. Most companies in the private sector have very limited benefits for retirees. Also, the new tier could include a 401K matching program for retirement.

I know that won't help this year's budget gap, but if we don't plan ahead, the new hires this year will become the financial challenge 20 years from now.We'll know if we went to far when we stop getting applicants for the openings.

Anonymous said...

What openings? There are no teaching jobs in Greece, what we need is the Monroe County School Board Assoc. to go after the pensions and step raises as in UNFUNDED MANDATES....
And it is my understanding that the retirement tiers comes from the NYSTU not at the local level.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Cuomo has basically established a 9% pay increase over a 6 year period 3,4,0,0,0,2. This also includes 9 furlough days and more than a 6% increase in health insurance employee contribution. With so many qualified teachers seeking employment, why would our teachers expect any raise at all?

Anonymous said...

How much can Babs cut by eliminating the Thugger hockey team?

Sure seems to me when an honest look at the cost + the potential liability of the Thugs + legal bills and adding in the violations of rules by the Thugs that can be documented the Thugs really can't field a team.

Eliminate the Thugs.
Enforce 85% GPA to play.

Sports should be a privilege not a right. Too few kids benefit from sports and too many get less education to cover the cost of sports.

Your parents want you to play your parents can pay!

Anonymous said...

I am 100% behind her. She understands the real problem(s). I am not yet ready to criticize her tactics!

Let's not confuse what it is she/they can do at the local level with what can only be done at the state level.

Anonymous said...

How about looking at eliminating some administrators. Five school closings and not one administrator is lost? Double up on assignments for the elementary schools? Two Principals for an elementary school? Babs that wold save some money? How true isthe rumor that the contract says they can't let anyone go?

SCATS said...

To 5AM ~~ What CAN BE DONE LOCALLY has yet to be tried!! We've got no one with the spine to do it!!

To 10:13AM ~~ FIVE SCHOOLS? How do you get FIVE schools closing?? There's Odyssey & Kirk Rd. West Ridge stays open until 2010!!

Joe Moscato said...

More program cuts will not put a dent in the budget gap.
Barbara-Dean'huge problem remains one of salaries and benefits.This budget line item accounts for 75percent of the budget every year.The teachers have not had a newcontract for over five years and yet about 85 percent continue to get pay increases between 2 and 4 percent per year.The rest are frozen because their tenure extends beyond 23 years which represents the last step increase.Any change in their compensation can come in the form of a general across the board contractual agreement which hasn't happened in five years.
Asba former union leader and negotiator with the GPD for over 15years I Believe the solution is achievable.But in order to work ,it would require strong leadership from union leaders something that his absent for the past several years. Here is my suggestion designed to address this problem.
When I Met with Barbara last year we.talked about this. She said she had to get the union to give up the automatic step increases, Itold her to forget that, won't jhappen. As an alternative , I suggested she pursue a one year wage freeze at first with a wage reopener in the second year aimed at modifying the percentages between the 23 steps
The union leadership should take a tough stand with those opposed to this plan explaining that in these tough times the district and tax payers need help.This is doable.

SCATS said...

To Joe ~~ With all due respect, there is NO motivation for the union to do anything! They don't even bother showing up at BOE meetings any more. They've got what they want, they aren't exactly suffering without a new contract. In light of that, Babs can and should continue to downsize this district. That's something that should have happened been ongoing for theast half dozen years. We've barely got 12,000 students, but we continue to offer space, classes, staffing, extracurriculars, etc. for 15,000! That's a huge waste of resources!

Anonymous said...

10:13' it Is true that The GASA contract does not allow for any reduction in their membership until July 1, 2013. They got a sweet deal and aren't about to offer up any of their membership to save costs for the district. We all k ow how over worked they are.

SCATS said...

I see the GCSD website has the expired contract posted. So much for "transparency!"

Joe Moscato said...

Scats, I know where your coming from.The start Taylor Law was established in1967 .Prior to that, public employees were at the mercy of public employers. How ever,they could strike.You may remember when transit workers trash collectors would walk off the job creating nightmare scenarios. The law was enacted to prevent that while requiring public employers to recognize unions and enter into collective bargaining while at the same time prohibit public employees from going on strike. How ever as sometimes happens a wee intentioned law tha work well for several years. Then something took place in the mid70'sthat forever changed the shape of the"playing field".
It was called the. Tribirough Amdendment.
This statute.mandated that absent a new contract,all terms and conditions would remain in effect until a new accord was reached. Unfortunately,this resulted in long term stalemates as unions with built in guarantee such automatic wage increases, held the upper hand as they had no incentives or urgency to reach a new agreement that was not to their liking.Like or not,this is thes position that our school district and others find them selves
Until this amendment is changed or modified,districts must be creative and strike a good working relationship with the union,especially their leadership nothing will ever change for the better.MY PERSONAL TAKE ON A SUCCESSFUL AGREEMENT IS A DOCUMENT THAT NEITHER SIDE COMES AWAY FROM THE TABLE TOTALLY HAPPY WITH IT'S CONTENT.

Anonymous said...

out of all the comments on this page Joe's appears to be most realistic and supportive of Barb's work.
The Unions and the laws make it impossible to run a district in the "black".

Anonymous said...

If this lady was so concerned about the budget, she would have put her best foot forward on the transportation issue. Her recommendation, which was adopted, is a joke. Since she is now a confirmed puppet for our local special interest groups, why not just let them write up future ideas and she can just rubber stamp them.

SCATS said...

To 7:29AM ~~ If what 6:35PM wrote yesterday is true, then this woman has just ADDED TO Greece's union problem!!

To 7:40AM ~~ She failed us on SOC's. She failed us on transportation. She failed us on school closings. Now it sounds as if she failed us on a new contract with GASA! What's next? Maybe a sweetheart deal for GTA??

Anonymous said...

How is she responsible for the GASA contract I thought that was done before her appointment when DN was acting super?

Anonymous said...

Barbara - Dean had Nothing to do with the GASA contract.That was the work of Achromovich.and some members of the current B O E.
Please if you are committed "BABS BASHING" you would do well if you had your facts straight before running off at the mouth and looking ignorant in the long run.

Anonymous said...

My recollection of the GASA contract included a 3or4 percent raise in each of the tree years.However individule increases were subject to satisfactory performance and meeting standards before raises were approved. Now if it is true it contains a "no cut clause' our Super can exercise the not meeting standards clause to deal with the dead heads left over from the Walts era.
After the contract expires it would be house cleaning time and rid our District of these under achievers and replace them with competent administrators even it means bring in people from out side the District.


Anonymous said...

Joe, Joe Joe: You must be living in lala land. What does the union get from your suggestions?

You are a union man; do you think all of a sudden union bosses are rational? Please let us know when a union representatlive agrees with you that "this is doable".

SCATS said...

To 8:41AM ~~ After LOTS of digging, it appears you are correct!

To 10:49AM ~~ Your "facts" are lacking in reality. Achramovitch was long gone ;)

To 11:35AM ~~ It does, indeed, contain a no reduction in staffing clause ~ TWO OF THEM! I'll post the details below.

The BOE (9-0 vote) under O'Rourke/Nadolinski's watch at the June, 14 2011 BOE meeting added a bunch of MOA's to the current contract. They should be executed for this under-handed "gift" to the GASA union which was NOT discussed in any way, not even after the vote!

SCATS said...

GASA Contract changes from pg. 16-17 of the June 14, 2011 BOE meeting minutes:

6. Article VIII. "Salary Provision" (pgs 9-10). Insert the following new language: "4. Staffing
In consideration for the wage freeze conceded by the GASA unit during the
period January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012 the following conditions shall apply during the life
of this contract and will expire on December 31, 2013.

a. Building Level Staffing. GASA staffing at each building {principals, assistant principals, and
assistant principals for athletics) will remain at the staffing levels of the 2010-11 school year.
Changes in the GASA building level staffing can occur by mutual agreement between the
Superintendent and the Association. It is understood that if a building(s) were to close,
corresponding reductions in building level GASA staffing could occur.

b. Central Office Staffing. Reductions in GASA central office staffing (directors, coordinators,
and special education coordinators) will occur through attrition only. Attrition is defined to
include voluntary resignations, deaths, terminations, and retirements. Reorganization of
GASA central office positions can occur by mutual agreement between the Superintendent
and the Association."

SCATS said...

While digging through old meeting minutes, I wonder how many of you know we're paying Nadolinski $650/day to "help out" through March on an as needed basis?


Joe said...

How about keeping your job and that of your fellow teachers sound 11:35? It is really to bad that your greed,whining and complaining has cost you the respect of thi community. A little concession here and there.would do wonders to restore your tarnished image.

Anonymous said...


Per your discoveries, it appears that we can reduce the number of GASA employees. And it is, in fact, occurring with the closure of the buildings. Thanks for brining that point to light.

As for Paying Nadolinski $650/day. Please make sure everyone understands that the district only pays him when he is needed. He is not being paid every day.
Makes sense for someone who was an integral part of the district for many years to be avaialable to offer advice "as needed".

SCATS said...

To 4:23PM ~~ I did say "as neded" so why are you "clarifying"? I know there are a few of you who feel the need to continually drive a point home, especially if it makes administration/staff look or sound good.

As for the contract, this is Greece where "could" never becomes "does."

Charlie Hubbard said...

I will keep this short for now.

We would not be having a discussion about these contracts if the board had followed their own policy #6431.

We would not be having these dicussions on contracts if the board followed the express recommendations of Comptroller in the April 2008 report which speaks to 'showing the benefit to the district' prior to contract changes.

As with the MOA to the superintendants contract in Dec. 2004 that gave lifetime medical and dental with no idea what the cost was and done 'in the back room' we put safeguards in place to hopefully force change.
Bottom line - if the board is not going to follow their own policies and agreed to recommendations then history says the taxpayers are going to get screwed and educational improvements are not going to happen.

Do/nothing, give/away, worthless contracts are the 'biggest' reason public education is in the mess it is in today - make no mistake.

As to the Tribourgh/Taylor law, there is NO concern been shown by the board as they have yet notified our state reps in writting about a concern - NONE. This is a state law that will be fixed (if?) by state reps.

I challenge any board member or district administrator to produce evidents that our state reps have been made aware of Tribourgh being responsible for XXX dollars of taxpayers money via worthless contracts.

SCATS said...

Methinks we need a revisit by the Comptroller ...

Anonymous said...

FYI Principals on special assignment and nontenured principals are not protected by this contract that states no reductions. There will be less principals next year.

Anonymous said...

CNN is reporting about the Buffalo teachers contract includes face lifts, botox, ect. and includes family members.

It looks like we have some making up to do.

Anonymous said...

while everyone is discussing the ways to cut/reduce spending, isn't it about time to see if BDW's "campaign" promises to the district have been kept so we can see if she earning her salary?
1) open door policy for all - not a chance. Door is always shut and parent/problem calls to superintendent are summarily routed to other staff. Grade: F
2) She openly stated numerous times that she would start her work day in a school; she would be visible in the buildings. Truth is she does not arrive at district office until at least 9:30, closer to 10:00 and does not visit schools first. Grade: F
3)Contract requirement to live in the GCSD. Not yet. Maybe if she did, she could see the inside of a school. Grade: F

Anonymous said...

Ditto: Get rid of overpriced administrators. What a waste, $650 a day.

Anonymous said...

There should be a fund established for the bullied bus monitor for people to reward her constraint and reimburse her for the indignities she suffered at the hostile workplace environment tolerated on the Greece District NY school Bus.
Students involved should be suspended and all bus privileges REVOKED IMMEDIATELY if your school is really about learning. Otherwise...Lawsuit may be an option.