Monday, October 10, 2011

Greece BOE To Seek $$ In December When Seniors Are Away

On the topic of holding a separate vote on $34.5 million in capital improvement projects in December, the current Greece School Board Prez. Julia Van Orman claims: "By doing it in December, that will let us get things done for the 2012-13 school year."

But that's NOT what Greece Central's previous Finance guru said. Lou Alaimo originally presented this plan to the BOE and told them that "historically,  December is the best time to get such a plan approved." The reason is that the snowbirds (i.e. "no" voters (a.k.a. senior citizens) will be down South for the winter ;)

Julia's other half truths include: "Over the last couple of years, in trying to keep our budget down, we haven't had that much money for our capital projects. But most of the work we're looking at here is related to student health and safety or building codes that have changed."

SCATS ~~ The D&C article FAILS TO MENTION that on the district's list of some $120 million in capital repair projects identified, some $20-25 million are for sports facility improvements, potentially including a lighted field, artificial turf, construction of outdoor restrooms & other NONESSENTIALS.


Without a plan for the future, you will be wasting our $$ once again!


Anonymous said...

I was curious when I read this as to items that are for student safety, and building code act. as to why these are not regular budget items?

Anonymous said...

Go for it.
See how many Senile Citizens are smart enough to use absentee ballots.

You can bet the "Media" won't publish information on this scam.

Anonymous said...

She also said there would be improvements and building at the schools they will be closing in the 2012 school year. This would be needed to close them???What does that mean? We can't close a building with a bad roof? Anyone that buys the property will probably just tear down the school. No need for asbestos abatement on our dime. It's not like someone will be trying to get an FHA mortgage on it to live in it and worry about lead paint.
She thinks nothing of wasting our money.

And all the seniors should make sure they have the absentee ballot. Oh wait a minute. They hardly pay any tax anyway with their full reduction of STAR. So who CARES????yuck yuck joke. It will pass.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I'm a little confused here.
I thought I was supposed to resent the moocher seniors who don't pay their fair share of property tax by not having their retirement and investment incomes fully taxed?
But when it comes to December votes, I'm supposed to feel sorry for seniors with generous enough retirements and ample enough investments that they can afford two households in two different states?

SCATS said...

To 10:53AM ~~ Because our past BOE's haven't had the guts to put forth budgets that include the "needs" of the district. If they did, many of the "wants" would have been pared back or eliminated long ago ;)

To 12:55PM ~~ I hope you are right about the absentee ballots, but usually it's "out of sight, out of mind." You're right about the media & this scam.

To 4:17PM ~~ Maybe she meant they'd have to put antifreeze in the toilets before winter. Other than that, I can't imagine WHAT she was talking about, but I'm sure she "very much appreciates all that the good teachers of Greece" have done for her kids ;)

To 6:47PM ~~ I never considered a trailer in Titusville to be a second "household."

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to believe there are hordes of Greece seniors departing annually for Titusville trailer parks every December 1?

Does Greece have a big contingent of seniors who spend their winters as migrant workers?

SCATS said...

To 7:58PM ~~ Most leave long before Dec. 1.

Anonymous said...

Mothballing and winterizing a school building would be very expensive. It was costing the City $50,000 a month to mothball Midtown until it was torn down.

If a school building were to be mothballed figure a few thousand a month just to keep heat on to prevent freezup. All the buildings have hot water heat, and were not designed to be mothballed.

Unless a buyer is in place for the building roof maintenance needs to be done as well.

Asbestos in these buildings is a dirty joke. GTA is in the business of insisting asbestos exists even though every building has been abated 3 times over. A bucket of money goes to hiring engineering firms to run sampling every year, and you can damn sure bet they find asbestos.

SCATS said...

To 10:13PM ~~ Agreed, asbestos abatement appears to be a big scam in Greece Central land. I'm aware of at least 3 times this work was performed at Apollo since GCSD acquired it. And I'm SURE the district would claim they've only "spot treated" specific areas, not the entire structure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but they must first identify schools to be closed and only then ask us to approve capital spending.

"Just trust us" doesn't work any more!

The fact that they want to use previously obtained tax money to pay for these projects is irrelevant!

December vote is mosly about the weather; only the really committed bother to show up and sports boosters are very active that month.

SCATS said...

To 4:45AM ~~ You need to remember, GCSD's biggest worry about any vote is the "no" voter. Senior citizens comprise a significant portion of that category as past votes & defeated budgets have shown. Thus Alaimo's strong suggestion to vote in December because it will have the best chance of sliding through. They know what they are talking about on this topic. Sports boosters are active ANY TIME that they feel they might gain an extra ping pong ball.

Anonymous said...

That's true about the "no" voters. And they are not the ones that migrate south for the winter. They are disgruntled and they are here all year long.

Anonymous said...

Article this am says there will be no tax increase. It also says we are just paying off the excel1 project. So we will just pay this project and the tab will be the same. It is like saying our home bills don't increase when we just pay off a car loan after 5 years and trade in the car for a new one and 5 more years of payments. Does Julia think we are stupid? There is nothing free in this world including her cost to taxpayers for the "repairs".
Whether you agree with her that the repairs are needed or not the cost to taxpayers will be immense. It's just that if it is not approved the taxes should go down for the installment payments for excel.

Anonymous said...

The original EXCEL project included components that got "yes" votes but were later disallowed as illegal to have been included.

The "yes" stood and the money was spent in other ways.

It couldn't happen again. I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

That's not exactly the case 6:41.
More like this:

Your car current car needs substantial repairs. It still runs, but the shocks and struts are shot, tires are bald, the doors are rusting out, the lifters are ticking, the master cylinder is leaking and there's a serious rod knock. The one you have is going to need an engine rebuild within the next year or so.

You have earmarked $4,000 in savings to pay for a car. You could use this to get your 1994 Ford Festiva partly fixed. The money will cover the engine, but won't touch the rust, or the shocks and struts, and nevermind the brakes and tires.

But,your employer will reimburse you 80 percent of the cost of buying and financing a new a car if you buy a car that meets certain criteria.

Which is a smarter financial decision?

Spend your $4,000 and fix some of the problems with your existing car or buy a car that doesn't meet the employer requirements and doesn't qualify for a reimbursement?
Use some of your cash on a brand new car that does meet the criteria and use the reimbursement over time to make the car payments?

Which scenario costs YOU more money?

And btw, just like EXCEL aid, the reimbursement money stops when the car is paid don't get to keep folding that into your household budget in perpetuity. It's only good for to pay off your car loan. When the loan's over, so is the reimbursement.

Anonymous said...

10:14 Just so you know we keep our cars long after we pay them off. So we save money during the next 5 years. Also even new cars require upkeep and service. Even if you get the warranty. Yes cars are an expense.
But to say that we will incur no increase in taxes is their way of acting like the excel 2 will be free. It will cost the same or more per year as the excel 1 did. No increase means that we get rid of one expense and completely substitute it with another one that is a little bigger.
My comment was just a way to blow away some of the "smoke" that julia was fanning our way. This vote will be very expensive.
We must close schools and that has to be in stone writing before this community will pass a vote authorizing spending for construction and repairs.

SCATS said...

To 2:08PM & 10:14AM ~~ Aside from everything else, there is NO FREE LUNCH on this item! Of course we're paying for it ... via State Aid! And they will just reabsorb any rebate back into the general fund later, instead of earmarking it for future repairs. It's no wonder few in this country qualify for credit any more.

Anonymous said...

What part of THERE IS NO "REBATE" is so hard for you to comprehend?

Yes, the money comes from state aid. Really think if Greece doesn't take the state aid you're gonna get a break on your property taxes?

And, the aid money runs out when the bonds are paid off.

You don't keep getting it after the bonds are paid.

The EXCEL I project isn't getting close to being PAID OFF. Merely, the WORK IS COMPLETE. Your entire argument about whether or not this nonexistant "rebate" will be absorbed into the general fund is fallacious.

SCATS said...

To 6:46PM ~~ Rebate, refund, reimbursement ... call it whatever you wish. When it comes to fallacious arguments, nobody "excels" at it quite like the Greece Central School District ;)