Friday, October 07, 2011

Greece Gang Tags Playground Next To Greece PD's 2nd Princint

Greece Post (10/06/2011 pg. 4A): KKK graffiti found ~ Police are seeking an unknown suspect after a citizen reported finding "KKK" and "Swag Money" written on a playground slide at 440 Maiden Lane, reported on Sept. 29.

D&C's sanitized version: Graffiti was painted on a slide at Barnard Park, 440 Maiden Lane on Sept. 23.

SCATS ~~ Our wonderful media can't keep their dates straight ~ the devil is in the details, but at least we now know that Greece has a gang (Swag Money) to call our own.

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Anonymous said...

See that, things are improving in Greece. In 2011 it's just spray paint.

Back in the 70s it was evil people shooting through the glass into Swine 1's office from the hill to the South, and evil people shooting into his house.

Oh, nevermind, you aren't supposed to know. Deficate & Criminal didn't report back then either.

Don't worry though, Sandy Baby is running for DA just as I predicted months ago, and Sandy will go after bad people, be they elected or just evil, or Citizens protecting themselves.

Sorry Greece Democrats, no money for your pathetic campaign from downtown, everything is going to elect Sandy Baby.