Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Northgate Neighbors Meeting Wed. @7PM

2012 Town/County Tax Bill EXPLAINED
(Line By Line)

Who ~~ Rick Pellegrino (Dir. of Finance) & Leo Carroll (Town Assessor) will explain & answer questions.

Where ~~ Aldersgate Methodist Church - 4115 Dewey Ave.



Are You Getting Screwed on Your Property Taxes?  
(How to Find Out & How to Fix It!)
Author: Patricia Quintilian, Esq.

A great book on reducing property tax. You will be shocked and appalled at the level of corruption that has permeated a dysfunctional and complicated property tax system. Around $30. Apparently she assisted Golisano in his successful case against the Town of Mendon. I am using this guide to teach the Town of Clarendon, NY an expensive legal lesson.

Start bending over your town appraiser today for fun and refund!!!

See www.propertytaxrights.com for more info.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting worked over, how about the Republican plan to add another state senator? In addition to adding costs we don't need, if they really wanted to help us out they would eliminate a few seats in the senate or maybe combine the senate and assembly into one legislative house. SInce both are based on population, there really isn;t any need for both, other than to provide political patronage jobs to their supporters and party hacks. C'mon senators, why not do the right thing and cut the size of our government and its boated costs?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone who can read all the information given on the ORPS site need a $30 book to help them get their assessment corrected?

If you can't figure it out from ORPS no book will help you.

SCATS said...

To 10:37PM ~~ Yet it took Golisano lots of $$ in lawyer fees to get the job done ...