Thursday, December 29, 2011

True Transportation Cost To Retain SOC's Is Much Higher

Charlie Hubbard said...

After reading some of the committee reports (worthless as they are) and attending Tuesday nights meeting it was obvious that the preservation of schools of choice is first and foremost on the minds of those in charge.

When I asked 'what is the purpose of schools of choice' it took a while but finaly got one answer which was 'to give parents a choice'.

Schools of choice come with a cost - a big cost - for because of schools of choice we also have 'open enrollment'.

Because of schools of choice we also have 'signature schools'.

Because of schools of choice we transport kids to a school or baby sitter that fits your needs.

The cost of transpotation to provide these services is enormous. The educational benefit (for all) I have never heard. When anyone offers a dollar figure for the transpotation costs associated with schools of choice make sure that figure includes all the extra costs of transportation for all the regular ed kids outside thier home school area.

Also don't let anyone try to make these figures 'look better' by including state aid for 2 reasons #1 there is no guarantee the state will always be reimbursing at the same rate especially after the state is made aware of the extra money we are spending for touchy/feely choice.

#2 the last I knew state aid was paid for by state residents. It is NOT free.

As I said Tuesday night the resident who spoke about having 4busses line up on his street every morning to take kids to 4 different high schools did not believe his tax dollars were being spent wisely. So far that taxpayer has been disrespected and ignored along with so many others.   12/23/2011 12:40 PM

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Charlie. You sum it up well.
With the multimillion dollar shortfall this year, we really need to look at the value (none stated so far) of having the luxury of SOC and Open Enrollment versus the value (clearly shown) of having adequate teaching staff to permit learning. With the limits on taxing and cuts in state aid, we need to look at every expense and decide if it has value or not. If there were any value to SOC, etc., we should have heard it by now. The absence of any educational defense speaks volumes.