Thursday, October 27, 2011

Town of Greece Preliminary Budget Shows Taxes Rising

The Greece Post reports: The town of Greece has released its preliminary budget for 2012, and it includes a lower tax rate for town residents. But changes to special district rates will keep tax bills relatively flat.

A house assessed at $100,000 would have a total tax bill of $728.52, compared to $728.67 in 2011, though the property tax rate is set to decrease seven cents to $6.33.

Drainage district charges, calculated by unit, are set to go up to $16.75 from a flat $16 last year. Lighting districts, applied per $100,000, would go up to $39.32 from $33.53 last year, and per-unit sewer charges are set at $39.94, up five cents from last year.

The total tax levy is set at $30,871,052, down about $50,000 from last year, and the town's total taxable full valuation is at $4.8 million.

Total operational spending, including those in special districts, is proposed at $55.6 million, compared to just over $54 million in 2011. Triggering factors include a $1 million increase in retirement contributions, the proposed addition of a new police officer, and $1 million more in spending at the Department of Public Works.

The public hearing for the 2012 proposed budget will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. at the Greece Town Hall.

SCATS ~~  Do they plan to spend any $$ to fill in some of the HUGE potholes/cracks/sunken manholes on Maiden Ln between Mt. Read Blvd & Fetzner Rd before winter snow covers them up and small cars disappear forever? I know they were hoping to repave it but the current condition going into winter will degrade to become hazardous.


Anonymous said...

"A house assessed at $100,000 would have a total tax bill of $728.52, compared to $728.67 in 2011, though the property tax rate is set to decrease seven cents to $6.33."

The title and body of this post is confusing.

At the end of the day, the overall amount of taxes we'll pay, according to this example, is dropping very slightly.

Not for nothing, less that $730 a year on a $100k home in town taxes is pretty good for all the services we get.

If you live in the Dewey Ave / Stone Road neighborhoods, this is really good needs as many houses range from $60k-$100k.

SCATS said...

To 8:09AM ~~ I agree it is VERY confusing. However, I believe that since the FINAL BUDGET won't be available until AFTER the election that Auberger & Co wanted it to be confusing.

Regarding the statement you made: "... less that $730 a year on a $100k home in town taxes is pretty good for all the services we get" I completely disagree!


This year, Town pick-up of leaves (for example) has been scaled back once again! There is only ONE PICK-UP DAY for all of November! Two are scheduled for Oct. & one for Dec. for a total of just 4 days!

Many roads in town received NO POTHOLE REPAIRS this year! Among them are Maiden Ln!

The "services" we get seems to be comprised more & more of the "drop your drawers, bend over & grab your ankles" type of service ... certain of our "leaders" are well known for their skill in administering that, too.

Anonymous said...

You don't want your taxes raised, yet you complain that your services are being cut. You can't have it both ways.

Why don't you do us all a favor and move to another suburb that is more cat friendly?

Anonymous said...

Spending is going up million and a half, but taxes are flat? One way or another we are paying for what is spent. The town is either borrowing money or dipping into the slush fund of tax money we overpaid earlier. Who is fooling who?

SCATS said...

To 11:12AM ~~ It would be more honest (a word our local politicos seem unfamiliar with) to tell us what SPECIFIC CUTS were made than to let us find out accidentally when a service we've come to rely upon is needed but then found to have been quietly axed! I don't think that ignoring & not filling potholes is a viable option, do you?

By the way, Greece is VERY cat friendly :)

To 11:12AM ~~ I've lived here for a long time. I've never seen my taxes go down, have you?

Anonymous said...

Scats did you notice that Bob Newsatz is siding with the Dems now? He put a letter in the post. Not a big surprise I guess but I didn't expect him to be public about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that leaf pick-up continues to get scaled back. We are the only house on our street and one of only a handful our neighborhood who ever put leaves out for pick-up. Most residents around here put them out with the trash and the haulers take them away.

SCATS said...

To 3:45PM ~~ Yes, I did notice & I'm not surprised at all. He's been VERY vocal about his feelings regarding the local Republicans running the Town of Greece. Who could blame him??

To 6:40PM ~~ It really depends on the neighborhood. The Town should be encouraging us to mulch, not throw them out with the trash & waste space in our landfills for something that isn't "hazardous" but is "green."

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Augie and Maggie saying they are not going to raise our taxes.

the Town Assessor will be coming through the town after the first of the year. I have seen this time after time with the Republicans in this town and with Maggie too. They all tout they are either keeping "taxes" flat or giving us a decrease. Then you see the assessor coming around and you find out the house you live in just went up in value by several thousand dollars. WHAMMY......your taxes do go up but the town and county claim it is not their fault. It's the person sitting in the assessors office! Mark my words......we will see this happen in Greece and other communities across Monore County as soon as the elections are wrapped up.

SCATS said...

To 12:21AM ~~ You got that absolutely right! Been there & seen it before. Thanks for reminding us.

Anonymous said...

Yes and troubling news in the paper this morning. The satisfaction polls show that Maggie has lots of approval. No matter what she does she is unscathed.

SCATS said...

To 9:06AM ~~ Just like Auggie. VERY SAD FOR MONROE COUNTY!

Anonymous said...

"The Town should be encouraging us to mulch, not throw them out with the trash & waste space"

You're joking right? You need someone to tell you to mulch and not throw out? You can't just do it yourself without being told to?

Who's the sheeple now?

SCATS said...

To 5:18PM ~~ Excuse me, but that was in response to another person who says many are just throwing them into their trash for weekly pick-up. Please, try to keep up, even though I know it's hard for a couple of you ;)

I've recycled grass, leaves, limbs & more for many, many years. It wouldn't be too hard for the Town to post something on their website encouraging those that throw out their outdoor waste to make use of the Town's composting sites. now would it??

Anonymous said...

For those who were sleeping,
In 1995 SuperMario Cuomo gave every Assessor in NY State marching orders. SuperMario and the Leg had overspent and overborrowed the total assessed value of all property in NY, and assessd value had to go UP. It was decreed from the hill in Albany from then on every property in the State would be reassessed every 5 years, and it has been so since.

Last year the wonderful people elected to MisRepresent the taxpayers once again visited their wisdom on us stupid taxpayers and revised the plan. NOW every property gets reassessed every 3 years.
The reasoning, quite simple, it can be done with a computer program, not many people really complain effectively, and it's more money to spend buying votes. They know you won't remember on Election Day why you're bleeding from the eyeballs every day, and they don't care if you do.

There is much to be said for voting AGAINST a politician in office!