Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Greece Town Board Listens With Media Present

Sign-carrying citizens and town officials clashed at Tuesday night’s Town Board meeting over what type of public comment is allowable at the Greece Town Board meetings. (D&C)

“During the last several meetings, we’ve had instances in which the use of the public forum has not followed our civility policy.” ~~ Greece Supervisor, John Auberger (SCATS ~~ Nevermind that Auberger & cronies didn't follow their own policy in how they went about shutting it down!)

“When you say that the supervisor has complete discretion to decide what is relevant and what is not, that is a vast overextension of the sense of the public forum doctrine. That is just not reasonable. The ultimate authority lies with the Town Board and not with the supervisor himself.” ~~ resident Brian Caterino

"At the last meeting Mr.Auberger chose to shut down a speaker who was communicating with this board about his displeasure with the supervisor's performance and behavior. He has a right to share his concerns with you, even if the supervisor doesn't like it. I'm totally disappointed with the people on this board that you do not show the back bone to stand up for people that elected you." ~~ Rita Garretson, 3rd Ward Candidate (Greece Post)

Following the meeting, Auberger said the concerns about public forum procedure was "political nonsense."

"It's the silly season. It's a political campaign, the Democrats in this community are grasping for issues." ~~ John Auberger

SCATS ~~ I'd say that grasping for issues is a huge improvement over watching certain folks in power grasping for their zipper during a murder investigation ;) If push came to shove, I can't imagine Baxter arresting or escorting out any of the people I've seen who spoke against Auberger & the Town Board. What would Chief Todd do?


Anonymous said...

Previous history indicates Greece PD is STUPID enough to arrest citizens challenging Town Officials in a Board meeting.

Stoopudvisor Boiley had a Rochester Cop arrested for harassing Das Stoopudvisor and then had to pull a huge favor from RPD to prevent the Cop from suing the Town.

Don't be too shocked if GPD does it again, and the Town Court plays along.

Greece Law Enforcement is real good at ignoring LAW.

Anonymous said...

To Auberger's comment that "Democrats are grasping for issues". Hardly. There are already so many issues they probably won't be able to get to them all. Sorry Jack, you brought this on yourself by trying to shut up people when you didn't want to listen. Rita Garrettson is right the board was spineless to sit there and let you get away with it. The Democrats were right to call you on this. We call it the First Ammendment

Anonymous said...

Funny I didn't see any news coverage on the tv news? Guess SCATS likes to consider this Media coverage!!

SCATS said...

To 10:14PM ~~ Both the Greece Post & the D&C sent reporters to this meeting, thus my links to the stories I quoted from ;)

And yes, BLOGS are a form of media. Thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

8;11 other issues - what other issues.
Please list 3 or 4 other than things of a personal nature.

SCATS said...

To 10:33AM ~~ NO! We're not going to list items "of a personal nature!"

Anonymous said...

THAT PICTURE IS GREAT! I take back everything I said about the Democrats being worthless. We The People need somebody to Stand Up for us and reveal that the Emperor Has No Clothes. Glad to see you guys finally grew a pair and are taking on the status quo. This time I will vote for your people without reservation.

Anonymous said...


You might want to read 10:33's comment again.

Anonymous said...

I think I finally figured it out! It's John Auberger that runs this blog!!!

Why else would public comments here not get posted?

It's cuz SCATS (JA) doesn't like what being said! :)

Gotcha you little putty tat.

SCATS said...

To 7:47AM ~~ OMG you found me out!!!

Or maybe it's because calling people names like windbag, gasbag, crazy, lunatic, monkey, racist, fool ... etc. gets your comment deep-sixed. ALL of those names (and others) have been used recently in comments that didn't get posted.