Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bryant & Stratton: Coming Via Court Order

A state Supreme Court Justice has ordered the Town of Greece to grant a special-use permit to Bryant & Stratton College for a new campus center near Long Pond and English roads.

Following outcry from neighbors of the Long Pond site about potential traffic increases, noises and general disruption to the area from a college campus, the Town Board voted unanimously in August to reject the Bryant & Stratton proposal. The college sued in September, seeking to have the decision annulled.

In a decision filed Thursday with the Monroe County Clerk, state Supreme Court Justice William P. Polito Jr. directed the town to issue the special-use permit.

Gary Tajkowski, Greece’s director of development services, said the town board will likely do so during its upcoming meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Town Hall, 1 Vince Tofany Blvd.

“The town board is disappointed by the judge’s decision, but they have to abide by a legally binding order,” he said.

The town notified residents living near the proposed campus of the judge’s order by mail sent on Thursday.

Bryant & Stratton’s current Greece campus is a 20,400-square-foot space in Canal Ponds Business Park near the border of Gates and Greece.

The college’s new 33,000-square-foot building is proposed for a site on land behind the existing CVS pharmacy, Rockcastle Florist and Northwest Savings Bank. The property has been zoned for commercial use since 2001, but town law requires a special-use permit for any institute of higher education. (SOURCE)

AGENDA for Greece Town Board Meeting, Tuesday, 6PM

SCATS ~~ Like the song goes, "you can't always get what you want ..." Looks like the neighbors will have to get used to seeing, hearing & smelling the students anyway.


Anonymous said...

It will sure make the traffic on Long Pond Rd a mess in the early morning. I wonder why they wanted to put it there rather than in the Canal Ponds area. Canal Ponds would be much easier to get to on the expressways.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greece, last one out please tun off the lights.

Anonymous said...

Another great job of D and C reporting. It would have been nice to get an explanation of the judges reasoning. Meaghan seems to print only what the town says. How do residents feel about this? Journalism 101 here

SCATS said...

To 10:13AM ~~ Now, now! She's VERY busy trying to get Facebook friends to write comments on her pieces. You'll have to get used to telephone reporting & rewording of Press Releases ;)

Anonymous said...

Once again the sheeples of Greece have been sheared by Jack Auberger and his four shepherds. I am, of course, referring to the fact that the courts have ordered Greece to approve Bryant and Stratton's application to build on Long Pond Rd. Surprise? Nonsense! Predictable? Absolutely!

You may recall that prior to last November's election, the Town Board pretended to listen to those persons opposed to the project. In doing so, they appeared to appease those groups because it was politically correct to do so at that time, even though their attorneys had advised them that denial of B&S's application would have no chance of holding up to a court challenge by B&S. Well the attorneys were correct as evidenced by today's newspaper article.

The people who thought they had succeeded were reduced to suckers once again by the scheming Town Board. They are the losers and the winners are (1) obviously, Bryant and Stratton who have a considerable financial commitment; (2) Supervisor Auberger whose ring had already been kissed along with the usual tribute; and (3) the owner of the property who already agreed to the conditions of this sale, a local businessman with political connections and a big contributor to the right people.

To prove my point, it appears the Town will not appeal the ruling and the project will be approved shortly, as was Auberger's original plan. Mission accomplished! Deferring this project beyond the November election, resulted in the election of Auberger's majority and two more years of his one-man rule.

Unhappy? You have no one to blame but yourselves. As residents and voters you continue to vote for those responsible for the scandals and outright lies perpetrated by a corrupt system of closed government. Will it ever change? I doubt it! So grow another coat and you will be ready for the next shearing.

Anonymous said...

How come the pot-heads Dad doesn't comment here using his name anymore? As I recall he was a big supporter of the Odyssey Way of education. Seems like we would have heard fom him over the last couple of weeks. Maybe he gets all ready to type, but becomes distracted by cartoons or something. Damn second hand smoke.

SCATS said...

To 1:24PM ~~ Sadly, your comments are spot on!

To 2:19PM ~~ I'm not entirely sure I know who you are referring to, but if it's the person I'm thinking of, I believe his kid graduated last year. So, with no more axe to grind, no more reason to defend the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

RE the court decsion I had the same impression of that too.

Anonymous said...

Any answer to the question of location raised by 7:48 AM?

Anonymous said...

So does this mean the Bryant & Stratton "Education" scam moves out of a rented building in Canal Ponds where B&S pays property & school taxes as a part of the rent, and builds a brand new craphole on Long Pond where they WON'T pay any tax?

Will B&S also get a sweet deal from COMIDA so they don't pay tax on construction materials for their new mess?

Anyone who has worked in or walked through B&S's current campus probably can't wait for the new campus.

It's going to be wonderful. Come to Bryant & Stratton. If you have a pulse & can fog a mirror we can set you up for student loans so you too can study Criminal Justice. You can get a high paying job helping Sheriff OFlibber keep your friends and relatives inside of the Jail. Here's your complementary sweatshirt & shoplifting bag. Feel free to drop in for a class or two if you want. You're now golden for another 36 months of WELFARE.

SCATS said...

To 9:03PM ~~ Maybe Greece has a large clientele base for them. The Long Pond location is very convenient to Affinity Lane.

Anonymous said...

You're right about this neighbors who whined and complained about "those people" going to school near their neighborhood getting their just desserts. That Greece Democrat party member was right when he called those neighbors racists! Deal with it!!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why the township wants to continue to develop undeveloped land everywhere when there are so many openings in plazas and vacant buildings in our township! The beauty of nature is being taken everyday through development of the land with commercialism. Plus, with this development, you are now talking about buses stopping and holding up traffic at an already busy intersection to begin with. Plus, has anyone seen how crazy the Vintage lane exit is in the afernoon coming from 390? Sometimes the line is halfway down the exit lane onto the highway... this will only increase that problem of traffic there or increase the Latta Road exit traffic which will put walking Arcadia students more at risk from heavier traffic patterns. What a shame! Let's also think about Athena highschool right next door to this facility going in and the problems that may come from their existence next to each other. Many students will walk past that facility and will also have heavier traffic patterns at the intersection to deal with when walking to and from school! I just don't understand why they can't put this place on Ridge Road somewhere? Why does it have to be nestled in a suburban area?

Anonymous said...

The beauty of nature is an obstacle to these guys. They did nothing to preserve our old town hall. They couldn't wait to replace it with a Lay-z-Boy. Hyper exploitation of our environment is one trick pony used to lower taxes, Then one day when our heritage is spoiled and exhausted you pay again