Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Called To Duty ...

An ongoing situation requiring my undivided attention has arisen. BLOG updates are likely to be sporadic to nonexistent for the next couple of weeks or so, as I'll be away from the area. Try not to miss me too much ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bailing Out From A Huge Budget Deficit ...

< ====   NEW POLL

Will The Greece Board of Education
Opt To Exceed The 2% Tax Cap?

The cap is not absolute. School budgets can exceed the cap if approved by at least 60 percent of school district voters. Tax caps for counties, cities, towns, villages and special districts can be overridden by a vote of at least 60 percent of the local governing bodies.

The annual cap in your community will seldom be exactly two percent. It could be lower if the rate of inflation has been below two percent, which was the case in several recent years. However, as explained in the following pages, the law also includes several exceptions and allowances that can make the cap higher. These factors will vary from year to year and will differ in each taxing jurisdiction.

A simple majority of voters will now have the power to block any tax increase in independent school districts. Districts that fail to win voter approval for their proposed budgets after two   tries must freeze their property tax levies.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Greece BOE Plans Study Session

Tuesday @6:30PM (Exec. Session @6PM)

  • Mid Year Goal Status Reports
  • Preliminary Budget Presentation
SCATS ~~ Mid-year?? It's almost March!! I'm sure they will be patting themselves on the back, too.

Planning Board Approves B&S For Long Pond Location

Wed. night, the Town of Greece Planning Board gave final approval for the site plans for the Bryant & Stratton campus to be located on Long Pond Rd.

According to the Greece Post: "The plans for the 17.7-acre site also include a 17,000 square foot retail/service building and an 11,000 square foot retail/office/service building. Site developers 846 LPR, LLC said a child care center may fill the latter space."

SCATS ~~ What sort of retail space??

Friday, February 24, 2012

Be Careful WHERE You Go

Robbery: According to police reports, a victim “interrupted an exchange” behind Perry’s Pizza on Dewey Avenue. A man brandished a gun at the victim and took the victim’s car keys on Feb. 9.

SCATS ~~ Seems to me that the entire area that we refer to as Dewey/Stone has become a haven for criminals with weapons, especially guns. All of this DESPITE increased police patrols. Don't look now, but the problem has spread all the way to Mt. Read Blvd. and the kids from the east side will become Odyssey's new schoolmates ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SCATS ' 6th Anniversary *

250 Facebook Friends
2900 BLOGS
425,000 Pageviews (since 5/09)


* (Equivalent to serving TWO terms on the Greece School Board!!
Kehoe ... Achramovitch ... O'Rourke/ Nadolinski ... Babs ... ? )

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Would You PAY To Read the D&C Online?

Gannett is planning to begin charging for online use.

Would you pay?

Fairport Silences Greece's "Thunder"


Greece Thunder 1

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

COMIDA Gives Away Our $$

Today, COMIDA approved corporate welfare in the form of tax breaks for the Mall at Greece Ridge Center ($3.6 million) & Bryant & Stratton College ($619,000) to build on Long Pond Rd. (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ Thanks, Maggie!!

Watch Your Wallet Alert!!

The Greece Post reports: "The owner and developer of The Mall at Greece Ridge is at Greece Town Hall this morning for a public hearing on proposed tax breaks.

Wilmorite has applied for $3.6-million in tax incentives as part of an $11-million project to redesign the space left behind by the departing Bon-Ton store. Wilmorite is hoping to fill the void with restaurants and smaller boutique-style shops.

The COMIDA meeting started at 9 a.m."

SCATS ~~ How nice that this "meeting" was publicized AFTER IT BEGAN!! Speaking of which, there's a Greece Town Board meeting, tonight @6PM. NO AGENDA IS POSTED.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Babs On The Budget ...

"We're no longer able to look at a cut here, or a cut there."

"We're going to need to restructure athletic teams ... Next year we will expect a restructuring of athletic teams."

"We need to do a complete study of curriculum ... focus on core areas ..."

"We need to restructure overtime."

"We need to take a a look at the cost of failure ... we must focus on high expectations ... increase the use of blended classrooms."

"It is not our intent at this point to ask the BOE to exceed that tax cap limit."

SCATS ~~  If we're in such tough times as the BOE/Supt claim, how can we afford to wait another year while we assemble more committees, hire more consultants and do more studies? Oh wait!! I know the answer!! We can ALWAYS ask the BOE to exceed the tax cap ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is New Greece Thunder Hockey Player Ineligible?

Anonymous said...

Memo to Babs and Mr. Gianotti, do the right thing and shut this group down before the game. Webster has already been made aware that at least one of your players is ineligable, along with others that should be. Even if the thunder win they're going to have to forfiet. Mutiple members of the boe have knowledge about the situation with this newest Athena student. Time to be leaders.
2/16/2012 5:28 AM

SCATS ~~ After the disturbing behavior and expletive-laced verbiage spewed by teammates this week, who could believe they wouldn't try to cheat, too?

Greece Crime News You Might Have Missed

Home Depot Employee Chases Thief, Gets Injured - Police say a suspect stole thermostats from the store and tried to get away. But an employee chased after the suspect who was attempting to leave the store and drive away.

Plow Company Takes Money & Disappears - "(He) came up and said do you know anybody from Northshore we're looking for them, I know they lived here and we signed a contract and I'm worried about the snow. I paid to have my driveway plowed and I don't know if they're coming or not," Newhouse said of that conversation. "I'd be looking for them too."

19 Yr. Old Chases Police Through Greece, Webster, City - Greece Police Sgt. Kevin Ewanow said, “A man in a red Corolla claimed he was being followed by numerous cars on 390. We made contact with him on the phone, tried to get him to meet with us, to stop and he appears to have some sort of mental issues, he felt that he was gonna be hurt.”

SCATS ~~ There's NO truth to the rumor that the 19 yr. old chase suspect thought Greece Thunder hockey players were after him following a practice ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Nuff Said ...

This "Game of Clue" Solution is ...
The Thunder Hockey Team Assault ~
GPD: In the Locker Room
Victim: Grimshaw did it
Teammates: With his fist

To those of you who are trying (but failing) to defend Grimshaw ~~ I just listened to a recording of the Kimberly & Beck show where a note was read from Captain Steve Chatterton of Greece Police who wrote that the INCIDENT HAPPENED IN THE LOCKER ROOM.

Given that aspect of the TRUTH coming out, you've been exposed for being complete cowards by letting a teammate bust this kid into the wall. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

PS ~~ I've lost ANY modicum of respect I ever had for Kimberly after listening to this recording.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"We can tell you that parents were quite hostile to us."

Watch the video on this link about "this closed meeting" about the Greece Thunder hockey player's attack on a teammate.

Listen to Laurel Heiden's statement on how GCSD is handling this hockey mess by "providing support and guidance to the players, their families and the coaching staff."

SCATS ~~ WHERE THE HELL IS THE ADULT ACCOUNTABILITY?? WHERE WAS THE COACH?? There was not a single mention of this incident at tonight's BOE meeting. You failed us, Babs!!!

Thunder Parents Meeting Athena Principal Now

"I'm in Greece where the principal of Greece Athena is mtg with "Greece Thunder" parents and players after a locker room fight last week." ~~ Lynette Adams, WHEC-TV (via Twitter)

UPDATE: It was reported that GCSD required that Thunder hockey players bring at least one parent & attend a closed door meeting today with administration, coaches, etc. at Lakeshore Hockey Rink. Following the 45 minute meeting, Lynette Adams reported those attending were hostile towards her as she attempted to cover the story outside the rink.
SCATS ~~ Same ole, same ole from this group!  The BOE Exec. Session starts @5:30PM. Will the Greece Thunder hockey incident be discussed?

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Fighting" ... "Bullying" ... "Hazing"

ALL of these "activities" break district policies.

WHERE were the PAID adult supervisors (coaches,
etc.) for the Greece Thunder hockey team when this crime occurred?

WHAT will be the punishment for their negligence?

WHEN will GCSD administration start meaning what they say about bullying by showing us it's NOT tolerated?

SCATS ~~ Babs, the spotlight is on you now! Any attempt to keep employee responsibility under wraps will come back to bite you (hard and in the behind) at a later time! Don't make that mistake. Show us you can do the right thing!

READ the previous thread and see how many of the team members think this incident is a joke.

LOOK at what was tolerated in the past, like shooting an airgun at an assistant coach!

GET these teams/coaches/parents under control before its too late!



Tyler Grimshaw ~ Tweeted last night: "Only benefit of not being allowed at school #nohomework"
Retweeted by him on Feb. 5th: If it weren't for thunder hockey I woulda left Athena so long ago. Fxxx the school and kids there."
13WHAM News reports: "A 17-year-old high school hockey player is accused of assaulting another player.

Greece Police say Tyler Grimshaw is charged with assault.

He's accused of injuring a 14-year-old player during a Greece Thunder hockey practice last Monday.

The victim injured his head."

SCATS ~~ Correction please, Ch. 13: the victim did NOT injure his head!!! The attacker injured it for him!! My sources tell me the victim was subjected to ongoing bullying by team members which resulted in a concussion and hospital visit in this assault. Parents have hired an attorney and plan to pursue this matter fully.

WHAT WILL THE GREECE CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT DO TO DISCIPLINE THE TEAM, INDIVIDUALS AND COACH WEBB (a two time problem employee) IN LIGHT OF THE FACT WEBB SAYS HE HAS NO RESPONSIBILITY  FOR "FIGHTING"? This was clearly an incident that violates the anti-bullying policy of the district!!!

Yes, we know Coach Webb has no idea what GCSD rules, regs & policies say from his previous negligence on the job.

Dear Babs: You're About To Be Tested.

It was just three years ago that your predecessor, Steve Achramovitch, faced what you are about to encounter - an outrageous incident involving Greece Thunder hockey coach Dan Webb. The former Supt. got Webb & his assistant coach to resign over the incident. That was the beginning of a storm that eventually helped end Steve's tenure in Greece. It was one of just two times that he did what was undeniably the "right thing", only to be made a fool by the Greece school board under Julia VanOrman's "leadership." They reversed both decisions, leaving him powerless. (The other time was when he attempted to eliminate kindergarten from West Ridge School's shrinking population in an effort to get the budget under control. The BOE reversed his decision that time, as well.)

This week, you will likely see the fury of the hockey parents should you try to "do the right thing." Nevermind that GCSD has a newly crafted anti-bullying policy with ink that's barely dry. These folks don't believe the rules apply to them. They think that having a winning team trumps everything else. With most of the same folks on the BOE now as were there three years ago, these bullies are likely to get the same mind-numbing support from the majority of the BOE. Heck, one of the newer BOE members was elected because of her close ties to the sports boosters of Greece, particularly the hockey group.

The point of this letter is to let you know that you MUST stay the course with these adult bullies, Babs. Do the right thing for the student who was victimized. Stand your ground, but be aware you MIGHT have to resign should the BOE decide to undo whatever you see as fitting for the situation. By all means, threaten to resign, but mean it. If you don't, you'll be seen by all as the same sort of powerless puppet of the BOE from that point forward, just like Steve Achramovitch was.

Good luck, you're really going to need it!

PS ~~ As for the students involved, they ought to be suspended from school and should FORFEIT any upcoming tournament games as their "discipline." Anything less sends the wrong message to both the students & their parents.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Greece BOE Meeting Tues @6:30PM

"It is anticipated that the Board will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) and pending litigation." (I wonder if Coach Webb will be the subject once again, hmmm... shall we ask Julia??)


  • School Consolidation Presentation, Timeline (This link has detailed attendance zone maps for Pinebrook, West Ridge & Odyssey)
  • NY State/GCSD Budget Development Update (Looks like they're pondering using reserve funds & possibly asking voters to approve a larger levy than the tax cap allows.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fascinating Read ...

The Nick Joseph Parole Hearing Transcript

"You subsequently left the scene of the accident with the aid of another police officer, aparently lied to the Grand Jury and engaged in a coverup with other police, including the chief of police who was also imprisoned, is that an accurate description, sir?" ~~ Commissioner Ferguson

SCATS ~~ I wonder if Chief Todd knows who gave him the ride & if that cop is still working in GPD?

One Fire District Budget for 2012

SCATS ~~ If you live in the "average" Greece home assessed at $120,000, you're paying approx. $540/year to have the Ridge Rd. Fire District protect your home. If anyone can provide budgets for any of the other three fire districts in Greece, I'll try to post them, too.


Greece Planning Board Delays Bryant & Stratton OK Again

The Greece Post reports: "A Stony Creek development proposal that would bring a 33,000-square-foot Bryant and Stratton campus to Greece was postponed by the planning board again Wednesday night.

The board cited traffic concerns along the development's Long Pond Road and English Road exits in its decision.

"The school will be very close to my house, so I am very concerned about my quality of life," said Deborah Janowicz, who lives on Brandon Circle. "I'm here to make sure the school fits into our neighborhood."

Janowicz said she was concerned about student noise and suggested a bus loop on the property to reduce traffic.

The board will take up the proposal again at its next meeting on Feb. 21."

SCATS ~~ I thought the court told the Town of Greece that traffic concerns weren't a valid reason for not approving this project since a big box store could be built at the site without needing ANY approvals ...? Ms. Janowicz's concerns for her personal quality of life are exactly what makes Greece such a "special" place to live in! Self-centered & proud! ;)

Be Careful When You Eat Out In Greece

The Greece Post reports: "The Greece Police Department on Thursday charged Willis D. Clark of Tremont Street in Rochester with first-degree robbery, fourth-degree grand larceny and second-degree menacing.

Clark allegedly approached an employee in the parking lot behind “Taste of Japan” restaurant, located at 2960 Dewey Ave., at about 2 p.m. Thursday and pointed a handgun at him. Clark then stole property from the person, police said, and fled in a vehicle.

Police located Clark's vehicle at the intersection of Ridge Road West and Dewey Avenue and subsequently charged him.

Clark, who has a previous weapons possession conviction, is currently awaiting arraignment in Greece Town Court, police said. The investigation is continuing and additional charges may be pending, they said."

Thursday, February 09, 2012

1 + 2 = TROUBLE?



SCATS ~~ Draw your own conclusions.

*Some Things Just Don't Go Away ...
Click Image To View Larger

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Chief Todd Wants New HQ For Greece Cops

Will This Become Part Of Auberger's Legacy On Vince Toffany Blvd?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chief Todd's First Two Years

"I don't accept mediocrity."

Watch Video

SCATS ~~ Obviously, he wasn't referring to his employer ;)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Will BOE Be Rescued From Making Big Budget Cuts?

Anonymous said...
Scats, according to reliable sources,the sale of Kirk Rd school is immenant Negotiations have been ongoing for some time now waiting for thr B OE to approve the closing of the school.Look for the announcement soon as the sale will impact the. Budget process      2/06/2012 10:29 AM

SCATS ~~ If this is true, then once again, the BOE might be rescued from having to make significant cuts that are long overdue! The only things more sacred than SOC's in Greece Central are sports & extracurriculars.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Learn About Greece Fire Districts

Greece Fire District Overview
Organizational, Operational & Financial Structure
    • Why are there four districts?
    • How are they governed?
    • How do they calculate the tax levy?
Questions answered by a representative from the Barnard Fire District at the next meeting of the Dewey Corridor Neighbors
Wednesday, February 8, 7PM
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
4115 Dewey Avenue

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Greece Gang Alive & Well

Despite attempts last fall by Greece Police to break up local gang 'Swag Money', the D&C's Police Reports column shows they're still quite active in Greece. It appears they no longer confine themselves to the Dewey/Stone neighborhoods.

Someone spray-painted “Swag money” on a building on Ridgemont Drive on Jan. 22.

Craig Hill Elementary School, 320 W. Craig Hill Drive, was spray-painted with “Swagg money” on Jan. 20.

Friday, February 03, 2012

2 Fights, 4 Olympia Students Charged & Suspended

YNNews: "Four Greece Olympia High School students were charged Friday following two separate fights.

Police in Greece say two of the students were charged with disorderly conduct.

Two other students were charged with disorderly conduct and harassment because a teacher was scratched.

Greece Central School District officials say the students have all been suspended.

SCATS ~~ Can't wait until 7th & 8th graders get to be part of this! Babs, could we oust the 20+% of Olympia students who aren't Greece residents, before it's too late??

Where Are The Maps?

It's been brought to my attention that the maps showing the proposed attendance zones under the school consolidation plan have disappeared from the GCSD website.


It's also been mentioned that many West Ridge parents are under the impression that their children will NOT be attending school with the kids from Affinity Lane.

Is Babs caving in?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Will Lawsuits Be Filed Over The Perks Of Choice?

Several recent comments have brought up the disparities created under the new school consolidation plan.

For instance, if a child attends a school-of-choice his parents can move anywhere in Greece without changing schools. Transportation will still be provided. This is not true for the non-choice schools. If the parents move, their child will have to change schools. At the elementary level, there will be no other option, since school choice/signature schools have been eliminated. At the secondary level, there may not be room to remain in the preferred school.

Will this practice leave us open to lawsuits?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ex-Greece Cop Denied Parole

Nick Joseph's next opportunity for parole won't come until 2014.

Merritt Rahn's next parole hearing is in November of this year.

Gary Pignato's next hearing is in March of 2013.

Who Drove Me Home???

SCATS ~~ Who gets out first? Eenie, meenie, miney, moe ... which ex-cop will be let go?