Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miss Tuesday's School Consolidation Forum ?

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SCATS ~~ I recommend answering Question 1 ~ Yes; Question 2 ~ No; Question 3 ~ Yes.


Anonymous said...

I recommend no, yes, yes...but thanks for trying to persuade me.

Anonymous said...

I wrote her and said I support closing 3 elementary schools, abolishing Odyssey and returning that building to whoever owns it. Sell West Ridge to Christa to get that monkey off our back and then sell Barnard and one other closed school. Consolidate Parkland and Brookside into a K-5 school. Establish a boundary around Pine Brook, send the current kids back wherever they came from, and reopen it as a regular K-5 school.

Anonymous said...

I voted 3 "yes" votes. Then noted when you move Odyssey to Apollo, the 9-12 pupils must be returned to Olympia.

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Anonymous said...