Monday, October 17, 2011

Greece Dems Plan Press Conference

FROM: Dave Garretson, Town Leader Greece Democratic Committee

Press Advisory: Greece Democrats Press Conference

When: Tuesday October 18th @5:45 PM

Where: Greece Town Hall Atrium

Greece Democrats to all-Republican Town Board:
Stop silencing citizens during "Open Forum"

Greece Democrats have a message for the Town Board: We live here too, and we want to be heard.

At the last two Greece Town Board meetings, Supervisor John Auberger went to extraordinary lengths to silence citizens with whom he disagreed. On both occasions, the monthly meeting was momentarily recessed to keep citizens from speaking during the “Open Forum.” At the September meeting, Auberger took the further step of abruptly ending the Open Forum when a speaker took the podium to criticize the turn of events. The Open Forum is the only opportunity for ordinary citizens to address the Town Board.

Democrats will ask why Town Board members sat by quietly as citizens were being silenced by Auberger.

The press conference will take place immediately before the October Town Board meeting, which begins at 6:00 PM. Democrats plan to address Town Board during the Open Forum portion of the meeting.

VIDEO of the September incident.

For more information, contact: Dave Garretson, Town Leader Greece Democratic Committee


Anonymous said...

And after this SuperDave event Dave will once again leave Town Hall and stroll to his car with a grin indicating he once again accomplished something.


Anonymous said...

So now the nuts who comment here are against smiling? Or just against Democrats smiling? Another addition to their list of poorly-reasoned positions on matters of unimportance.

Anonymous said...

Election is only 3 weeks from today. If you are tired of seeing people being bullied and hushed by powers that be, why not go over to Town Hall and show support for those who are trying to do something about it. If you and I and a few others show up maybe it won't be such a small group

Anonymous said...

12:04, gas is $3.65 a gallon.
I ain't spending that kind of money to attend any function at Town Hall.

I will spend my gas money to vote though.

Anonymous said...

I never saw coverage of this on the tv news. What gives?