Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Safety Issue Communicated Late

This email was forwarded to SCATS by an angry parent who thinks such safety issues need to be communicated in a more timely way. SCATS agrees!

Subject: safety issue
Hello Parents,

We are in the process of investigating an incident where a middle school student was approached by a suspicious adult while leaving school grounds after school last week. The adult male (brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt and walking a small white dog) asked the student his name. When the student did not comply, the adult male grabbed his wrist and said, Come with me. The student was able to free himself and call 911. School officials, District security and the Greece Police Department are involved with the investigation.

If you have any additional information, please call 966-4993. Additionally, as it gets darker even earlier with Daylight Savings time approaching, I would ask that you review appropriate safety measures with your child should any suspicious person approach them, as well as, the topic of Stranger Danger.

Thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

Please inform those in charge of educating our younsters that it's "Daylight Saving Time" (not "Savings")

Shelly Reitz said...

Really?? Proper grammar was the most important piece you took from that statement?? Where is the schools accountability to the safety of not only that student but the rest of the student body AND their parents??

Anonymous said...

Maybe the kid should have told someone about it sooner than almost a week after it happened.

Anonymous said...

Please inform those posting on here that it's "youngsters" not "younsters."

SCATS said...

To 10:10PM ~~ One thing I've learned from people like you in the 5.5 yrs. of moderating this BLOG is that it's NEVER the district's fault no matter what the issue is. Guess what? I'm still NOT buying it :D

Anonymous said...

I heard he reported it within the hours of the incident.

Anonymous said...

How is anyone supposed to be communicated if he didn't say anything to anyone period until almost a week later? If they reported it the same day he reported it how is that late?

Anonymous said...

It took ONE week to notify parents...it happened Tuesday of last week!! Multiple children reported seeing this guy following students.

SCATS said...

I believe it was reported & that GCSD sat on it for a week. That is my opinion, based upon past practices in GCSD and the fact that the cops will tell you the district doesn't like letting any damaging info out.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that the police department and the School kept this a secret from the parents this long, when the kids of Athena have been hearing and spreading rumors of the incident for a week now.
Then the school tells us about how dark it is and will be at the end of the school day and we need to talk to our children.
Well it did not just get dark last night! What the heck were they thinking of!

You know it was not the first time that my child came home with some bizzare story that happened at school and I quickly dismissed it, maybe the stories had merit and I was being a fool for thinking the school would notify us in a timely matter of incidents of this magnitude.

Anonymous said...

Where did you read that this just got reported when this email came out?

From what I heard, it was reported to 911 right away. Which I would presume the school knew about it from the Greece Police Department right away.

Anonymous said...

Why did greece only notify athena middle school students...it should go out to ALL students in Greece. This guy could go anywhere...what does it harm to be overly cautious??

SCATS said...

To 10:46AM ~~ Greece Police are the keepers of many of the Greece School's secrets. Unless or until they are told to share, the info stays hushed up.

Anonymous said...

Athena kids can leave by way of Long Pond or go thru paths to Pearson or Willowood or Hardwood. Where was the encounter? Is it possible the student was waiting for a pickup from a parent on Willowood? Many do not pick up and drop off on school property, instead choosing to inconvenience the residents of these side streets. Parents should know the students are in danger.

Many of those students are dropped off at the Affinity Apartments. Was it there? Was it after a bus drop off or was it right near school grounds?

Anonymous said...

It's SCATS in drag.

SCATS said...

To 3:45PM ~~ Hahahaha!! Just in time for Halloween ;)

13WHAM is now reporting that there were TWO SEPERATE INCIDENTS LAST WEEK. They report that: "In the first case, a 7th grader said a man walking a small white dog asked him his name and when he refused, the man grabbed his wrist and said: "come with me."

That happened last Wednesday near the tennis court behind Greece Athena Middle School and Greece Athena High School.

The incident wasn't reported until Monday.

The second incident happened last Thursday.

Two sixth grade girls said a man with a similar description asked them to pet his dog behind Greece Athena. The district said after "reluctantly" petting the dog the girls left and reported that the man followed them for a half a mile.

Greece Police are investigating. Security outside the school has been increased.

Sounds like GCSD under-reacts and can't keep it's story straight. They reported to the D&C that "Capt. Steve Chatterton said the incident, which allegedly happened on Oct. 19, was reported to police by school security on Tuesday.

The Greece Central School District notified Athena parents of the alleged incident on Tuesday evening.

No mention of a second incident at all, until now!

Anonymous said...

checkout special announcement on greece's website... seems we were not the only ones surprised by OA's meeting

Anonymous said...

Did I miss seeing your apology to GCSD for your comment "I believe that it was reported last week and that GCSD sat on it for a week"?


Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ You missed it just like GCSD missed the 911 call that was supposedly "lost." ;)