Monday, January 16, 2012

Days Of Empty Praise Over In Classrooms?

Let's Hope So!!

"A growing body of research over three decades shows that easy, unearned praise does not help students but instead interferes with significant learning opportunities. "

“We’ve become so obsessed with making kids feel good about themselves that we’ve lost sight of building the skills they need to actually be good at things.”  ~ ~ Michelle Rhee

(Wall St. Journal Article)

SCATS ~~ When teachers motivate students to aspire to do better, achievement gains will result. Giving out meaningless awards teaches entitlement & laziness, IMHO.


Anonymous said...

Well SCATS, there in lies the problem in Greece......

I know of a teacher that was admonished for having too high standards for her students. She was also told that her lessons had too much rigor in them! I have read her evaluations where she was "written up" for being too rigourous! Only in Greece!

This same teacher expected too much of her students.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Hoeft has written teachers up for "too high of expectations". Could it be that she was threatened by this teacher? With the new Super, it still won't change. Although, I believe, Hoeft is up for her tenure this year. Then again maybe it will!!

Anonymous said...

This piece kind of goes hand in hand with what I interpret "no child left behind" to be. Classrooms have been 'equalized' so that the dumbest and most misbehaved of the 'normal' or ‘unclassified’ kids gets peppered into classrooms with even the brightest or most well behaved kids. The result is mediocrity, all in the name of not hurting people's feelings. "No your kid isn't an idiot, he's in a classroom with kids of all levels", "No your child isn't a behavioral problem, we have them in a classroom of diverse character".

This is exactly why Odyssey, Pine Book and West Ridge have done so well. Through the secret lottery process, they’ve managed to weed out large majority of misfits. The result is a better behaved classroom in the lottery schools and a worse behaved environment for those not selected in the bs lottery.

Anonymous said...

Gee.......where do I start on this one????

Going back 30 years when my child was in Greece elementary it was hurting their "self esteem" if the kid was made to spell words correctly on their school work. I guess when they went to write up a resume when they grew up to get a job in the real world the school system did not think spelling would be important. This spelling issue is still the norm 30 years later!

Allowing high school kids to play sports even though they were FAILING, yes FAILING classes. We don't want to hurt their "self esteem."

We can't correct papers in RED ink because the school system decided this would hurt the little one's 'self esteem."

We don't teach kids how to write in cursive anymore. It is deemed irrelevant to the education establishment. I guess not knowing HOW to WRITE your signature to legal documents like loan applicaitons and driver's licenses does not matter. Ya can't type a signature on a loan app or a legal document.

We will just "socially promote" the little kiddies so their "self esteem" wont' be ruined even though the little kiddies can't read or do math at grade level.

Yep.........the good old American liberal education system at work. I just love dealing with the little kiddies after they get out of the public school system and have to be accountable for their actions in the real world. Most don't know how to handle it. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the D&C article about Cuomo wanting to make teachers work for their pay today? Yes, salary and budgets compensated through evaluation....hmmm, it worked in Florida! Talk about accountability!

SCATS said...

To 6:47AM ~~ Shall we blame it on free lunches? Bad parents? God forbid we try to pin it on an educational system that utterly FAILED.

Anonymous said...

How about we blame it stemming from lack of quality leadership n our township and district and the kids watching their parents whine like toddlers when they don't get their kids into the school they want? Yes, sweetie it is okay to whine when you don't get your way. Oh look sweetie, the so-called heroes of our township are scandalous...they rob us blind, misuse our taxpayments, are above the law, cover up to protect themselves, lie to the public, commit adultery...but you are supposed to behave in school so you can become a good upstanding citizen one day and contribute to our society like these men of influence in our community! No, sweetie...Dr. King taught us about equality but you shouldn't go to school with THOSE kids! They teach our children about this historical figure while they are a bunch of hypocrits! What a freaking joke this township and district is! I can't wait to move...if I can actually get a decent price for my house with the BS that is going on here due to the segregation of this community.

Anonymous said...

Schools and communities bought into this misguided attempt at building self-esteem by "protecting" children from feeling bad about themselves. For example, school grading systems were changed. I remember between sixth and seventh grade my middle school replaced F for failure with NI (Needs Improvement). God forbid I'd feel bad about myself for failing at something!

Sports eliminated scoring, winners, and losers in the belief that losing would hurt children's self-esteem. My four-year-old niece came home one day from a soccer tournament with a ribbon that said "#1-Winner" on it. When I asked her what she did to deserve such a wonderful prize, she said that everyone got one!

Though Woody Allen once said that 90 percent of success is just showing up, it's the last 10 percent-the part that requires hard work, discipline, patience, and perseverance-that true success is all about. Children are being led to believe that, like Woody Allen's view, they can become successful and feel good about themselves just for showing up. But showing up is just not enough in today's demanding society. By rewarding children just for showing up, they aren't learning what it really takes to become successful and showing up definitely won't build self-esteem.

SCATS said...

To 12:49PM ~~ One of my pet peeves about public education is that we encourage them to win a race on the track, even if it's by .001 seconds, but we can't let them compete academically to become valedictorian because it's "not fair" to the ones who "lost" out by such a narrow margin. Our educational system in Greece sends CLEAR MESSAGES about the district's priorities ... and the results show that the students heard it well ;)

We're grooming the next generation of welfare & entitlement cases.

Anonymous said...

Sure does seem like a lot of school administrators and teachers grew up using a toilet seat foe a teething ring.

They been spewing crap for years and feeling good about it!

Anonymous said...

This entitlement generation is everywhere, not just a product of our district. Parents don't want to parent and discipline anymore, they'd rather be their childrens' friends! It is very apparent in some children upfront more than others. People consider my parenting strict because I hold my children accountable for their actions and set boundaries! We own our own business, these young twenty somethings (and younger) come with no experience and expect to be compensated like a CEO! We actually had a girl who demanded a raise because she pointed out she was "always on time" for work. Really? Or how about employees who can't make change for a dollar without using a calculator or the register but want to be paid big bucks? Or employees who call out because they have to go apartment shopping on their 3rd day into their very first full week of employment and are rude to the boss when we say no? And no, these are not graduates of GCSD SCATS! Lol Unfortunately, it is everywhere...the teachers and parents fuel it and then can't understand why the quality of work their adult children put out is questionable. Success takes hard work, effort, practice, discipline and heart! But if they never learn that you can't always win an award for doing a good job, get a raise for being on time or throw a fit if you lose a hand of uno...they will never practice it!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a retired Greece teacher. I'll never forget a student I had in 7th grade many, many years ago. On his final report card, he got "straight F's"... that's right, an F in every class he took! Guess what grade he ended up in the following year? You are correct. He was an 8th grader!

Would want to damage Johnny's self-esteem, would we?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to say "WOULDN'T want to damage Johnny's self-esteem, would we?"