Sunday, December 11, 2011

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM



The Administrative Advisory Task Force, Attendance Committee II, and Finance Committee will each present recommendations to the Greece Board of Education on December 13. The three groups have reviewed data related to school capacity, facility conditions, and enrollment trends. The Administrative Advisory Task Force also reviewed student achievement data, the direction of New York State’s Common Core Curriculum and Assessments and individual school schedules to ensure a focus on improved student achievement. Each group will make presentations to the Board on December 13.

Also on December 13, a Transportation Efficiency Analysis including projected savings will be presented. A financial and staffing analysis will round out the evening’s presentations.

Options Include ...

1 ~ Close Hoover Dr & move Odyssey to Apollo. Create another small 6-12 grade school on site and add a small middle school program to Olympia HS.

2 ~ Close West Ridge School and redistribute its students back to their home schools.

3 ~ Close West Ridge School and move it to Parkland. Relocate Parkland students to Brookside School, thereby creating another K-5 building.

4 ~ Close Kirk Rd. and move its students to Parkland. Relocate Parkland students to Brookside School, thereby creating another K-5 building.

SCATS ~~ Where is the "option" of eliminating schools-of-choice? Where is the "option" of eliminating open enrollment? Where is the "option" of holding the lotteries in an open meeting? It appears that GCSD has no intention of bringing relief to taxpayers by closing schools & eliminating redundant staffing in the form of building principals, vice principals, teaching staff, librarians, counselors & others. Instead, they plan to create MORE schools!



Anonymous said...

its doesn't have an apostrophe. The one with an apostrophe is a contraction of it is, not the possessive, like his and hers and ours.
But perhaps the Greece BOE and the Greece trained graduates will not notice.

SCATS said...

To 5:07PM ~~ That was my mistake. I know the difference, but didn't bother proof-reading or even hitting the spell-check button. I'm surprised you didn't catch the typo I made twice!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

This is the perfect opportunity to put this district back to 'one' district - to eliminate an item that divides us.

Schools of choice and open enrollment once had a 'need' - that 'need' is no longer. The breakup of neighborhoods can be fixed. Having 'some' be 'chosen' is doing terrible damage to this community. We all know money is being wasted. Deep down resentment rules. We can no longer live in denial.

It is time to restore TRUST - to lead - to show our kids that we can be HONEST. Are we 'one' school district or not? One thing is for sure - as long as we continue to be divided 'true accountability' will not happen. Management loves division. It's time to end this 2 tiered system and show our kids that WE (the grown ups) know the meaning of community.

Anonymous said...

5:07 is nitpicking. your message came thru, even though it might not be "correct" English. I do admit it is frustrating to see apostrophes added and subtracted from where they belong. Perhap's it's a sign of the time's and the education sy 'stem we have to deal with! Oop's my bad! And I didn't even attend Greece Schools!

Anonymous said...

Are they saying that my daughter will be moved from Apollo to Olympia, only to allow another school (the odyssey kids) to take over her building?! They can go f•[< themselves! My kid goes to her neighborhood school and she gets bumped by the chosen few!

SCATS said...

To 6:25PM ~~ Charlie, it's the perfect opportunity for Babs to show us she can do what needs to be done. You are correct, schools of choice have outlived the purpose for which they were created. I find it sickening that the only way the rest of the kids get to have K-5 schools to attend is by having district office toss the occasional bone our way in the form of a new school, like with the idea of merging Parkland & Brookside.

SCATS said...

To 6:46PM ~~ Yes, 5:07PM is knitpicking. I korrected all of my misteaks on the front of the BLOG, even the wons 5:07 mist. Like eye said, I wuz in a hurry. :D

SCATS said...

To 7:08PM ~~ Apparently they are saying that if your daughter is special enough, she can still attend Apollo, but in the "new" school, not with the really extra special Odyssey kids. If she doesn't make the cut, they will ship her to Olympia where she can learn the gang colors.

Anonymous said...

To 7:08/ The school isn't YOUR school it is OUR school and WE cannot afford all the buildings WE current;y have. They were built when WE have almost 16000 students and WE now have less than12,000. TIme to reduce the supply to what WE need.

Attention BOE, please reduce the capacity to what is needed to educate the students we currently have and do not inflate the epected school population in order to keep the buildings open and the teachers, staff, bus drivers employed. We can always add if there is an influx which might actually happen if we get our fiscal house in order and turn out some educated graduates from the schools we run.

Anonymous said...

The administration seems to be attempting to close 2 buildings and still keep the same number of schools or increase them by putting 2 schools (6-12Odyssey and 6-12 poor man's choice) into the Apollo building and 2 schools (6-8,losers of lottery) and 9-12losers of lottery) into the Olympia building. They will go from 3 buildings with 3 schools to 2 buildings with 4 schools.
So they will save on heat and electricity in Hoover and Westridge but they will still have the same or more number of principals and school entities. Nice for the unions and the school of choice divas and spoiled parents.

SCATS said...

To 8:41PM ~~ I think you might have missed what 7:08PM was trying to get at. Why should those who couldn't get into "choice" schools have to sacrifice yet again, so that we can retain choice schools? I've said it before & I will say it again:Schools-of-choice have outlived the purpose for which they were created. Send THOSE kids back to their neighborhood schools and let's reduce the number of buildings AND the number of employees, buses, etc. needed to run this district!

Anonymous said...

They're considering putting 11 year olds at Olympia where they will have to walk the same halls (to get to the gym, cafeteria, library, etc.) as 18 year old high school students?

Have any of you ever been in the Olympia Hallways? It is a zoo with countless obscenities and acts of violence taking place.

This is unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

Moral bankruptcy. When districts are allowed to segregate, as ours has, no good comes of it! To advocate for my kids knowing it comes at the expense of other children is moral bankruptcy. BOE please stop the segregation! Don't study it- STOP IT!
Mr. Hubbard is right on this one.
Segregation based on family income has devastated this district!!!

Anonymous said...

8:41 I agree with the OUR schools. However the reason SOC was started no longer exists. So NOW for the families that have attended their home school or not won the lottery and gone to the assigned school they are being MOVED so that SOC can continue to exist even though there is NO NEED. We chose Apollo and as parent I am frustrated that our children's MS will be no more simple to have a smaller SOC moved into the building. The proposal are physical building closures and will reflect a one time savings as far as operating costs, and the lowest paid employees are the one to loose jobs ( think custodians and kitchen staff)

These proposals are a slap in the face to equity in this district yet again.

Anonymous said...

It is sad but true that the parents of any school picked for closing will be up in arms and defending the reasons that their school should stay open. It will take some real stones to make the decision and, quite frankly, I don't know if the BOE has the stuff. Much easier to keep inflating the budget "a few cents" per thou evaluation than it is to make these tough calls.

SCATS said...

To 7:53AM ~~ Our BOE does NOT have the "stones" to make the decisions. How do I know this? Most members of the Greece school board have a personal interest in keeping school choice. Their kids/grandkids attend them ;)

To say that any of these committees are "democratic" or fair & balanced is a joke! They are heavily stacked with pro choice parents, teachers & administrators, just like previous groups.

Anonymous said...

How does moving kids to neighborhood schools resolve the problem of inequity?

How does eliminating Odyssey, Pine Brook and Westridge help the district's overall academic achievement?

How does talking about recommendations made by two sub-committees out of three full committees as if they're the only recommendations that will ever be made further the discussion of remaking the Greece Central School District?

Anonymous said...

All they care about is trying to close the 6.8m budget gap...I was informed that even if they close the Max amount of schools proposed by all committees, they still won't come close to closing the gap. If schools of choice want to continue to operate like charter schools, then they should fully do that by becoming charter schools and letting the rest of us segregated (due to our lack of acceptance into their privileged clan) put this district back together.

The only way to fix this is to go back to the basics.....redraw district lines and lets get back to neighborhood schools and close up the buildings that are no longer needed thus reducing costs in transportation (by not treating the buses as personal chauffers all over the district any longer), by reducing positions (which is a massive part of the budget gap), decreasing operational costs of buildings no longer in use (hmmmm....any mention of that Barnard location housing a fitness center at our expense possibly closing).

Take a look at the recent EXCEL proposal listing sporting fields and such when we are in the middle of such a budget gap! They listed Parkland as needing a new sidewalk??? Their sidewalk is in great condition (better than most sidewalks in the neighborhoods in our township)! These are the same people we are supposed to take advice and recommendations from to figure out how to consolidate and get rid of the enormous amount of waste in our district? I wonder what the proposed projects will be upon closing some of the buildings listed?

This district needs to pull together and be a community again....and as Charlie said, set the example for our kids! The children no longer know each other in our neighborhoods because they all board different buses to different places coming and going at different times! This is not a community!!! The segregation is multi-tiered, not just bi-liveled....there are the SOC families, then there are schools that bend over backwards for the less-fortunate thus leaving the middle class families out there fending for ourselves! Take a look at the newspaper articles over the summer of the reading program that took place at affinity lane with parkland teachers volunteering to help these children bridge the gap over the summer....kudos to them, but what about the rest of the students? What about the middle-class families who would have jumped on board to take advantage of a reading program over the summer for their children at the school? There was no notice inviting the other children to take part in such a program! That is yet another tier! We cater to the affluent and the less fortunate while the middle class get dogged!!!

They need to think these options through....there is so little parking at Brookside that families are bused in on school buses from the parkland campus because there is more parking there with basil marella across the street. And where would that parking lot expand to with all of the homes around it? Wonder what that would cost the district in expansion or for leaving it as is and busing families in for any events from a central location?

Anonymous said...

Keeping the poverty level of a school below 40% has been shown to improve learning of ALL the kids in the school. SOC and open enrollment have helped to concentrate poverty in several of our schools. Stopping open enrollment and closing SOC will improve overall academic achievement especially if lines are redrawn with that 40% in mind.
Kids in poverty lose achievement over the summer- Middle class kids maintain or even gain over the summer.

SCATS said...

To 12:48PM ~~ The idea is to move them to K-5 neighborhood schools at elementary. That resolves much of the inequity created by two of the three schools-of-choice ~ it gives everyone educational continuity/consistency. It also provides a means where neighbors get to mingle with neighbors (rocket science for Greece, NY, I know).

Eliminating schools of choice won't hurt the academics of most of those kids since they will perform well no matter where they attend.

Regarding committee recommendations, we already know that these groups are largely comprised of school of choice proponents, so let's not play games trying to pretend otherwise ;)

What we need to be doing certainly is not what these groups are suggesting. We desperately need to close 2-3 schools ASAP and actually consolidate the students into existing facilities with fewer staff. Wages/salaries are the biggest chunk of the budget. If we don't right-size teaching, administration & other staff to the number of actual students, we'll never get a handle on the bloated budget and out of control tax increases.

Once Odyssey moves to Apollo, will they be getting a football team? Will Brookside expand parking somehow? What will be the expenses needed to accommodate 6-8 grade students at Olympia? Who in their right mind would want their 6th, 7th, or 8th grader attending Olympia??

Anonymous said...

@2:41- I agree that SOC has concentrated poverty rates into several school buildings. The rate at PL is over 49% I believe... the lines need to be redrawn. There are some that will argue that the SOC have succeeded at keeping costs and attendance in check. I beg to differ!

SCATS said...

To 2:59PM ~~ You are correct. None of the current or previous supts. or BOE's has been able to answer the simplest quest:

What benefit TO THE DISTRICT do schools of choice provide?

Hear the crickets chirping? ;)

Anonymous said...

parkland was over 60% in 2009/2010. 6 of our schools over 50%, 10 over 40% (2009/2010). Longridge was just under 60% in 2009/10 but I heard in a news report that it currently is over 60%.

Anonymous said...

You people, whether pro or anti school of choice/lottery/open enrollment, do understand one thing, right?

Until this district returns to neighborhood schools, this topic will NEVER go away, period.

You can't on one hand say there is no academic difference between school "A" and school "B", and on another hand scream that the mean district is closing your "special" school. In doing so, your acknowledging your school IS in fact special, if only because of who does (or does not) attend it. Once you've acknowledged it's being special, you will always face people being angry about it's exclusionary nature.

So while keeping the system in some other tricky, neatly packaged form, while it may buy it's supporters some time, does nothing to fix the issue at it's core.

Anonymous said...

What's the cost to keep up with IB fees every year at Odyssey? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Right on 4:32! This issue isnt going anywhere until the insanity stops. Our spending is going up yet our results are going down. Show me the benefit to the entire district. If they way of learning at Odyssey is so great, then why does Pinebrook also have superior results? There's one answer and it's the giant pink elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. I feel that 4:32 said it best when they mention who does not attend these lottery schools.

Anonymous said...

This item will identify who this superintendent is.

We will soon find out if she is a uniter or a divider.

The reports from HER committees will speak volumns.

Anonymous said...

you seem to forget who ultimately will be making the final decision....the board... So what do we think is going to happen? Recommendations can be made all they want but it can all come to an abrupt halt when it comes to their input.

SCATS said...

To 10:43PM ~~ Very true. They certainly halted the train that Achramovitch tried to set into motion with shutting down West Ridge. Same thing with O'Rourke's ideas. How foolish will they look this time, if they do it again?