Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From The School Consolidation Forum ...

Thanks to Greece School Board President Julia VanOrman for outdoing ALL of her previous performances in the area of exhibiting condescension towards community members at the start of this evening's meeting. Not everyone is as much of an idiot as you seem to think, Julia!

Here are many of the questions, concerns and topics brought forth by those who spoke at tonight's "Parent Input" session:
  • Several Koda-Vista neighbors expressed concern over changes to their neighborhood with the closing of Odyssey and want reassurance that the building will be kept up, etc.
  • One Koda-Vista neighbor told us that Roger Boily says, "Bryant & Stratton isn't interested in Odyssey." HOW COULD ROGER KNOW THAT???
  • One parent lamented that they hope that after the moving around of all these kids that the BOE & Supt. don't tell us a year later, "Oops! that didn't work!" in the same way that they told us that for three years running in attempting to improve academics at Apollo. She cautioned them that, "Your legacy will be that you undermined the top performing schools in the district."
  • A couple speakers talked about "rumors" that it might cost anywhere from $4-8 million to close Odyssey. No one said otherwise, not the Supt. and not the BOE.
  • One parent asked a very good question: "How will the BOE tell the public about what they plan to vote on next week?" before next week's board vote. I guess others are starting to catch onto the BOE's lack of public discussion ;)
  • Other questions included: "What happens to Odyssey staff?" "If Odyssey becomes larger, will they be able to offer more kinds of classes?" "What things that work will be extended from schools-of-choice to other schools across the district?"


Anonymous said...

What of their "legacy" of upholding the current "lottery" system which, because of the sibling rule, has excluded low-income families????

Anonymous said...

2;51 VERY good point

The sibling rule is a joke.