Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What We Know About Schools-of-Choice ...

  • They CO$T us more, but ...
  • There is NO DATA to support their existence
  • There is NO stated purpose for having them*
  • They provide NO BENEFIT to the district

* Other than providing an escape mechanism for a selected few to avoid less desirable schools
SCATS ~~ So, by all means, let's make sure we keep them! (oozing sarcasm)
BOE passes school consolidation plan unanimously.


Anonymous said...

Four excellent points SCATS, and in six hours those points will still be both be unrefuted and ignored. The expense, however, will somehow be rationalized (not verbally of course).

Thanks for being part of the problem, rather than part of the solution Babs. When you resign or retire, could you run for the BOE... You'd fit right in! Keep telling us about our money problems, all the while spending it without reason.

Anonymous said...

And the problem will continue

Anonymous said...

There is NO PROFIT in solving problems.

There are many paychecks to be taken by prolonging the problems.

Obviously a paid consultant is needed to further prolong the problem.