Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Teacher ...

Hand Gels Are NO Replacement For Hand Washing

Cold and flu season is upon us, and experts say keeping hands clean is the best defense in spreading germs.

So what works best, hand washing or sanitizing gels?

"Hand washing. Hand washing is better. Every study I see shows that it's preferred," says pediatrician Dr. Larry Scherzer.

Even the company that makes Purell says gels are not meant to replace hand washing.

Dr. Scherzer says if gel is all you have, make sure it's at least 60 percent alcohol and apply it liberally.

It should take a few seconds to dry on your hands.

Dr. Scherzer notes sanitizing gels it won't remove dirt on hands or under nails, which a thorough hand washing will do.

The Centers for Disease Control says hand hygiene is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection. (WHEC-TV)
SCATS ~~ So parents could save a bundle by not sending these to school and encouraging teachers to have children wash hands.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't teaching your child about the importance of hand washing fall under the duty of parenting??

We know how much you hate teachers.

SCATS said...

To 11:29AM ~~ Who said anything about teaching them to wash?? Once in the classroom, most teachers must give kids an opportunity to go to the restroom to wash, since not all classrooms have sinks.

Show me a 5-10 year old that doesn't need reminding he/she needs to wash hands before eating ;)

Anonymous said...

11:29 for all the years I was in school and the years my kids were in school, the only time we were allowed to not be in the classroom or travel from room to room was when we were given permission to go to the "lavatory". Elementary students used to be put in a line and told this is your time to take nature's call whether you had to or not. If you didn't and you had to go later you were frowned upon. And if you had a substitute that day you didn't get to go alone at all for fear she might lose you. You had to go right to the cafeteria with no thought of hygiene.
How many middle and high school students have the time to shower before returning to class after a sweaty game of something?
The high school students rush from class to class and have no time for such activities as just "washing your hands". You would be guilty of being an unauthorized presence and maybe accused of smoking.
School have always been and continue to be more prisons than learning establishments. The students are treated like cattle rather than persons. They are allowed outside in the yard for a while. They all eat at the same time in chaotic circumstances. The food is not palatable. There is a warden called the principal.
Is it possible that odyssey is not like this?

SCATS said...

To 4:33PM ~~ Odyssey is NOT like that at all! The kids eat with their teachers in their classrooms, so there is no cafeteria time for fights to erupt or other chaos to happen.

You're correct that the kids are treated like cattle ... maybe even worse than that.

Anonymous said...

OMG, do we have to argue this? Wash, sanitize - who cares, just do one of these!

Anonymous said...

Well Puttitat, normally I'd eschew introducing knowledge into one of your threads, BUT, Institutional grade Purell is 62% alcohol. Any product with a higher percentage will cause GRFD to go nuts and close down a hospital floor.

Also Dr. Larry Scherzer is misrepresenting the issue. Any real hospital Infection Prevention Practitioner can and will tell you while proper hand washing might be preferred getting compliance from even professional paid staff is near if not impossible. Hand sanitizers have erupted from hospital walls like mushrooms in the woods because ICPs fought to get them in place when it was proven those products yielded a higher compliance rate than all the hand washing campaigns.

I'd really enjoy meeting the person who thinks they can get 10% of the kid population in any school to wash their hands even before eating lunch in the Dr Andy protocall with or without singing Happy Birthday.

Kids are filthy little germ distributors, and if they can be caused to use Purell society is coming up a winner.

Anonymous said...

Gel cleansers are for lazy teachers who can't be bothered with the responsibility of letting Suzie and Johnnie go to the lavatory. So much easier to coerce taxpaying parents to send in king size squeeze bottles for extra credit than actuallu use water, soap and friction.

Anonymous said...

No weapons allowed in school but teachers have students bring flammable materials? Great. And where is it all stored?

Anonymous said...

Suzie and Johnnie go to the lavatory together and you got a hell of a chance Suzie comes back to class pregnant. It's all that dang sex education they are teaching in them classrooms full of 8 year olds with the bananas and cucumbers. You show young kids things like that and next thing you know.

No sir we are much better off as a community with them little girls sanitizing right there in the classroom.

Good lord, BethAnn and I got more than we can handle already explaining all that lesbion thing Monique's 3rd grade teacher is spewing at the kids. It's getting to the point I'm near scared to come home to supper and hear what the kids learned in school any given day I tell you. I mean I've had to google some of the stuff our 9 year old brings home from school, and it frightened me to learn humans do that.

Anonymous said...

Once again scats takes the mundane and makes a conspiracy theory out it.
To 12:43 you are right, it is all the teacher's fault. Those lazy teachers. If the parents would raise their kids rather than have the teachers do it they could concentrate on teaching the little buggers.

SCATS said...

To 8:36PM ~~ No conspiracy here. Just the facts ;)