Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Simple Question Babs Hasn't Answered Yet ...

Babs, I see you've posted more Q's & A's on the GCSD website. That's great. However, the BIG QUESTION that no one has responded to yet is this one:

According to the GCSD website, Odyssey's 2012-13 Grade 6 class at Apollo will be around 300 students comprised of siblings of current Odyssey students, all students who would have been formerly been assigned to Apollo, and an undetermined number of other students selected via lottery. WILL THESE STUDENTS BE COMPLETELY COMINGLED into several, similar heterogeneous groups (blended) as they attend Math, Science, Humanities & other classes in the new Odyssey @Apollo?

By the way Babs, the answer required is a SIMPLE YES OR NO. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

SCATS: This is Laurel Heiden, Community Relations Manager for the district, I have spoken with Barb and she gave the OK for me to respond to your question. The answer is yes, students will be blended to form one unified group. Thanks for helping to clarify this.

SCATS said...

To 3:52PM ~~ Suuuure she did!!! lmao Nice try, humorous anway :D

A real response will come from the apprpriate email address to mine. Or be posted on the GCSD website ;)

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple: this lady ain't got a freakin clue.

This probably comes off as though I have a bone to pick with her, but I don't. I just feel that there was a real chance for not just change, but an actual solution, during these last couple weeks and she dropped the ball. Good intentions, combined with the attempted appeasement of special interest groups, means disaster. That's what we have here before us.

How many times have simple maintenance issues not been addressed at schools prior to September(s) in the past? We're talking about major overhaul here. Major overhaul that, unfortunately, does not address the classism in our district, and potentially leaves us open to lack of 'open enrollment' legal action, all so we can continue to coddle our lottery families.

SCATS said...

OK, I admit I didn't expect this, but I have received an email from Laurel Heiden that states:

It really was me responding... but thank you for verifying my identity. The response is the same.

The answer is yes, students will be blended to form one unified group.

In the future, when directed to, I will contact you via this email address.

Feel free to email me with your questions directly. Thanks!

Laurel Heiden
Community Relations Manager
Greece Central School District

Thanks Laurel BUT once again, your response doesn't commit this district to what I'm looking for, because by saying "one unified group" that may well be for show only... or on paper. So I will try to be as explicit as I possibly can with the wording ...

Will the students who attend the "new Odyssey" @Apollo who come from the attendance zone that is east of Mt. Read & SW of Stone Road be sitting in the same classroom (Room 203 for example) at the same time (8AM for example)and with the same teacher (Ms. Barf for example) as the kids that attend Odyssey currently for math class (for example)?

Anonymous said...

Wow, so you got an answer...you were looking for a simple yes or no, and you got a yes, and you STILL are not satisfied. She even responded to you, AND gave you an email where she can answer any other questions you have. SO far, in my opinion, she is WAY better than the other SUPTS we have had so far. She is at least visible in the community, has a plan that has been researched using data, and is willing to answer questions. Considering she has been here less than HALF of a whole school year, I would say at least she is putting some hard work into this district, even if everyone doesn't agree with her plans.

Anonymous said...

So there will not be 2 schools within a school at the building on Maiden Lane? There will be one school including the present Odyssey students and the extras from wherever? How will that preserve the small school setting?
Will that mean the whole school body will be scrambled and shuffled together before they are divided into 2 smaller school units? Or will the odyssey group be still intact and the others will be put into mixed ability classes? The present Odyssey parents will not accept anything that upsets their present group.
Ms Heiden's reply would seem on the surface to say that all the population at the Maiden lane building will be one school and the classes will be assigned as a school of say 1200 students 6-12 with no extra consideration for keeping the Odyssey children in classes on their own. That would be fair and would expand the Odyssey mystique. Probably the reality is that the Odyssey legacy will carry on and the other students will only get to mingle with them at lunch time if even.
When will someone stand up to these threats from these parents?
They say how can we tamper with something that has such a good academic record. I suppose in the south that the children of the plantation owners had it pretty good and succeeded. I suppose that in the south that the children in the segregated schools did very well if they were in the white schools. I suppose that the children at Mcquaid do very well . That doesn't mean that we should perpetuate a system that is patently elite. The parents of mcquaid chose that school and pay for it. Our school taxes should not pay for a private school setting for certain children. Now that that is exposed it should end. The plan as explained by Ms Heiden would seem to fill the bill for fairness. Let's hope they stand up to the threats.

Anonymous said...

So I also agree the original question has not been answered.
Next year I have a child that would have gone to Apollo based on where we live. Next year he will got there based on the GCSD web site. But for 7th will goto Olympia.

GCSD please Clarify: The next year 6th graders that attend Apollo/OA that will be moving on to Olympia in the 7th grade, will they be in the same classroom/classes as the siblings go OA students and lottery winning 6th graders?

Also I would like clarification as to secondary option 6-8 and 9-12) and will sibling priority be in place as it is at OA?

SCATS said...

To 7:46AM ~~ I'm a lot like those Odyssey parents. I want a COMPLETE & SPECIFIC answer to MY question, using MY words. When I asked the question, I brought up words like COMINGLED and HETEROGENEOUS GROUPS. The response brings up completely different verbiage. Just as one parent told them last night, the GCSD track record for honesty isn't very good, and so the trusting part is very hard.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, you've heard the saying "GIGO," right? ("Garbage In, Garbage Out") You stated your question, asked for a "Yes" or "No"... GOT your answer, then whined that it was not what you wanted. Perhaps if YOU had asked a better question, you'd have been more satisfied with the answer! (Sometimes it *IS* YOUR fault!)

Anonymous said...

So......... the superintendent reads this blog? So........she responds to Babs? Interesting!!!!!!

Like 7:48am said, the question asked hasn't been answered yet. Like someone said last night, trusting whats said by district officials is just plain hard to do given the history of how things are handled here. Changing the words causes me to think a game is being played. Keep up the effort scats. Make them respond completely.

SCATS said...

To 12:53PM ~~ Apparently I'm not alone in being dissatisfied with the response. I asked for a yes or no response and was given one that used different words, yet again!!Regarding garbage in/garbage out ... it would be nice if they (DO) stopped changing the words used every time the subject is brought up. It creates distrust, because it appears they are playing word games, just as 1:24PM brought up. Notice that since dinner hour yesterday, no clarification has been made ;) I think they want to leave it in some nebulous state. Don't forget, it was DO who brought up the idea of operating TWO PARALLEL SCHOOLS within Apollo. So far, I've seen nothing stating that there won't be two parallel schools next year. Care to address that Ms. Heiden?