Thursday, February 09, 2012

1 + 2 = TROUBLE?



SCATS ~~ Draw your own conclusions.

*Some Things Just Don't Go Away ...
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Anonymous said...

This seems like a tangled web but speaking of yesterday's news didn't the unnamed person we are not talking about have sights on Todd B

Does this explain the change of allegiances to the republicans? Does Auberger have any role in he latest drama

Anonymous said...

Just another indication of how well the New Improved GPD is working out.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though the second link no longer works.

SCATS said...

To 5:35PM ~~ WHAT?? No more "Real Greece Blogger?" You're not missing much aside from a link to a BLOG where Rory's book was promoted by the "victim."

Can he sue her for filing false charges?

Anonymous said...

well at least google is good for something, Thanks Google Cache

Anonymous said...

Probably not SCATS, most lawyers would first run an asset check to see if she is worth suing, and in civil Court the Court would come down on her side because the PD was dumb enough to take and process the complaint.

That action alone speaks volumes for the New Improved Toddie PD. Minimally 2 bosses signed off on the complaint moving up to an arrest.

If Toddie had hair on his A$$ and was 1/10 of what he's promoted as he would pick up the phone and inform his so called boss who signed off to go arrest her for False Reporting.

Greece hasn't changed one bit from the old operation plan of first complaint is correct because the honest party will call the cops.

Anonymous said...

This isn't for publication here, but I had to weigh in.

Even when I haven't agreed with you in the past, I've always respected your point of view and strong opinions. I liked to read your poking at the powers-that-be up there on their high horses.

But wow. Seriously? Outing her in this with such glee? Just because of your previous pissing match with her?

I didn't think this before, but I sure do now...

You're just a mean-spirited odious narcissist.

And I do know who you are.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the greece police benevolent club was not aware of this accuser's past herself. As the 3 mice were told "beware my young friends of a flattering tongue." Some records were unsealed in May of 2011 that could have helped his case. The records are confidential but the unsealing is public information.
So much for cop instinct as they also had a collegial relationship with her. You can bet they would do a background check on the rest of us that got involved with volunteer work.
Maybe they consider themselves fortunate that she didn't feel uncomfortable alone with any of them.

SCATS said...

To 11:36PM ~~ No, Einstein, this has nothing to do with anything but what the story tells us.

Yes, of course let's defend the "victim" who lied to police about what happened! That's the way to go! I'm sure they must be defending her actions now, too, right?

In reality she ought to be charged for filing false charges against this person who she has made into the ACTUAL VICTIM here. Let her pay the cops and courts back for their wasted time and whatever resources wasted on her lie. Instead, you prefer to give her a hero's parade!

Anonymous said...

Now how do you know she was lying SCATS?

Are you assuming you know the facts or simply guessing once again?

You really are a mean and nasty little person towards those who don't tow your political line.

SCATS said...

To 1:12PM ~~ Try reading the article. The Grand Jury tossed it out. Rory had receipts showing he was elsewhere, far, far away at the time of the alleged "crime."

Anonymous said...

Look 11:36, she endeavored to be in the political and community public eye so this is what happens. If nothing else, people need to know who they are forming alliances with.

Anonymous said...

well as you like it then